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 1. Villa Turquesa contact info Darrin Dickerson    09-18-13 22:15
Does anyone have contact info for Gus at Villa Turquesa in Fulladoza Bay? I have tried to make a reservation through Flipkey, but have not heard anything. Trying to decide if I should wait or book a

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 2. Re: Plans messed up by last minute cancellation - help us find accomidations please? Debbie    04-24-12 18:50
Seriously, how many times has that placed filed bankruptcy? Click on Shelter over on the left, and search by $ sign. Palmetto, Villa Fulladoza, Casita Tropical, Kokomo, Casa Ensenada and Villa Bohem

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 3. Re: Planning my first trip to Culebra Tate Kauffman    02-15-10 08:47
Villa Fulladoza is a great place and in your price range. My wife and I stayed there on our honeymoon and have been back three times since. Villa Boheme is also worth checking out. Both of these pl

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 4. New Properties for Rent Tochi Davila    02-12-10 05:26
Naniqui Rental have more properties for rent, the prices start at $75.00 per night for two person ( min. three nights).....with internet, tv, a/c, complete houses.....Also we manage Villas in Flamenco

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 5. Re: Planning my first trip to Culebra Tochi Davila    02-12-10 05:07
Naniqui Rentals prices start $85.00 per night , nice cottages in Ensenada Honda Bay....also they have properties in Fulladoza and Flamenco Beach Villas (Flamenco Beach)......787-742-3271

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 6. Re: where to stay Tate Kauffman    08-04-09 20:43
I like Villa Fulladoza, but have also stayed at Villa Boheme and been quite happy with it as well. Both are quiet but within easy walking distance of town. I'm not sure how comfortably either of the

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 7. Re: Villa Fulladoza reservations Myrna Matos    07-24-09 21:38
False alarm! Reservation glich resolved thank goodness!

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 8. Villa Fulladoza reservations Myrna Matos    07-23-09 08:20
Villa Fulladoza has had a reservation problem and asks all guests that have reservations to plz contact us as soon as possible! 787 742 3576

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 9. Re: First trip July 13th for a week. CindyT    06-29-09 18:29
Copied from the website under the "Shelter" link: "There are two places available: Culebra Beach Villas - a large property with many units and Villa Flamenco Beach, a small family owned p

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 10. Re: Several questions Chelsey    06-24-09 15:07
Bahia Marina and Villa Fulladoza are right next to each other so maybe you could split in between each. I think golf carts are only like 10$ cheaper then jeeps. But not sure. If you all are going to f

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 11. Re: Place for two to relax Chelsey    06-24-09 14:53
I stayed at the Villa Fulladoza too! It was beautiful and very clean. FYI there is not air condition, but we kept cool. My Hubby likes to keep our house at 72' but he was fine. The fridge and stove is

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 12. Re: Place for two to relax anna    06-16-09 13:20
I concur with all of the recommendations for Villa Fulladoza. Myrna is simply pleasant to deal with and is very helpful!

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 13. Re: hotels with docks or moorings bosie    06-16-09 08:41
Off the top of my head, I think of Villa Boheme, Casa Ensenada, Villa Fulladoza...I am sure there are others.

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 14. Re: Place for two to relax Earl Howard    06-09-09 13:19
I add my recommendation for Villa Fulladoza. I've stayed there twice in the last few years and found it sublime! The perfect place to relax! As the sign says down by the dock, 'the onl

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 15. Re: Place for two to relax Rob Breeden    06-04-09 17:22
I stayed at Villa Fulladoza two years ago and Mirna (sp?) was a joy to work with. The room was very clean and had a view of the even has an outdoor sitting area complete with a grill. Ask

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 16. Re: Place for two to relax Culebra MJ    06-04-09 07:17
Add Villa Fulladoza to that list

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 17. Re: First timer Culebra MJ    05-27-09 20:58
Also, Villa Fulladoza is reasonable, lovely and in-town as well. We were just talking today about all the people on the big island who have never been here. Glad you are going to break your track reco

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 18. Casita La Perlita Rob Breeden    05-04-09 15:52
Hi Everyone.....well, it is about time I returned to Culebra....I didn't make it last year and I was highly disappointed. This year however, I plan to be there in November. I will have my Volkswagon

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 19. Re: make a reservation for villa Fulladoza hillman    03-06-09 07:08
You can contact Villa Fulladoza with this email address:

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 20. Re: make a reservation for villa Fulladoza Culebra MJ    03-05-09 20:49
I'm not seeing an email address for them...never thought about it, but here is a page for them with phone number. It's a wonderful place!

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 21. Re: make a reservation for villa Fulladoza Michael    03-05-09 20:15
Holland is not really the other side of the worl ;) maybe the Atlantic!

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 22. make a reservation for villa Fulladoza esther    03-05-09 18:15
Hello, we would like to make a reservation for villa Fulladoza for a couple of days in April. Dos anyone has their emailadress to get some information and make a reservation. Because we live at

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 23. Accommodations - Late Feb Ellen    01-22-09 12:58
So, we were hoping to stay at Villa Fulladoza (they had everything we wanted - proximity to town, kitchens in unit, quiet area, clean, and around $80 per night. However, they are booked and we're look

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 24. villa patria gina z langford    10-06-08 13:05
Anyone stayed or know anything about villa patria? I wanted to stay at Villa Fulladoza but it is booked-she told me about villa patria-looks ok on website but any info would be greatly appreciated. We

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 25. Re: Casa Ensenda, Villa Fulladosa, Villa Boheme Michael Nickerson    09-22-08 09:53
I've been staying at the Villa Fulladoza for the past 7 years. It's quiet, has a dock and many items to borrow for the beach. It is easy to walk into town and to catch the publicos to the beaches. Say

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 26. Re: Casa Ensenda, Villa Fulladosa, Villa Boheme bosie    09-15-08 10:37
Casa Ensendada and Villa Boheme are both in town and restaurants, ferry and taxi route are easily accesible. I've stayed at both places and had no problems with noise. I imagine the same is true for V

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 27. Re: (1)Parking at Fajardo (2)Villa Boheme MJ    04-22-08 19:39
And then there is Villa Fulladoza, which I recommend any time.

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 28. Re: Culebra accomodation Tate Kauffman    11-06-07 07:42
Villa Fulladoza and Villa Boheme are both worth a look. My wife and I have stayed at both. Have a great trip.

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 29. Re: four days on Culebra Jane L. Anton    10-19-07 14:40
1.Villa Fulladoza (787) 742-3576 4.Water taxi to Culebrita 5.Mamcitas and it's as close to nightlife as you can get.

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 30. Re: 1st Time Visitor anna    05-24-07 16:25
Thank you guys. I would imagine someone can tell me how to get to Zoni by way of Jeep? Doug, i am not following what you're saying about 'tidy sum at auction'. Again thank you for all your help. W

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