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 31. Mosquitos/car seats? Katya Plyshevsky    02-05-11 20:54
I am travelling to Culebra with 2 small kids next week. I am preparing for the mosquitos and no seeums. Is there any repellent that works for them, besides the deet containing ones? What tim

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 32. Re: Jerry's Jeep Tracy Lesher    02-05-11 19:59
Hi! I'm new to this forum but have lurked for quite a while to get information...ever since last year when we decided to hit Culebra this March. Anyway, we have a jeep reserved through Jerry's Jeeps

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 33. Re: Jerry's Jeep Linda H    02-05-11 19:23
I too have rented from Jerry, and agree he is a character, but I had no problems with either the vehicle or payment. My understanding is that Carlos' vehicles look so nice because he leases his vehi

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 34. Re: Jerry's Jeep Debbie    02-05-11 16:41
Did you research the options before you got there? If you had used this forum, you would have been able to determine the differences between the two companies. Jerry's is affectionately known as Jer

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 35. Re: Jerry's Jeep Vicki moore    02-05-11 14:24
We have rented from Jerry many times. Yes, he is a character and yes, we have to listen to his speech that goes along with the hand drawn map he gives you. We reserved our jeep with a credit card, but

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 36. Jerry's Jeep James Barrios    02-05-11 06:07
My wife and I went to Culebra Island for one night and stayed at Flamenco beach in the Villas. We rented a jeep from Jerry's jeep what a mistake that was all of his vehicles are falling apart, the guy

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 37. Re: Rental at Flemenco beach S.V.I bound    12-07-10 15:49
take the public transportation to Flemenco, or rent a vehicle from Jerry (Jerry's Jeeps). they, the public transportation, are easy to spot at the ferry terminal once you arrive in Dewey. i have never

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 38. Re: have ?? about coming Mark McSweeney    08-12-10 15:12
Richard, too bad Jerry did that to your friend. He did help us very much on our departure day when Air Flamenco shafted us on our departure time (another story which I will relate later

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 39. Re: have ?? about coming Mark McSweeney    08-11-10 16:02
Jerry's jeeps (depending on model) run $50 a day plus tax and are old but reliable models. Jerry gives a great 30 minute seminar using his hand-drawn maps. Carlos' jeeps are new, maybe bigger too, and

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 40. Re: Soldado Vicki moore    08-04-10 23:56
We were told by Jerry at Jerry's Jeeps that there are lots of flats recently due to the rain and the shale rock splintering and puncturing tires. We did not chance it. He told us we could park and wal

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 41. Re: getting from vieques Geronimo    07-14-10 08:54
Air Flamenco flies from Vieques to Culebra. The last time I took that trip the flight left around 9:00am and then the return was around 4:30 so you had all day to visit the other island. The price w

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 42. Re: jeep rental shawke    03-31-10 18:00
Jerry's Jeeps. Right across the street from the airport. Has a great hand- made map, lots of local info, good rates, great guy. If you go, tell him Debbie and David say hi!!

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 43. Re: How soon to book flights, and rental car? richard    02-11-10 18:33
Jerry's Jeeps won't reserve a jeep until you've booked your ticket.

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 44. Re: Weather & car rental in May? shawke    02-09-10 18:32
Jerry's Jeeps without a doubt!!! Same goes for Air Flamenco. Jerry's is right across the street from the airport. Good rates, good vehicles and good conversation and info. Don't worry about the we

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 45. Re: Comments on proposed itinerary? Debbie    09-04-09 15:53
That sounds like a great plan, and a great time of year to do it! You may want to consider spending Tuesday night at/near the rainforest, rather in the "city" of Fajardo. You will LOVE the nightnois

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 46. Re: Comments on proposed itinerary? eric lotze    09-04-09 12:25
Jerry's Jeeps accross the street from the airport offers the best price. Dick and Cathy rent bicycles (and they'll deliver them to wherever you're staying), but although the island is small, it's hot

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 47. Re: SJ to Culebra: excellent option fro transport Matt TOSIELLO    09-01-09 23:49
I used to be an event planner and marketing manager so I'm not going to downplay how hard it is to book a trip for 45 people... however... I am going to jump to Jerry's defense here. We'

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 48. Re: car rentals Debbie    05-09-09 20:51
Carlos rents Jeeps (real Jeeps) and Chrysler mini-fans. Jerry's fleet pretty much consists of Jeep-like vehicles, namely Suzuki Vitaras and other smaller, older Suzuki vehicles. There are no sedans

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 49. Re: Jerry's Jeeps richard    03-05-09 17:17
Jerry have e-mail? I kinda doubt it. but he pretty much has always had his cell on when I've needed to call. (normal-ish type person hours anyway) and hey cleaning out a dra

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 50. Re: Jerry's Jeeps Linda Hawley    03-05-09 16:18
I rented from Jerry in 1996 when I was on Culebra for ten days. He was great. Can anyone share Jerry's email with me? We are coming again to Culebra in Apr 09, and I want to get a rental jeep quote

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 51. Re: Pick up truck palmettoculebra    02-26-09 07:24
Good morning, Jerry, of Jerry's jeeps used to have a pick up for rent, however I don't believe that he does any longer. You could give him a ring to try, however. Terrrie Palm

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 52. Re: Jerry's Jeeps Debbie    02-11-09 21:00
Although I am a loyal, long time customer of Jerry's, I would venture to say that your children would be safer and more comfortable in a modern Carlos Jeep.

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 53. Re: Jerry's Jeeps richard    02-11-09 01:32
Jerry usually comes in cheaper than Carlos', his rolling stock is generally a bit more 'beat' but is well maintained.

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 54. Re: Jerry's Jeeps alashas    02-10-09 14:57
I called 3 places and the best prices we found for car rentals last month was the Thrifty Car Rental at Bahia Marina: enjoy your trip, alashas ht

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 55. Re: Jerry's Jeeps Catton    02-10-09 07:21
Hi, we're going next week and need to find a reasonable price for a car, jeep, whatever. We have two small children and need car seats. Carlos jeeps quoted us a price way over our budget! Is Jerry's a

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 56. Re: Jerry's Jeeps gina and sal    02-08-09 09:06
Hey Scot Did he show you a book of island images? My husband and I made it for him as a present because he was so cool! Gina

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 57. Jerry's Jeeps scot marechaux    02-01-09 13:25
Jerry's Jeep's What more can i say. He's as cool and fun as ever. He rents good transportation at reasonable prices. Yes you should plan on having a car on the island. life is

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 58. Re: Anyone renting from Jerry soon (JERRY'S JEEPS) gina and sal    12-03-08 17:49
Jerry called me today and he picked up his book!!!! He seemed pleased with it. So if you get a chance check it out! Gina

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 59. Re: Anyone renting from Jerry soon (JERRY'S JEEPS) Debbie    12-01-08 15:07
Shoot - Jerry might be scared to sign for something certified! He might be afraid that his former life is catching up with him - LOL (and kidding)! Saw him this morning, but didn't see your request

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 60. Re: Anyone renting from Jerry soon (JERRY'S JEEPS) gina and sal    11-30-08 15:16
re: my ps. this is assuming he has already picked it up. He hasn't as of yet.

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