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 31. Re: Snorkel Locations Jeannie G3    08-24-08 22:56
Hola! Here are some publicos numbers in case you want to talk to some drivers and check out their prices: Taxis/Guaguas/Publicos Adrianos Taxi.....................590-1375

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 32. Re: rental for 4/29-5/7/08 Jeannie G3    04-11-08 17:04
Hola, 2 more properties (I really am looking for myself, LOL!!!): Culebra Island Vacation Rental, Costa Bonita Villa 34 and 54 are within a property that has a mega pool. Might not be too keen on the

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 33. Re: Nice Place to Stay Debbie    04-06-08 16:12
You must have stayed at Villa Boheme. That's the first place we stayed when we started going 8 years ago. Over the years, we've rented various dwellings from Jim Galasso at Culebra Island Realty.

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 34. Re: FERRY UPDATE!!! Michael    03-20-08 18:08
wouldn't the isla be bonitA? don't you love spanglish?

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 35. Re: Costa Bonita Apartment Complex?? MJ    03-11-08 16:00
If you don't mind high prices, no services (and needing a car, it's sort of in the middle of nowhere but a too far to walk to any beaches nowhere) and sewage running in the grass by the pools, it's a

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 36. Costa Bonita Alberto    09-04-07 16:16
I spent Labor Day weekend in Culebra and had a wonderful time. That little island is blessed. It is amazing how all the stress disappears just upon arrival at the island. That being said, I have no

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 37. Re: culebra costa bonita Doug    05-18-07 10:51
The people who developed Costa Bonita did so without bothering to try to understand Culebra; its customs and culture, its workforce, and most importantly, its fragile ecosystem and infrastructure.

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 38. Re: what happened to the condos built several years ago Doug    02-28-07 09:47
Definitely Costa Bonita. I'm fuzzy on the details, but it has been reported here over the past year or two that the place has been mismanaged, understaffed (no one wants to work for these rude neigh

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 39. Detailed Review of Culebra Beach Villas, CBV Marc Burnstine    11-26-06 02:45
This review is long, and I just got back so it is fresh in my head. I felt like someone needed to do a detailed review of Culebra Beach Villas, so here it is. Will try to post some pics at some poin

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 40. Re: Costa Bonita Beach Resort---C L O S E D ..... Kayra    10-11-06 14:02
I received this from someone whose name I will not share, but who request I share this with this community.... ***** Hi Kayra, I am the other person that supposedly will be af

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 41. Re: Costa Bonita Beach Resort---C L O S E D ..... Kayra    10-10-06 20:28
I hear ya Debbie. Can't say I'm sad to see it go either. Anyone with Culebra in their best interest should know that we all say NO to big developments on our precious island!

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 42. Re: Costa Bonita Beach Resort---C L O S E D ..... Debbie    10-10-06 19:38
Well, I for one, am not sad to see it go. It was only a matter of time. It was never supported by the locals. They do not want large development on their island (nor do most of us that have enjoyed

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 43. Re: Costa Bonita closed- need help! beachbound    10-10-06 11:06
Call Vacation Planners or get on their website to book online ( and input Culebra, Puerto Rico, then click link to "Vacation Planners Rental Properties". They have the

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 44. Re: Costa bonita (good or Bad) Kelly    06-08-06 10:22
If you want to stay somewhere amazing for a good price and right on the beach, seriously consider Villa Flamenco Beach. My parents, roommate and I stayed there April 25 - May 2 and it was

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 45. Re: Costa bonita (good or Bad) Cissy Davis    06-07-06 16:38
Hi Cody, My fiance and I are planning on spending 2 days of our honeymoon on Culebra. We chose the Culebra Beach Villas because they are on Flamenco Beach. From what I've read posted in

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 46. Re: Census Abe Ross    04-27-06 19:34
Well, if Frank can enter the fray knowing that he will regret it and Wade has the energy to actually look at the Census stats, the least I can do is look at the TripAdvisor site to see the, ___

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 47. Re: Costa Bonita Resort billy malloy    04-24-06 22:18
My wife and I just visitied Culebra last week. We drove by Costa Banita to see what it was. It looked like a bunch of densely packed condos. Many looked like they were just being finished. It did

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 48. Re: Bahia Marina & Other Culebra Top Choices Gary Eichelberger    04-24-06 14:24
resort-style accomdations are not plentiful in Culebra. It is amore of a rustic place and accomdations reflect that. TO go a little fancier, you could possibly think of visiting Vieques instead

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 49. Re: Costa Bonita Resort mama    04-14-06 21:26
Thats right in Culebra are a lot of places that you can stay. But there are 1or 2 places that are terrible but always check fisrt before you give money you can ask in this site and they w

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 50. Re: Club Seabourne or Costa Bonita Gary Eichelberger    03-24-06 00:18
seabourne is small scale and a beautiful location. nice amenities. I cannot speak to the hours kept by restaurant and bar. It is stilll more of the regular setting of culebra and its communtiy than co

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 51. Re: Costa Bonita or Culebra Beach Rentals mymoosie    02-12-06 15:52
One more question... Would it be generally advisable to take the insurance offered by the car rental place? I plan to check with my credit card company, and also my auto insurance at home, but

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 52. Re: Costa Bonita or Culebra Beach Rentals mymoosie    02-12-06 15:48
Thanks Doug. We definitely plan to rent a jeep, and have decided to rent both days we are there so we can fully explore the island. Zoni will be on our list. Kris

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 53. Re: Costa Bonita or Culebra Beach Rentals Doug    02-12-06 11:40
Costa Bonita is a resort that is probably more upscale in appearance than anything on the island. To most veteran Culebra enthusiasts, however, it represents what happens when people with money do not

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 54. Re: weekend ferry schedule Tatakiwaki    12-12-05 05:02
Dear Debbie, that is exactly my point, the forum encourages opinions not facts. Tourism is now, and will be the backbone of the economy of this island. It takes a lot of investing, and not just money

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 55. Re: weekend ferry schedule Tatakiwaki    12-11-05 18:46
Mr. Doug, let me try to explain to you since Mr. Fischer has chicken out. No, I am not anti-tourist, on the contrary, but this forum is. Let us take for example the posts that read Culebra Beach Villa

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 56. Re: Costa Bonita Frank Drigotas    11-11-05 11:04
A friend that owns a house on Culebra told me that Costa Bonita was "kaput". He was on the island within the last two weeks. Can anybody verify? Frank ps -- If this is tr

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 57. Re: Costa Bonita Admin    11-10-05 08:48
Did you read the Costa Bonita comments?

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 58. Costa Bonita Patrick    11-10-05 08:24
Hello to all, I have not been to Culebra in several years, and I am looking forward to returning next month. I am considering Costa Bonita and would really appreciate any recomendations o

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 59. Re: "Resorts" Susan Morris    09-01-05 09:40
Scott, If you are looking for more privacy for your honeymoon, I would definitely recommend renting a private house also. We did that through Mike at Vacation Planners the first 2/3 of o

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 60. Re: "Resorts" Frank Drigotas    08-31-05 12:15
Scott- I think the suggestion of looking to rent a house is a good one also. You can go through Mike at Vacation Planners or Jim at Culebra Island Realty. Many houses contain what you a

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