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 1. Brush fire? Sean T Kraft    03-18-14 20:53
Hi, I noticed a medium sized brush fire must have happened on Culebra near the Costa Bonita resort. Does anyone know how common fires are on the island, this is the first one I have seen

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 2. Re: Mangos in Culebra??? Geronimo    03-27-10 09:55
I stand corrected. I guess I am not good at identifying a mango tree unless one hits me on the head. Now I can tell you the differences in Oak and pine trees!! Happy Mangoritas.

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 3. Re: Mangos in Culebra??? Geronimo    03-26-10 15:16
Yes there are mango trees there that bear fruit. Not sure when they fruit. The other trick would be finding them. they don't seem to be that abundant.

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 4. Mangos in Culebra??? Jayme Boucher    03-26-10 14:15
Are there mango trees in Culebra? Are mangos in season in April? I'll be vacationing April 2-9 on the island, and my boyfriend was asking me about this, and I had no idea/had trouble trying to find ou

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 5. Re: Gym Rob Breeden    10-29-09 21:17
Hi there.....only suggestion I have for you is to be SURE your tent is not staked next to a mango tree.......I don't think there are any mango trees at Playa Flamenco....if any were sur

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 6. Re: Tarantulas Rob Breeden    08-07-09 09:13
It's the second one....and honest, it was there on the mosquito net.....the owners told me they see them every now and again since the spiders were attracted to mango trees and there was a huge mango

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 7. Re: Culebra Accommodations in March Nora    01-28-09 19:23
what do folks know about the Mango Treehouse apartment?

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 8. Re: Accomodations - Late Feb cw    01-22-09 13:52
I recommend two things. 1. Call Vacation Planners and tell them what you are looking for and they will give you some options. 866-285-3272 2. Check out

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 9. Re: Casa Blanca #6 Mango Tree cw    01-16-09 16:38
Hi Wes, I have stayed there. Check out the website. It's the perfect upgrade from camping. Small, clean, great location, and the price is righ

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 10. Casa Blanca #6 Mango Tree Wes    01-16-09 14:53
Hi all, This will be my second trip to Culebra! I camped at Flamenco Beach 2 years ago, but this time we are upgrading to something a little nicer. Has anyone stayed at Casa Blanca Condo

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 11. Re: Mango Treehouse Ann Crumpton    01-02-07 22:22
Thanks for the insight- did you take any photos you can share of the unit or the view? Where is it located? Thanks for more information.

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 12. Mango Treehouse Mike Beckman    01-02-07 20:07
My wife and I just spent a week on Culebra and had a wonderful time, in great part to the place we stayed. Tom and Nancy have a beautiful house(Mango Treehouse) up on a hill and offer the lower studi

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 13. Re: Mango Treehouse Michael    10-12-06 23:03

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 14. Mango Treehouse Mike Beckman    10-12-06 22:21
Has anyone ever stayed at the Mango Treehouse? My wife and I are considering it over the Christmas holiday but since we have never been to Culebra, we would like to get some input. Thanks for your h

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 15. Re: Fresh produce Debbie    04-24-06 19:28
Sorry, Jen - my grammar wasn't so great there. I was referring specifically to florida avocadoes in season, and that season is winter. I've gotten them there as late as March. You cannot find calif

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 16. Re: Mango Treehouse CarmenC    04-02-06 21:28 Thanks!

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 17. Re: Mango Treehouse Michael    03-31-06 16:54
Can you supply us with a URL?

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 18. Mango Treehouse CarmenC    03-31-06 12:45
Hi, We will be travelling to Culebra in a couple weeks and are staying at the Mango Treehouse. I can't find any reviews online about it, has anyone stayed there before?

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 19. Re: Place To Stay Megan    09-07-05 16:37
We arrived on the island a day ahead of schedule, and the only accomodations available were what the folks at Vacation Planners apologetically informed us were the "dregs" - no air conditioning, outsi

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 20. Culebra was good, Vieques was GREAT! Nicole    06-20-05 12:43
Just wanted to tell you all about my experiences in PR. The first day we flew into San Juan and rented a car from L&M and drove through the rain forest "El Yunque". It was amazing! We stayed at

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