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Camping at Flamenco Beach
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Paul G (163.151.2.---)
Date:   01-03-05 12:21

Does anyone know the condition and status of the campground at Flamenco Beach? Is there drinking water, toilets, showers?!? We are coming out for a few days towards the end of February and would like to consider staying there if there are basic amenities. Also is there a fee?

Any advice on the campground would be greatly appreciated.

Regarding the ferry, I saw (on a post from Capt Guzman) that some of the boats have been grounded due to poor maintenance)- has ferry service deteriorated and is it unreliable now?

thanks for any and all advice.

From an occasional but enthusiastic Culebra visitor from way up north in NY!


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Re: Camping at Flamenco Beach
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: julie (209.190.129.---)
Date:   01-03-05 14:18

Hi Paul, I did not stay at the campground but did stay on one of the hotels at Flamenco Beach, and went over to the campground to check it out. There are definetely toilets (not port o pottys but real toilets) although you will want to bring your own paper. I am pretty sure i saw showers too and there are some vendors which seem to always be there, which sell water among other things.

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Re: Camping at Flamenco Beach
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Karin (
Date:   01-03-05 19:58

I camped with a friend on Culebra exactly a year ago.

There are showers but only for a certain period of time, I think after 6pm. The fee per night, per tent was $20 a year ago. I don't know the status on the boat but am planning to go back in a few weeks but this time stay in a hotel. The mosquitos really killed me (my friend was fine though!).

It was a beautiful place to camp at and very few people were there. The weekend was busier but that's about it.



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