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FREECYCLE on Culebra!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Marta (
Date:   11-12-04 23:49

Announcing the Culebra freecycle! Have something you don't need? Wanting something you do need? This is the place to post offers and wants to and from anyone on Culebra Island. The group is for those who live here and for those who are visiting. All OFFERS and WANTS must be 100% free, legal, and appropriate for all ages.

Say for example you are visiting Culebra and you have items you don't want to pack up to take home. OFFER it on freecycle and have someone come and pick it up from you. Or you live in Culebra and would really like an old used sofa- post a WANT for it and maybe a local has one they really would be happy to let you come and get. Or you never know- maybe someone planning to vist Culebra will see a local posting for some childrens toys and they might just bring some along and make arrangements to meet up with you. It's all about people helping people and keeping "things" from going to waste.

For more info check out and learn about this world wide fast growing grassroots effort!

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