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 1. Re: contact Chuck & Pam Schreiner Michael    04-08-15 03:48
the place was called 'Butiki' - I think.

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 2. Re: some updates requested please Debbie    12-18-11 18:06
Butiki - still the same. . .

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 3. Re: some updates requested please Arroz    12-17-11 18:10
Hi Debbie, Thanks for the update. What about Butiki?

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 4. some updates requested please cw    12-16-11 09:21
I would like to get a current status on the following. It’s been awhile since I have been fortunate to visit paradise so thought I’d ask about some favorites as am sending some friends and want t

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 5. November 2009 Trip Rob Breeden    12-17-09 19:44
Greetings! What a wonderful time we had, Henry and myself on your beautiful island!!! Everything from the practically empty beaches to the 3 1/2 pound fresh lobster tail dinn

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 6. Re: Taino Folk shawke    09-15-09 18:06
Re roosters: sleep on the left side of the bed, with earplugs. Last visit we planted fresh herbs, in a pot, on the side near Butiki-enjoy. Also, when you return, let me know how "Debbie's tree" (the

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 7. Re: Banana Jewelry Banana    05-01-07 00:36
Only at Butiki or online. I also take commissions or special orders. Check it out!

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 8. Re: Banana Jewelry Debbie    04-30-07 20:39
at Butiki and the Arte Chaq, or only at Butiki now?

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 9. Banana Jewelry Banana    04-30-07 12:00
My handcrafted Silver Jewelry (formerly of Fango el Arte Chaq) can now be found @ Butiki next to Superette Mayra. The only place to find original sterling silver jewelry and art!! Check it ou

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 10. Re: Where should I stay MJ    02-21-07 05:26
There are a number of places around to pick up reading material. Paradise Gift Shop has a book room, On Island has books, Culebra Beach House and Butiki both have space dedicated to books, and I'm pro

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 11. Re: Census Frank    05-27-06 06:48
"Oh, by the way, Vieques is much better- and it's much more real." Are the people on Vieques in 3-D and color? Or just seen in a two-dimensional and fuzzy gray monochrome way like on Cul

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 12. Re: Trip Report 3/2/06 - 3/4/06 mymoosie    03-08-06 00:33
PART 3 On Friday we went to PanDeli again for breakfast. We ran into Eric at PanDeli. If the locals go here, it is really good. Hubby wanted something more substantial than the pastry

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 13. Re: Need advice, visiting in December Tracy    10-05-04 12:53
Hi, Zane. I just sent you an email off line, but wanted to reply here in case it does not go through... From your note and description of your outlook on discovery / adventure, you will

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 14. Culebra wedding services Tracy    09-22-04 17:09
There are many people inquiring about wedding services in Culebra. Please call us at 913-481-8367 (Tracy) or 913-522-8714 (Alida). We would love to help plan your wedding

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