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Food Truck or Restaurant Lease Wanted
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jackie Gyro (142.255.243.---)
Date:   04-05-17 09:13

Hello. After visiting Culebra 5 yrs ago from the states I KNEW one day I would call your beautiful, peaceful Island "home"
I moved to Rincon two yrs ago and have lived a good, productive life. I opened a small restaurant, Rincon Gyros & Other Good Eats, in the Plaza. I offered Greek, Vegan and Vegetarian food. My Falafel and Hummus were made fresh daily and the Greek Gyros were AUTHENTIC.
I recently closed my business to move to Culebra. Rincon has become too "busy" for me. I have secured a long term rental for my son and I and we are counting down the days until the 16th to move in.
I am looking for a small building, cart or place to set up mobil to continue offering my amazing fare. Any referrals, suggestions etc would be greatly appreciated. I was hoping for a specfic location but it fell through. :(
I would even be willing to be mobil, setting up by the Ferry daily. There is such a need for fast, easy HEALTHY food. I'm all ears and grateful for all advice & suggestions

Jacque Gyro

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