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 1. Re: eating breakfast in culebra andrew kerr    02-08-10 11:04
I camped at Flamenco last march for 6 days, and i think i went to Pandeli bakery in town just about every morning for breakfast before hitting the beach! Great ham and cheese croissants and they have

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 2. Re: Town or Away from Town? Jeannie G3    09-10-09 10:39
Hola! It really depends on how much you want to pay and what are your lodging tastes. There is lodging of all kinds: big small, simple bare bones and spacious with kitchens and other amenities. There

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 3. Re: Casita La Perlita Doug    05-09-09 12:49
I'll give Rob a little help on his recommendations to help avoid confusion. The bakery (panaderia) near the airport is called El Patio, not Milka. Great sandwiches made on a panini press, pastries a

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 4. Culebra Trip Report Tammy    10-10-08 19:54
We spent Sept. 30 to Oct. 5 on Culebra and the only word I can think of to describe it is AMAZING. We already can't wait to get back. We flew in from San Juan via Air Flamenco. It was a

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 5. Re: wi-fi? Tammy    10-10-08 18:12
We just came back from our trip, and although it turned out I just didn't care about getting online as much as I thought I would, I was able to go to Pandeli bakery and get on with my laptop for free.

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 6. Re: Christmas on Culebra Doug    09-22-08 11:11
Chris, It'd help if you could pin down the specific grocery/bakery you mean. The Panaderia by the airport carries a few grocery items. Colmado Milka, just across the drawbridge, to the

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 7. Re: My 3 Night Stay In Culebra Kayra    01-23-07 22:48
Thanks for sharing Jorge. I really enjoyed it. Since my next visit to Culebra is less than a month away (YAAAY), I'm curious as to the location of PanDeli. I've usually had the ocasional breakfast at

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 8. Re: 3 Day Culebra Trip Review Debbie    10-10-06 21:19
Ah, well - off season, it's kind of hit and miss, isn't it? Barbara Rosa's is up the road from Casa Ensenada on the bay side, towards the airport, across from Willy's Jeep Rental. If you

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 9. Culebra visit....PERFECT alyssa englis    02-27-06 12:58
My husband and I got back form a week in Culebra yesterday. It was so sad to leave such a perfect place. I cannot wait to go back. The beaches were fabulous. We had great snorkling at Fl

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 10. Re: Internet Service in Culebra David Magee    12-09-05 09:31
Culebra WirelessNet covers the island with wireless hotspots. If you have a wireless card in your laptop you can grab a wireless signal from most areas. Mamacitas is a good spot to hang out. Also t

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