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Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Debra (
Date:   03-26-03 08:16


We've just returned to Atlanta from spending a week on Isle Culebra and wanted to share our experience since this board was very helpful prior to our visit!

Flying into San Juan early on a Saturday afternoon means lots and lots of traffic heading into Fajardo so allow plenty of time to make the Ferry if you're driving it or taking a Publico. Do take RT 187 as opposed to RT 3 through central Carolina (we found out after the fact and may fly the next time!) Travel time was over three hours.

Casita Linda was a great, clean and cheerful place to stay, not to mention very affordable. It's near the town so there was traffic noise as well as rooster's crowing to contend with but overall we enjoyed the stay as well as the hospitallity of Adolfo and Wilma the owners.

Breakfasts at the Dinghy Dock, overlooking the harbor were terrific and they make a killer breakfast burrito! Although we felt their dinner menu was quite pricey and only had one dinner meal there during our visit (which was excellent). Doing "Happy Hour" at the Dinghy Bar was alot of fun and more laid back then at Mamacita's which seems to attract alot of younger folks and not so many locals. (*hint- don't order too many tropical drinks or the bartenders tend to get a little cranky! I discovered a drink called a "Bushwacker" and when the Dinghy ran out of Kulua the bartenders were pretty happy about it!) Barbara Rosa's was the best and most affordable food we found during our visit if you don't require a lot of atmosphere. There are plenty of small grocery stores in the town if you want to do your own cooking and were not as expensive as we had expected. "On Island Boutique" is a small but great gift shop and there are several others in town.

Do rent a vehicle from "Jerry's" located next to the Airport, he has a 3 day minimum though and is constantly booked up but he has a passion for the Island and loves to draw you a personal map of where to find everything.

Our pick for the most beautiful almost secluded beach is Zoni, do find yourself a palm tree stand that provides cool, dappled shade throughout the day. Do bring your own picnic and bottled water as there are no places near the beach to purchase say a lunch. There was nothing more relaxing then taking a nap under the swaying palm trees while listening to the surf. For snorkeling (beginners especially) Carlos Risaro was terrific and required about a 20 minute hike over from Playa Flamenco (Jerry's cautions you against taking your car rental on unpaved roads). Flamenco tends to be the most crowded but still beautiful with white soft sands and offers some great local food right next to the beach as well as outdoor showers to hose the sand off.

We've travelled the world and own a website dedicated to Holiday Rentals in over 30+ countries yet this was one of our most favorite trips, forget about the tourist thing on Culebra. Rest, relax and just enjoy the shear beauty of this place.

Regards and thank you Culebra!

Debra Adams,

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