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Bound and Determined (for Culebra)
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: RobH (
Date:   01-21-14 18:49

Greetings from a new poster.

I have been all over the web for the past 4-5 years looking, reading and dreaming of coming to the Spanish Virgins. Found you guys today as I was doing some prep work.
Unfortunately, circumstances have prevented me from making serious plans to arrive in Culebra until this year. I hope to make a 10-11 day trip this Spring and am curious about a few points that I hope someone can shed light on.
Would really enjoy tenting on the beaches, but I'd need to buy a tent to drag down and with the costs of extra baggage I am hoping to save some bag check fees to use for other more enjoyable pursuits. So, I see where I can rent scooters and jeeps and hire publicos, but does anybody on the island rent tents? Or should I just stuff a hammock in my pack and come on down?
Also, has anyone first hand knowledge of the International Hostel at Playa Sardinas II; other people complain about the beds and bugs (not bed bugs!!) in some reviews, neither of which bother me.
As mentioned, prefer the beach, but will be packing Light. Any ideas?
Really not a cheapskate, just have alot of ground to cover while I am there seeking a retirement spot and have a budget of $1500 max for the trip.
Thanks all.

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