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Re: Bonefishing on Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Zane Cofield (
Date:   09-27-04 06:49

Hi, Butch,

Me again. I know you know every inch of that island, so here's what I need help with. Once I get the boat from you, can you point me not only to the flats where I can maybe spot some fish tailing, but can you also recommend a few spots where I can take my boys pole-spearing for dinner catch? We will not spear around other divers or snorkelers, nor spear anywhere protected, and I do not allow my boys to use spearguns, only pole spears. Do you know the spots? Can we get to some of them from shore? We would like to be able to hit a few spots for a few snapper, hogfish, grouper, or other dinner fish. We eat what we spear, waste nothing, so we don't need a lot of fish.

Depth. My boys freedive to forty feet or so, me to seventy-five, so we'd need to be anywhere from 20 to forty feet, or at the edge somewhere, if that helps.

Thanks, and we're looking forward to seeing you in December.

Zane Cofield

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