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 31. Re: Suggestions on Places Blues, M.D.    04-21-08 23:21
Zach, See my reply to the Thrifty car rental question....The Bahia Marina is the perfect choice for all your requests in your initial question. Let me know if you have any other specific qu

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 32. Re: Thrifty Car rental Number Blues, M.D.    04-21-08 23:12
The Thrifty car rental is run by and located at the Bahia Marina Condo Resort. They have all new jeeps! It is truly convenient if you are staying at the Bahia Marina. In fact, if you are staying at th

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 33. Re: Thrifty Car rental Number palmettoculebra    04-18-08 17:49
iIbelieve the vehicles have been taken over by Bahia Marina, so in essence Thrify doesn't exist anymore on Culebra. Terrie Palmetto Guesthouse

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 34. Re: Thrifty Car rental Number Mort    04-18-08 12:08
I don't know but I suggest calling Thrifty's main number to see if the office still exists. 1-800-THRIFTY.

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 35. Thrifty Car rental Number Zach    04-18-08 11:23
anyone know the right number for thrifty car rental in culebra? I've tried this number 787 742 0110 – which is what i see online everywhere – but i get a message saying it's the wrong number. Did

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 36. Re: Age Requirement for JEEP Rentals finallyahoneymoon    03-03-08 22:02
Hmmmm... we were planning on renting a jeep for a couple days through Bahia Marina (where we are staying) and they use Thrifty... Hopefully it will be a better experience then some of the other posts

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 37. Re: Leaseway Car Rental JPL    02-03-08 12:18
On the same subject, my fiancee and I hope to rent a one-way car at the airport Sunday afternoon and make it to Fajardo by the evening ferry. But is L&M car rental still in business? None of the numb

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 38. Re: Leaseway Car Rental Terry and Wade    02-02-08 15:08
Wanted to post our recent experience with Leaseway. They didn't show up at all at the airport. I had 2 phone numbers to call them and they never answered. I went and found 2 others and one was constan

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 39. Re: Car rental SJU- Fajardo Terry and Wade    10-18-07 09:53
Try calling Leaseway of PR at 1-800-468-2649. They have a shuttle to their office in Carolina from the airport and will allow you to drop the car in Fajardo. Their rates were pretty good. L&M use t

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 40. 1st trip to Culebra - Report paul shinn    03-30-07 21:20
this site has been a great help. Went Wednesday March 28th - Thursday MArch 29th 2007 My wife and I rented Scooters from JM Rentals/Thrifty Car rental across from the air

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 41. Re: Jeep Rental Banana    12-01-06 22:11
Carlos and Jerry are both great! (Carlos might be a little more pricey, and Jerry's got a cool map, but you can't drive off the pavement with his Jeeps) or you can rent a bike! Anything local is wond

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 42. Re: casa espada Laura courtney    10-04-06 03:00
michael, it's good to hear from someone who's actually stayed at casa espada. i reserved a jeep on culebra yesterday w/thrifty car rentals and the guy who took my order had never heard of casa espada

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 43. Trip Review Part 2 - Arrival in Culebra mmm112482    08-15-06 13:50
Trip Review: Part II – Club Seabourne Arrival & Thrifty Car Rental Upon arriving at the dock, the scene was much like that of an arrival terminal at an airport. Car rental companies

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 44. Trip Review Part 1 - Fajardo Ferry mmm112482    08-14-06 17:46
My girlfriend and I just got back from our trip to Culebra, and I wanted to share our experiences and give back to this forum, which was of immense help to us. First off, let me just p

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 45. Re: Rental Car JM RENTALS, INC.    05-03-06 21:15
we recomend you to try renting with thrifty car rental they can offer you a brand new car all 2006 and soon 2007 models jeep's minivans ,pick-up or a small car they give a better offer than any other

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 46. Re: Thrifty Car Rental Experience nestor cabrera    04-10-06 21:45
Carlos Rental Car, very professional, attentive, reliable and very good units, also service at the Airport.

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 47. Re: Thrifty Car Rental Experience Barbara Martin    04-10-06 19:04
I totally agree that Thrifty is terrible. They're not there, even when you call or email in advance about arrival time. I had a great experience with Carlos. He has new, clean vehicles, and the servic

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 48. Re: Age Requirement for JEEP Rentals Debbie    04-03-06 18:53
This is not a requirement just in Culebra. It's my understanding from various sources that car companies in the US generally require a person to be 25. So, since my sources were friends, family and

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 49. Re: Thrifty Car Rental Experience mmm112482    04-03-06 13:01
As for using your debit card, let me just say that that is a HORRIBLE idea. You should never use your debit card for expenses you could potentially wind up disputing. You dont have the same protection

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 50. Re: Thrifty Car Rental Experience sahudi zibett    04-02-06 23:34
once we tried to rent from them and they were a$$holes with it. they wanted to charge me 35 for an insurance i was never told of. i said that wasn my fault cause they didnt told me and they told me th

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 51. Re: Thrifty Car Rental Experience nina    04-01-06 14:02
hello if you need a car chek,jerrys jeep or carlos jeep. is the best places for ren

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 52. Re: Thrifty Car Rental Experience nina    03-31-06 21:33

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 53. Re: Age Requirement for JEEP Rentals K    03-30-06 16:54
Jerry's does not rent to under 25! We found this out AFTER we got there. I guess there had been some miscommunication. We ended up renting 2 regular cars from Thrifty, as the Jeeps were quite expensiv

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 54. Thrifty Car Rental Experience Harold    03-26-06 19:23
Thanks. I'll make sure we don't rent from them.

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 55. Thrifty Car Rental Experience Andrew Gordon    03-26-06 17:09
Do not, I repeat, do not rent from Thrifty car rental. First of all, when we arrived at 9:00 AM, they were not open, as they said they would be. We sat outside for two hours until someone showed up. S

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 56. Re: First timers in Culebra 2006 ilia benabe    02-19-06 09:20
Hi: We have a two bedroom apt. (6 persons) maximum 8 each extra pays $25. per night, complete furnish apt. with A/C, Direct TV, fully equipped kitchen, screens, ceiling fans, private parking, balcoy

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 57. Re: leaving rental car in fajardo ilia benabe    01-31-06 05:13
Hi: I highly recommend for spending less you may rent a car at Thrifty at San Juan, and leave it at Fajardo office and they ride you to Fajardo airport or Fajardo Boat passengers. Then rent at Thrif

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 58. Re: place to stay ilia benabe    01-30-06 05:04
Hi: We hae available a one bedroom apt. (4 persons) very comfortable and cozy, with A/C, Direct TV, fully equipped kitchen, private parking, ceiling fans, screens, blacony with chairs, table, BBQ, ve

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 59. Re: Jeep rentals ilia benabe    01-24-06 05:14
Hi: I highly recommend Thrifty Car Rental. They are located walking distance from the airport. Their phone number is (787)742-0521, (787)717-7583. Brand new cars with insurance 100%

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 60. Re: Jeep rentals    01-23-06 12:29
I have used both of them (Carlos and Jerry) and also Thrifty for my transportation needs. They all have good service and provide transportation to and from the ferry terminal. Carlos and Thrifty hav

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