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 31. Re: Rental for snorkel lovers Doug    01-23-12 17:16
Rick, Villa Flamenco Beach or Culebra Beach Rentals and the campground are all convenient to Carlos Rosario and to the northern reaches of Tamarindo, via a footpath with trailhead at the

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 32. Re: Culebra beach house/flamenco Hope Zivitski    01-15-12 15:24
We stayed at Flamenco Beach Villas in October...our first trip to Culebra. It was absolutely the most relaxing vacation ever! Because the island is so small, everything is pretty close. We rented a

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 33. Planning to go...Planeando ir.. Patricia Guzman    01-15-12 10:26
Hi i want to go to Culebra this month or next month with my husband and maybe my kids too all depends it i find others familys going with kids for my kids to hace fun with them,they have 13 years(my s

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 34. Re: Holy Week Question Nick & Michelle    08-22-11 10:12
Thanks Linda for such a detailed response:) It is helping us to plan differently. We will most likely try to arrive on Good Friday and then stay the week after Holy week. We will be stayi

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 35. possibly moving to Culebra Jen Malik    02-22-11 12:27
Greetings. I used to live in Culebra from 1977 to 1986. I was a little girl and my parents ran/operated a successful busines; Villa Boheme during that time. I attended escuelita from nursery th

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 36. Jerry's Jeep James Barrios    02-05-11 06:07
My wife and I went to Culebra Island for one night and stayed at Flamenco beach in the Villas. We rented a jeep from Jerry's jeep what a mistake that was all of his vehicles are falling apart, the guy

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 37. Re: culebra beach villas or villa flamenco beach? Cuelbra Beach Flamendo Rental    10-15-10 14:22
Hola, Culebra Beach Villas son apartamentos alquilados atraves de diferentes agentes. En CBV tengo dos apartamentos disponibles de 2-6 personas. Hasta noviembre tenemos supe

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 38. Re: Best time to visit Culebra Captain Bill    09-24-10 09:42
Hi Dee Dee Villa Boheme is a great choice, Ginny and Lucy are great and will help you out on almost anything you could need. Flamenco Beach is a MUST. Although when visiting during like say East

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 39. Re: Pink Flamingo bosie    06-15-10 13:17
Hi Vicki, the pictures you refer to show the flamingo at the pond behind Flamenco Beach. There is a dirt turnoff before you get to the beach where you can access, but I am not sure if you can take a c

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 40. Re: Getting a good price? Stephen Mitre Craig    03-22-10 17:49
Nani's and Mamacita's were not too bad, but the villas on Flamenco beach are the ideal picture spot and about the same price. If you really want to go cheap as I do sometimes, you can camp. Man

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 41. Portable-Crib Rentals? Grace Warren    02-28-10 17:05
Hi, Does anyone have any suggestions on finding a travel crib (rentals? buying cheap? borrowing?) for our time on the island? I'm spending a week at Villa Flamenco Beach in mid-Ma

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 42. New Properties for Rent Tochi Davila    02-12-10 05:26
Naniqui Rental have more properties for rent, the prices start at $75.00 per night for two person ( min. three nights).....with internet, tv, a/c, complete houses.....Also we manage Villas in Flamenco

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 43. Re: Planning my first trip to Culebra Tochi Davila    02-12-10 05:07
Naniqui Rentals prices start $85.00 per night , nice cottages in Ensenada Honda Bay....also they have properties in Fulladoza and Flamenco Beach Villas (Flamenco Beach)......787-742-3271

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 44. House/Apt Trade - Culebra-NYC? Or Long term Rental? Liv Galesi    10-04-09 09:03
Hello. My husband and I have been coming down to Culebra for over 10 years now, and absolutely love it. We used to camp on Flamenco Beach, but now we have a two year old - which makes it

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 45. Re: Lodging nearest to Flamenco? Michael Spier    09-02-09 20:06
There are two places on Flamenco Beach: Villa Flamenco Beach (787-742-0023, and Culebra Beach Villas.

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 46. Re: Hotels / Resorts on island Jeannie G3    08-27-09 14:18
Hola! I would suggest looking through the SHELTER part of this website. It will give you good descriptions and pictures of some of the lodgings in Culebra as well as their websites. I don't know what

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 47. Re: Hotels / Resorts on island Michelle Garcia    08-27-09 14:06
Hi, Culebra really doesn't have any "resorts" that I know of, and the only place "on" the beach are villas on Flamenco Beach - here's the web site

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 48. Re: Lodging nearest to Flamenco? Michelle Garcia    08-26-09 13:37
Hi - try this web site for Flamenco Beach Villas I haven't stayed there but they look nice and affordable from the web site - I'm

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 49. Re: Lodging nearest to Flamenco? Jean Ann Wilson    08-26-09 11:38
villas de flamenco. I haven't stayed there and reviews on (search villas flamenco beach) are mixed. I talked to locals who had stayed there

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 50. Re: Culebra as honeymoon destination: Your thoughts. Dr Luis D Silva    07-31-09 12:39
Try Suzie's Restaurant for dinner. You will repeat it. Also El Batey for great Hamburgers. Dinghy Dock has a great breakfast. Mamacitas on weekends for breakfast is great too. Besides Flamenco Beach(w

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 51. Culebra as honeymoon destination: Your thoughts. Matt Gonzales    07-30-09 10:14
My fiancee and I recently decided to visit Culebra for our honeymoon. We'd heard great things about the beach from some acquaintances, and after some research, found that it would be more convenient b

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 52. Re: First trip July 13th for a week. CindyT    06-29-09 18:29
Copied from the website under the "Shelter" link: "There are two places available: Culebra Beach Villas - a large property with many units and Villa Flamenco Beach, a small family owned p

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 53. Re: Several questions Chelsey    06-24-09 15:07
Bahia Marina and Villa Fulladoza are right next to each other so maybe you could split in between each. I think golf carts are only like 10$ cheaper then jeeps. But not sure. If you all are going to f

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 54. Re: car rentals Debbie    05-28-09 19:58
I don't know about the rental age with Dick & Cathie, but Culebra Beach Villas is way too far too walk with all your belongings (about a 45-60 minute walk from town). The 3pm ferry generally arrives

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 55. words can not describe! Jamie Luzader    04-24-09 17:28
what a wonderful, relaxing time we had this week visiting. having most of the incredibly gorgeous beach, Zonis, to yourself..... walking around town...... grabbing coffee at the bakery early cau

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 56. Re: Where to stay? Michael Spier    04-14-09 22:15
I believe that Erma had Apt 6. (Five faces the Culebra Beach Villa side.) I 100% agree with everything you've said about Villa Flamenco Beach. I think that Max and Esmeralda go back to CT in eraly Ma

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 57. Re: Where to stay? Erma    04-14-09 21:50
Shelly, I made an almost identical trip at the end of February for the same reasons. I strongly encourage you to stay at Villa Flamenco Beach. Esmeralda and Max are the owners and they

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 58. Re: Where to stay? Michael Spier    04-14-09 20:31
I've stayed at Villa Flamenco Beach many times and have always had a great experience. I would recommend Apts 3, 4, & 6. Three and four have balconies facing the beach and 6 has a nice layout and good

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 59. Where to stay? Shelley    04-14-09 18:49
I am planning a visit to Culebra next week and am hoping to stay at either Villa Flamenco Beach, Culebra Beach Rental, or Tamarindo Beach Apartments. It looks like I can't go wrong, but wanted to ask

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 60. Re: Shopping Debbie    04-14-09 08:00
At the risk of incurring CharlieBoy's wrath, I've been to Culebra dozens of times, shopped in all of the shops on numerous occasions and have never experienced this. Perhaps it's a matter of attitude

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