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Vacation Rentals in Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michael (---.c3-0.nyw-ubr2.nyr-nyw.ny.cable.rcn)
Date:   02-03-06 14:07

Hi everyody!

I would like to point out some differences between vacation rentals in Culebra and big hotels that you might be used to:

In Culebra most places you might want to stay at will charge a deposit, sometimes even full payment. The charm of Culebra lies exactly with those small places. Very often they have policies that will not refund your payment less than 30 days or even more prior to arrival. Why is that?

Most people that come to Culebra plan a long time in advance. So if you cancel, the likelihood of re renting gets very close to zero even a month in advance.

Hotels usually overbook - just like airlines - to hedge against no-shows. You will appreciate that your beds will be made and waiting for you when you arrive on Culebra. To guarantee this nobody in Culebra overbooks.

If you are not certain that you will really come or really want to stay at a certain place, do not book and think, hey I can always stop payment on the credit card. Please, find out everything you can and then you will be happy with your vacation home. This forum is a good place to get different views on different places. If you agree/disagree with opinions, do a search for the author - do you like his general viewpoint? was s/he posting just once to talk badly about a place? does it sound like a vendetta? does the person know Culebra?

Do your homework and Culebra will be the best experience you ever had!

Enjoy Culebra!


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