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 1. Re: Who is business still that rents kayaks? hillman    07-16-09 06:46
For kayaks write Jim Petersen, I believe he delivers them to locations;

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 2. Re: Snorkel Locations Jeannie G3    08-24-08 22:54
Hola! WOW! Tamarindo is the way to go, maybe on my next honeymoon! LOL!!! It's lovely, maybe one of our bloggers could tell you how was their stay there. If it's nice and you can pay, stay there, soun

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 3. Re: kayaks near zoni Tricia    02-26-08 07:23
The only kayak rental place I know of is Jim at Barbara Rosas. You have to call him between 9:30 and 10am the day you want to kayak and he checks the weather conditions. I tried to call him for five o

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 4. Re: Culebra snorkeling question Tate Kauffman    11-02-06 14:24
Another way to access the reef without the walk is by kayak. as of about a year ago, Jim at Ocean Safari (check at Barbara Rosa's restaurant) rented sit-on-top kayaks which he stored at Tamarind

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 5. Re: our week on Culebra Eunie    04-19-05 16:22
Joel, My husband and I stayed at Tamarindo last fall and kayaked over to Luis Pena. At the time there was a drop off point of several kayaks lined up about a minute or two down the road

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 6. Re: Beaches on Luis Pena? Eunie    03-05-05 09:01
Maybe the best person to get good kayaking advice is Jim Petersen. You can rent kayaks from him. Jim's wife runs Barbara Rosa's restaurant. My husband and I rented a two person kayak from Jim back

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 7. Re: Open invitation to kayak around Culebra sweet    02-20-05 16:01
We have a Greenland II that we fly down with us. We have never had problems flying the national carriers. The small planes into Culebra would charge an extra ticket because of excess weight and bulk

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