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 1. Dinghy/Small motor boat rental? Kevin Charos    06-29-20 17:45
Hello, I will be traveling to Culebra July 4-11 with 1 friend. Our trip will be spent diving, spearfishing, and relaxing. I am wondering if there's anybody or any businesses

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 2. Re: Culebra Boat Charters Geronimo    02-16-18 14:18
That's a lot of time spent on the boat instead of the island.

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 3. Re: 3 months lodging needed Rosemary Rudloff    09-22-15 16:04
Ahoy Donna I have a charter sailing business in ptown,ma and my partner and I bought Suzanne's vessel Gabra and plan to sail charters out of Culebra this winter, Do you live on the

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 4. Re: Sailing West from St. Thomas Art Nacht    03-25-15 09:42
I am chartering the boat from Island Yacht Charters (IYC) in Red Hook. They provide a packet of suggested itineraries including a plan to tour the Spanish Virgin Islands. IYC is OK with bareboat chart

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 5. Re: What to do in Culebra John W.    07-14-14 10:50
This was a list I put together a few years ago with a few modifications - things dont change too much (thank goodness!) Top things to do: a. Visit Flamenco Beach and Zoni be

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 6. Re: Isla Grande to Culebra 3/10/11 palmettoculebra    03-02-11 10:23
Good afternoon, VAL is flying x4 scheduled flights daily & x3 on Sundays. FLA is still charter, but I have heard that by March or April will be doing scheduled flights (hopefully),

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 7. Isl Culebra Charters Captain Bill    09-24-10 09:49
Hi Evryone and thanks for dropping into the Culebra Chat Room, I run a 37 foot Trimaran Charter in Culebra and offer Day Sail Snorkel trips to Cayo Norte, Culebrita, Luis Pena, Melones, Rosarion and T

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 8. Re: Best time to visit Culebra Captain Bill    09-24-10 09:42
Hi Dee Dee Villa Boheme is a great choice, Ginny and Lucy are great and will help you out on almost anything you could need. Flamenco Beach is a MUST. Although when visiting during like say East

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 9. Re: Alternative ways to get to Culebra? Any Ferry tips?? Captain Bill    09-24-10 09:38
Hi and good luck comming to Culebra, the ferry has resumed normal operations but be aware that despite the three trips a day they may get sold out. So plan ahead typically you will be able toget a tic

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 10. Re: Camping budget Culebra MJ    01-21-10 10:49
Milka isn't closed all day Sunday...they are open until 1. Also, Genesis is open until about 5 and Isla del Sol is open til mid-day as well. Actually, Cheli's - Superette Mayra, the one on the hill -

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 11. Re: Ferry from Culebra to Vieques palmettoculebra    07-16-09 05:21
Good morning, Flamenco & Vieques airlink do run flights between the islands (not only charters). They normally require a min. of 4 people to put the flight on. Terrie Palmett

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 12. Re: St. Thomas to Culebra Joan    10-15-08 10:32
Our family of 5 has used Air American charters twice from SJU to Culebra. I think they fly to all the islands. If not, maybe they can recommend another company. Email is

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 13. Re: Share Chater Flight to Culebra Wes Hoffman    09-22-08 10:30
Hi Jeannie - to clarify: The total cost of the round trip charter is $850 or approximately $142 per person (for a full plane of 6). A one-way seat would cost $72. Sorry for the confusion. I

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 14. Re: Traveling to Culebra- What's the best date? Jeannie G3    07-16-08 14:25
Hola! I did read good comments about East Island Excursions on Trip Advisor. Remember, when going on an excursion with these companies, the group might be big, there may be children on board and somet

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 15. Re: Ferry for March 20 Debbie    01-24-07 18:30
Doug, I was surprised about the 6pm flight too, but it's true! Culebra Air was Air Culebra, and yes, I think they were bought out by Air America. Regarding chart

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 16. Re: Census Kathy Niclaus    04-26-06 18:30
Commercialism by definition is engaging in any sort of exchange of goods or services for monetary or proprietary gain. Frank are you suggesting that the numerous guesthouses which have sprung up on t

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 17. Re: Flights to Culebra from SJN mymoosie    03-20-06 12:17
I copied this post from a previous post that I had done while researching our March trip. This should give you a rough idea. Isla Nena was very good about responding to email inquiries.

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 18. Re: San Juan/Isla Grande to Culebra mymoosie    02-13-06 14:54
In case this is helpful to anyone, this is what I found based on my research for our trip. This is for going to Culebra on Thursday, 3/2 Returning to San Juan on Saturday, 3/4

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 19. Re: culebra to St. Thomas luis grundler    12-09-05 11:33
culebra water taxi service Culebrita and Luis Pena Island day trip Dakity special charters to st.thomas call (787)360-9807 Capt. Luis Gru

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 20. Re: Vieques/Culebra questions - please help JoseGuzman    02-14-05 05:11
Totally wrong, Vieques is a peaceful island, with some problems like the rest of P.R. You can walk, ride a car, a motor bike with relax. I do not know where that person gets the idea that Vieques is

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 21. culebra bio-luminescent bay tour culebra island tours    06-20-04 08:21
Culebra Island Tours now new trips to bio-luminescent bay in Culebra Swimming in the bio-luminescent bay which contains micro-organisms that the ligth up when the water is touched. w

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 22. Re: Flights from Fajardo and back, prices, best Airline to choose?? Yayma    05-15-04 01:20
As far as the Ferries are concerned, you will not be in a "vomit vessel" if you get a 2-story ferrry, those are quite smooth...when I went to Culebra, we got a small, one story vessel from Fajardo, an

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 23. Re: Air Line Charters Vince    05-11-04 13:19
Hello Candy, I have been going to Culebra now for a few years and LOVE it. I think you may ned to be a bit more flexible in your travel plans. I have taken both the ferry and airplane t

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