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Re: Traveling to Culebra- What's the best date?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jeannie G3 (
Date:   07-16-08 14:25

Hola! I did read good comments about East Island Excursions on Trip Advisor. Remember, when going on an excursion with these companies, the group might be big, there may be children on board and sometimes you may be rushed. You may want to spend more time at certain places and your guide has just announced that it's time to leave. Adults not always look after their children and let them run about, this may bother some passengers.

Erin Go Bragh Charters is another outfit for 28 passengers, good comments (but look it up yourself, too) leaves from Fajardo: 787-860-4401/ 409-2511.

East Island Excursions has two vessels, a 65' Power Catamaran for 50 passengers and a 45' for 28' passengers. Use the numbers Chuck gave or their local #'s are 787-860-3434/ 409-2485.

Others are: Caribbean School of Aquatics: 787-728-6606/ 383-5700
Baby Bay Cruisers Lagoon: 787-655-2739/ 435- 9167
Bare Foot IV: 787-791-6195/ 726-5752
Bebe (Caribbean Sailing School): 787-502-7201/ 885-3476
Black Dog (Sunset Snuba): 787-354-0999
Catamaran Spread Eagle II: 787-887-8821
Do your search on feedback about these and there are more. Happy travels! J


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