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Playa Brava
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: jeff paul (
Date:   02-06-14 22:45

I would like to explore as many of the beaches on the North Shore as possible.
Has anyone been to Playa Brava or the beach near Laguna Zoni? These place names are visible on Google maps...
I am particularly interested to know what roads and/or trails were used to access these beaches and any experience anyone has had with swimming and snorkeling.
Is the coral in decent shape? Is there a colourfull variety of tropical fish to see?
If anyone has gone off road to get to these places, what GPS co-ordinates did they use to get there?
Some one has already commented on Playa Resaca, noting they had to hike over rocks to get there, but didn't indicate from what point on what road/trail they hiked in at.

If there are yet other beaches/reefs worth Snorkeling at - within swimming distance from shore, I would appreciate knowing of them.

Thanks for anyone's help.

P.S. What are the rules down there regarding walking along the beaches/seashore? Can landowners charge people for trespassing, if they are walking along the shore?

jeff paul

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