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 1. Re: volunteer in culebra Donna Pickard    09-04-14 13:00
How are you trying to contact AWC? Try or Terri at Palmetto Guesthouse

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 2. Re: Palmetto Guest House Info JeffandMary    07-21-13 12:55
So then, Villa Boheme was nice. It's always good to hear feedback about places because often when you are trying to decide where to stay you're flying blind. We have stayed at Tamarindo Estates which

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 3. Re: Palmetto Guest House Info Deedee    07-21-13 09:33
SR. MOMENT - I STAYED AT Villa Boheme. Please disregard this post.

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 4. Palmetto Guest House Info Deedee    07-21-13 09:18
We visited Culebra in April of 2011 and want to return next year. Stayed at Palmetto Guest house....I don't see much forum conversation about them recently. We really liked the location and enjoyed

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 5. Re: First visit Tim S    07-08-13 13:39
I agree with JeffandMary. Given your short stay in PR, it's best to get yourself there fast using a reliable mode of transport. Definitely fly. Sounds like you should stay in town. T

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 6. Re: Veterinary services on the Island JeffandMary    01-08-13 14:16
Really, wow! Well, good for them, I hope they are successful. It sounds like the baton is being passed to some like-minded folks. From reading the posts, I know Terri and her husband were doing a lot

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 7. Re: Veterinary services on the Island Deb15July    01-05-13 22:44
Looks like Susan and her hubby are the new owners of the Palmetto Guesthouse. How ironic!

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 8. Re: Veterinary services on the Island JeffandMary    12-10-12 14:14
Best of luck and success with your new guest house! It sounds very exciting and I’ll bet a bit of work too. If you haven't already I would recommend talking to the folks at Palmetto Guesthouse. Soun

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 9. Re: Veterinary services on the Island Donna Pickard    12-06-12 10:37
Also check with Terri @ Palmetto Guesthouse....784 742-0257. She takes care of the rescue dogs from Culebra shipped to the states. We brought several crates of them back to Boston las

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 10. Re: Suggestion for getting to SJU on Monday night of Memorial Day? John W.    05-15-12 23:02
Two thoughts: a. Try flying to Ceiba and then cab back to San Juan. Air Flamenco usually adds flights to Ceiba on holidays (but not back to San Juan). b. Consider stayin

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 11. Re: Thoughts and tips Geronimo    05-14-12 08:50
I hear the ferry is runny pretty much on schedule now. You can get tix in advance if you stay at someone's place who gets them for you and mails them to you ex Palmetto guest house. You can get the

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 12. Re: Plans messed up by last minute cancellation - help us find accomidations please? Doug    04-25-12 11:27
In addition to the places Debbie mentioned, Posada La Hamaca has rooms to fit your needs for under $100. Casita Tropicale's owners are very good at interacting with first-time visitors and if you are

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 13. Re: Drug Store or Pharmacy palmettoculebra    03-08-12 12:38
Good afternoon, There is no drug store, nor pharmacy on island. Several of the grocery stores have a few OTC products & there is a clinic, but since the pharmacist left (again) it'

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 14. Re: cargo ferry to culebra?? palmettoculebra    02-09-12 05:38
Good morning, Currently of the 12 or so boats in the system only 2-3 are working, thus the boat that they are using for Culebra at the moment is a cargo vessel. Having said that, it

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 15. Re: Ferry Update? need info palmettoculebra    11-16-11 19:50
Good evening, The ferries are still up & down. The problem at the moment is that the government is putting the maintenance contract out to bid, but it hasn't actually been sorted as yet, so rath

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 16. Re: your opinions on Ferry vs Flight palmettoculebra    10-18-11 16:12
Good afternoon, We live year round in Culebra & own a Guesthouse, thus deal with flights & ferries daily. My strong advice is to fly round trip. You should book your tickets now & r

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 17. Re: Friday September 2 (tranportation) palmettoculebra    08-29-11 19:39
Good evening, Actually, the small planes fly low so that you get a pretty great view. And, FLA & VAL are much less hassle than the ferry, particularly on a holiday weekend when it is likely that

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 18. Re: laundry palmettoculebra    08-05-11 16:43
Good afternoon, Dick & Cathy have a laundry service. 787-742-0062 Our guests have all been pleased. Best, Terrie Palmetto Guesthouse, Culebra

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 19. Re: maritza's guesthouse Michael    08-03-11 11:40
Maritza has had her guest house for over 12 years. I would appreciate if assumptions and hearsay would be left out of this forum. She is further from town than Palmetto. [%si

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 20. Re: Notary Public palmettoculebra    07-26-11 12:16
Good afternoon, Yes, she is a nice person, too! Glad it worked out for you. Best, Terrie Palmetto Guesthouse, Culebra

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 21. Re: Culebra Ferry Nelly    07-26-11 10:53
Hi Terrie, Thank you for the reply...I didn't know that kind of service was offered at your Guesthouse....Although I do have to say that I do remember looking at Palmetto Guesthouse and

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 22. Re: Culebra Ferry palmettoculebra    07-21-11 19:20
Good afternoon, Sorry to hear of your ferry troubles. In the summer months, & particularly in July, the ferries are incredibly crowded. This is generally only at these times or on

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 23. Re: maritza's guesthouse palmettoculebra    07-20-11 14:33
Good afternoon, We are a short distance (1/2 mile) from town, an easy walk. There are also grocery stores/rest. closer than town to us. Not sure who the Capt. Luis/bio bay is from y

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 24. Re: maritza's guesthouse palmettoculebra    07-19-11 19:31
Good evening, As a GH owner here I'd say I'd likely know all of the businesses & I'm not familiar with this property. We are within walking distance to town. You can checkout out we

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 25. Re: snorkling palmettoculebra    07-04-11 15:19
Good afternoon, Some accommodation options also have snorkel gear avail. for guest use (like us). We also provide detailed info. on the latest re: snorkeling options/spots for our

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 26. Re: Culebra or Vieques? palmettoculebra    03-31-11 13:01
Good afternoon, We actually looked at both islands before moving to Culebra. It's a bit smaller & thus, for us, more "user friendly." It's very safe & we have one cute, little town

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 27. Re: cheapest and best place to stay palmettoculebra    03-19-11 13:47
Good afternoon, Cheapest & Best may not be one in the same. Often you "get what you pay for." Best, Terrie Palmetto Guesthouse, Culebra

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 28. Re: Place to stay March 31 to April 5 beachbound    03-01-11 11:02
Have you checked into Palmetto Guest House? They get consistently good reviews and they are close enough to town to walk, and there is also a market around the corner. Not positive about their rates

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 29. Re: Place to stay for one night on 4/29/11 Debbie    02-28-11 17:44
Did you try Palmetto Guesthouse?

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 30. Re: Culebra to Vieques palmettoculebra    02-21-11 17:38
Good evening, You can still purchase ferry tickets in advance-we do it for our guests & mail them, however I doubt the success of this over the phone. Priority has always been given

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