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 1. Re: Guitar Wishful Thinking Michael    02-12-18 07:17
The guy who runs Posada la Hamaca is a pretty good player - he might be able to get you in contact with someone who might lend you one!

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 2. Re: Mamacita's Doug    09-14-12 17:10
Posada la Hamaca is next door to Mamacita's Guesthouse. They are not one and the same.

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 3. Re: Plans messed up by last minute cancellation - help us find accomidations please? Doug    04-25-12 11:27
In addition to the places Debbie mentioned, Posada La Hamaca has rooms to fit your needs for under $100. Casita Tropicale's owners are very good at interacting with first-time visitors and if you are

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 4. Re: Place for two to relax Debbie    06-03-09 22:48
Many places won't rent for less than 3 nights. Try Casa Ensenada, Villa Boheme, Mamacitas, Posada La Hamaca and Palmetto Guest House.

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 5. Posada La Hamaca maggie    04-07-09 12:53
We have booked at the Posada La Hamaca from the 9th - 13th of April. We have never stayed overnight in Culebra, only a day trip. There lots of dif. reviews, about being clean or not, having ac

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 6. Re: Need Lodging for One Night 2/26 Jennifer Schumacher    02-17-09 16:14
Thanks for all of your responses. We are all booked at Posada la Hamaca.

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 7. Re: One Night Only! Michael    02-06-09 16:56
Mamacita's is a good choice and so would Kokomo or Posada la Hamaca.

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 8. Re: Accomodations - Late Feb cw    01-22-09 13:52
I recommend two things. 1. Call Vacation Planners and tell them what you are looking for and they will give you some options. 866-285-3272 2. Check out

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 9. Accommodations - Late Feb Ellen    01-22-09 12:58
So, we were hoping to stay at Villa Fulladoza (they had everything we wanted - proximity to town, kitchens in unit, quiet area, clean, and around $80 per night. However, they are booked and we're look

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 10. Re: a week in November Jeannie G3    09-05-08 17:07
Hola! That's a great week, just before the holidays kick in and start. It will be all about logistics and how well you plan it out but, one week is doable. Although, you might want to put your energy

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 11. Re: pregunta urgente hotel kokomo Jeannie G3    08-01-08 13:33
Hola! Nosotros estuvimos en Culebra al ano pasado (Julio, '07) y a la verdad, despues que vi al Hotel Kokomo de cerca, me alegre el no haber hecho reservaciones alli. Queda al cruzar de la calle del p

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 12. Re: any way to avoid rooster noise? Jeannie G3    06-25-08 14:18
Hola! We have stayed at Posada La Hamaca (near town) and near the airport (Casita Tropical) and both locations can be considered as noisy but, they weren't. Both places have AC. When the AC is on at n

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 13. Re: Posada la hamaca Doug    12-22-07 12:08
I've stayed there many times. Clean, comfortable and convenient to everywhere in town.

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 14. Posada la Hamaca Jivette    12-22-07 08:03
Has anyone stayed at posada la hamaca or heard anything good or bad about this place? I was searching for it because someone told me it was an affordable place to stay, but I haven't found any helpful

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 15. 1st trip to Culebra - Report paul shinn    03-30-07 21:20
this site has been a great help. Went Wednesday March 28th - Thursday MArch 29th 2007 My wife and I rented Scooters from JM Rentals/Thrifty Car rental across from the air

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 16. Re: Where should I stay MJ    02-21-07 05:26
There are a number of places around to pick up reading material. Paradise Gift Shop has a book room, On Island has books, Culebra Beach House and Butiki both have space dedicated to books, and I'm pro

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 17. Re: My 3 Night Stay In Culebra Jorge Flores    01-23-07 23:17
When exiting Mamacitas or Posada La Hamaca make a left and walk to the end of the block and you will walk right into it. It is located on the main road that that all cars take when exiting the ferry a

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 18. Re: Culebra Now and Then Doug    01-23-07 16:44
Michelle, the island has changed in many ways since my first trip in 1995. If you fly, the first thing you will notice is the new terminal at the aeropuerto. The good news is, they left

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 19. Re: Where to stay for less than 80$ Jorge Flores    11-15-06 13:44
On this forum you can click on SHELTER and then the appropriate dollar sign ($, $$, $$$) to find something in your price range. If you paln on being in Culebra in December, generally the rates will be

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 20. Re: 3 Day Culebra Trip Review Jorge Flores    10-17-06 10:45
I believe it is called Pandeli. They open up very early and are located justt up the block from the Posada La Hamaca and on the road that leads down to the ferry.

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 21. Re: Mamacitas Restaurant Jorge Flores    05-21-06 23:12
Mamacitas is located about 3 blocks from the ferry dock. It is located just before the bridge to the Dinghy Dock and next door to the Posada La Hamaca

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 22. Re: Opinion needed Alahia    04-04-06 20:33
Hello Appy; In culebra there are plenty of places to stay Mamacita,Posada la Hamaca,Villa bohem,Casa Robinson,Club Seabourne,Bahia Marina,Costa Bonita and so on. Check in this website and

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 23. back from Culebra & Vieques wanderer    04-02-06 08:09
A group of us traveled together on this trip and it was great. We used Padin transportation to get from SJU to Fajardo. Ilca and her husband are a great team. They showed up on time both times (rou

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 24. Re: My Version of a stay in Culebra Debbie    02-08-06 18:49
Posada La Hamaca can be a bit noisy since it's right next to Mamacitas, but all three are good, inexpensive choices.

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 25. Re: My Version of a stay in Culebra serafinapup    02-08-06 16:38
the original post on this is fabulous!! i am going to culebra for the first time in april and can't wait. my boyfriend and i are looking forward to our probable spartan accomodations and SLOOOOOW li

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 26. Re: How is New Years Eve. Debbie    12-26-05 18:07
libertydetroit - If you buy tickets for the government ferry in advance, does that mean they honor the pre-paid tickets first, i.e., persons holding tickets may advance to the front of the line to boa

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 27. Places to Stay Karin Ericson    11-15-05 17:03
How is Posada la Hamaca? Any new ideas of good places to stay? We'd like to keep it to $100/night. We'd like to be as near the water as possible, near a nice beach, and with a kitchenette. Of course,

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 28. Re: Cheap Jorge Flores    10-19-05 21:03
You can check out Posada La Hamaca, they have quite a fe rooms for under $100.00. Their website is as folllows:

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 29. Re: Posada la Hamaca Kang    05-16-05 09:48
Jose, I see that you are in the military (Coast Guard). Do you know of any places that provide good military housing, lodging, or discounts on Culebra? Also on that note, how

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 30. Re: Posada la Hamaca JoseGuzman    05-16-05 06:56
I have stayed there, it is good & clean, and close to everything, as I always say, prices are a bit high. Still... it is agood choice. Choose a room that does not has windows looking to the stre

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