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 1. Flamenco accommodations Ann Asbell    01-11-19 14:03
There is availability at both Villa Flamenco Beach and Culebra Beach Villas for a 2 day stay in March. I cannot find much information on these, especially Villa Flamenco Beach. They are both recomme

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 2. Accommodation and Ferry Advice needed!! Matt W from MI    12-25-18 14:45
Hi all- Feliz Navidad! Two questions: 1) We found the room we wanted at Culebra Beach Villas but then called and sadly they say no more availability at the end of February. So the we

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 3. trip report derek coats    06-19-18 11:22
Just returned from a week long stay on the island the second week of June. This was our third trip to the island and first since early 2016. We flew into the island via Vieques Air Link departing fr

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 4. Culebra after Irma and Maria minerva figueroa    03-15-18 01:02
I just came back from Culebra as always it was amazing! Yet Irma and Maria's destruction looms over the island.I went to Flamenco; though the official entrance is not open there is an entrance to

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 5. Home from first trip to Culebra Cleveland Carl    03-13-18 15:00
My wife and I just returned from our first trip to Culebra and I wanted to thank the creator and participants of this blog for providing useful information to prepare us and to pass on how the island

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 6. Re: Culebra Updates please!!! Geronimo    01-25-18 13:08
I just got back yesterday, 1/24. Culebra is back to it's ole self. Power on 7x24, stores open, and food places open. DD was not open. perhaps in a month or two. main entrance to Flamenco was clos

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 7. our recent trip Tanya Worden    05-30-16 08:17
Well we just spent two and a half weeks on Culebra and we had a fabulous time!! I want to tell you about it so it may help those planning a visit. I know when we were planning we looked to the forum f

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 8. Re: on the water rental guillermo    06-01-15 01:35
Thank you Michael for responding me. I was talking about Flamenco Beach Villas, but i already booked them, so ill be there for the entire month of August. Do you know anyone that

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 9. Re: Rental John W.    01-09-15 13:21
I think you are referring to Villa Flamenco Beach run by Max and Esmeralda. Here is link to website:

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 10. Re: Storage for Valuables on Flamenco Beach Bryan Johnson    02-05-14 19:09
Culebra is AWESOME with unbelievably good people. i didn't bring my laptop. The island is very safe but i wouldn't leave the laptop in the tent. When you get down there you might want to talk to the g

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 11. Re: Storage for Valuables on Flamenco Beach Sue Dyle    01-21-14 19:48
Bryan, we will be getting there on the 25th as well and staying at the villas on Flaminco beach,we will be there about three weeks and would offer you a safe place to lock up your laptop. Sonny

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 12. Culebra Beach Villas Arena    10-23-13 18:03
I will be staying at Culebra Beach Villa #5 for 7 nights this December. Does anyone know the condition of this villa? Also, do the villas come with blenders? How about a cooler for the beach? Ge

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 13. Re: Club Seabourne vs. Culebra Villas??? mss289r    07-31-13 17:48
It is Villa Flamenco Beach. I think their phone # is 787-742-0023.

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 14. Re: Club Seabourne vs. Culebra Villas??? bosie    07-31-13 16:56
I think it's called Flamenco Beach Villas, smaller property but right next door to Culebra Beach Villas.

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 15. Re: Club Seabourne vs. Culebra Villas??? Jason Cherry    07-31-13 15:47
What is the other property located on Flamenco Beach???

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 16. Re: Club Seabourne vs. Culebra Villas??? bosie    07-30-13 09:36
Club Seabourne is a little more "upscale" (and I use that term loosely) than Culebra Beach Villas. They also have a restaurant onsite and swimming pool. However, you can't beat the villas for being on

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 17. Club Seabourne vs. Culebra Villas??? Jason Cherry    07-27-13 20:30
Does anyone have an opinion on whether Club Seabourne or Culebra Villas at Flamenco Beach, would be a better place to stay? There are very few reviews offered online regarding Culebra Villas. Not as c

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 18. Re: Lodging mss289r    06-14-13 08:38
I recommend Villa Flamenco Beach. 787-742-0023. They have two one bedroom apartments on the first floor that can sleep 4.The one on the east side of the building is quieter. This place is directly on

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 19. Re: Hotel without car bosie    04-16-13 15:25
I suggest you rent a place in town and take the publico to the beach. ($3 each way) Try Villa Boheme, Casa Ensenada...there are many places to choose from. You will be in walking distance to the resta

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 20. Re: Nearest Villas/Rooms closest to Flamenco Beach mss289r    02-04-13 15:44
Check out Flamenco Beach Villas 787-732-0023. It's family owned and directly on the beach. I don't know whether they are open in July. Next door is a place called Culebra Beach Villas.

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 21. Nearest Villas/Rooms closest to Flamenco Beach Brian Claudio    02-04-13 13:33
I'm going to Culebra in July and I am looking to stay somewhere near Flamenco Beach. Any suggestions?

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 22. Re: Accomodation on beach mss289r    12-26-12 22:08
Next door to Culebra Beach Villas is Villa Flamenco Beach. They have 6 units. (4 efficiencies on the second floor and 2 one bedroom units on the first floor.) The place is spotless and run by ve

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 23. Internet connections Bill Morton    09-25-12 17:44
Hi Everyone, We plan on visiting Culebra for a week, but I must have access to the web--an internet connection. So far, the only WiFi spot I have found is at Culebra Villas at Flamenco Be

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 24. Re: First time in CULEBRA Michael Spier    08-30-12 20:39
If you want to stay at Flamenco, you can call Esmeralda at Villa Flamenco Beach at 809-742-0023. The have 4 efficiency apartments on the second floor with kitchenette. They usually require a one week

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 25. First Time Trip Report - Long & For Beginners Nick & Michelle    04-30-12 19:49
We are gearing this first trip report for the benefit for anyone considering a first time visit to this beautiful island. It is limited to our experience and others may have different experiences to a

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 26. Re: Culebra Beach Villa Apartments Nick & Michelle    04-28-12 08:46
We just returned and were at Villa Flamenco Beach next door. We needed earplugs at night due to all the noise at Culebra Beach Villas. You may be fine, but that was our experience. Fla

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 27. Re: Beach Chair Purchase Nick & Michelle    03-08-12 07:26
Thanks for all your input. We're staying at Villa Flamenco so Tent City sounds like an interesting place to check out. We do get chairs from our hotel but also want ones we can take with us in explor

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 28. Re: Culebra OR Vieques Anna    02-22-12 20:49
Thank you all so much, this has been really helpful! I will try to convince them Culebra is the way to go! I'd much rather explore new beaches and hikes than go to Vieques thinking about Flamenco Beac

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 29. Culebra OR Vieques Anna    02-20-12 11:07
Hello all, I was hoping all you experts could provide some advice as to which locale we should settle on. Some friends and I are planning our first group holiday; two of us have bee

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 30. Re: new to Culebra Michael Spier    02-06-12 21:49
Check out Villa Flamenco Beach ( I believe they have a one week minimum. Directly on the beach with a kitchen.

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