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 1. Yoga on the Beach 2/4-2/9 stephanie chick    01-15-13 01:22
Hello everyone! I'm a 2oo-hr certified yoga instructor, and have been teaching in New York for three years now. I will be visiting Culebra (for the 3rd time) this February.

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 2. Re: possibly moving to Culebra Claire Fallon    03-14-11 17:11
Hey Jen, There is a lot of body work going on here now. I run the Yoga Studio here on Culebra, and there is no need for another teacher. The classes are very small due to the smal

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 3. Yoga in Culebra Claire Fallon    03-14-11 17:07
There is a Yoga studio here in Culebra. There are 5 classes a week, with privates also available. check out the website for more details:

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 4. possibly moving to Culebra Jen Malik    02-22-11 12:27
Greetings. I used to live in Culebra from 1977 to 1986. I was a little girl and my parents ran/operated a successful busines; Villa Boheme during that time. I attended escuelita from nursery th

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 5. Re: Yoga palmettoculebra    11-27-09 07:23
Good morning, Not as yet. Terrie Palmetto Guesthouse, Culebra

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 6. Yoga Michael Spier    11-26-09 12:28
Is Anthony in Culebra this year teaching yoga? Thank you

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 7. YOGA PR Fan    02-23-09 11:39
We are coming to Culebra on March 4-10th Any suggestions for Yoga on the Beach, we miss Susan who leaves before we arrive :(

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 8. Re: four days on Culebra MJ    11-07-07 13:18
I'll mention too that the glass bottom boat is a lot of fun. Pat is a great captain & guide. For the non-snorkel types - though she offers that as well - it is a chance to see what is down there witho

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 9. Re: Yoga Classes Michael    10-26-07 16:44
Anthony, I entered your info under

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 10. Re: Yoga Practice on Culebra Anthony [croc] Scott    09-30-07 14:20
Thanks MJ, it's so good to be back, will keep you posted on class schedule as it comes together.

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 11. Yoga Practice on Culebra Kanaka    09-30-07 02:58
\\\ Now, Culebra. Croc has landed. How 'bout a practice...? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ----------

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 12. Wellness in Culebra Michael    01-27-07 13:25
Yes, it was time to add a page! Please, check it out and let me know of other therapists, Yoga instructors, etc. so I can add them to the benefit of everybody!

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 13. Culebra was good, Vieques was GREAT! Nicole    06-20-05 12:43
Just wanted to tell you all about my experiences in PR. The first day we flew into San Juan and rented a car from L&M and drove through the rain forest "El Yunque". It was amazing! We stayed at

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