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 31. Re: Where to Stay Michael    02-20-08 10:13
Check out there are two places listed. Zoni Beach House' property bord

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 32. Re: Breakfast in Culebra? Frank    02-01-08 22:03
Happy Landings the food establishment is gone. Happy Landings the bar catering to locals is still there. Somebody could correct me, but I think it wise to avoid the place. And

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 33. Re: Killing time in SJU Gretchen Marie    01-09-08 15:27
Kim: You can take a cab from the airport to Ocean Park that is a nice beach that locals go, and you can take your dogs with you. I suggest a leash because you will find another dogs at th

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 34. Re: San Juan hotel Michael    11-14-07 03:27
I recommend Old San Juan!

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 35. Re: hotel near Isla Grande airport Michael    09-30-07 08:15
Consider Old San Juan, and check out these places:

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 36. Re: Lots of questions about Culebra Rei    07-16-07 22:37
What you heard of Dorado is true, especially the hotel-clubs-suburb area. The times and prices on this page are correct: http

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 37. Puerto Rican new Smoking Law David Dupre    03-23-07 07:02
I think I just want to puke about all the political correctness that swallowing up the world. Puerto Rico's new smoking law came into effect this month (and it includes Culebra). In summary:

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 38. Culebra Trip Report Kind of Long! Robert Carr    02-26-07 10:33
After 25+ trips to the BVI and USVI since 1981 we decided to spend some time in San Juan and Culebra this go around. Participants on this adventure included my wife Julie our 10 month old son Jacob

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 39. Getting to Culebra Mary McClelland    01-28-07 14:05
We just returned from a trip to Puerto Rico which included a stay on Culebra--absolutely loved the place. We wanted to see a few places going and coming back from Fajardo, so we rented a car from L&M

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 40. Re: Massage Therapist License Maricarmen Guilloty    01-27-07 10:28
Hi I`m Maricarmen Guilloty a massage therapist in Culebra... In 2003 it was approved in Puerto Rico a law that requires that all massage therapist that wants to work here to have a minimum of 1,000 ho

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 41. Re: Hotel Delicias Michael    01-17-07 18:51
Doug, I have been inside Hotel Puerto Rico and seen the rooms (~3 years ago). Delicias is a huge step up and Hemingwayish enough - IMO. There is no redeeming charm as in my dump in Old San Juan. And I

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 42. Re: Hotel Delicias Doug    01-17-07 15:35
While we're on obscure accomodations, I never see or hear about Hotel Puerto Rico on Culebra. What is it like inside? Why or why not stay there? Room rates? If it was clean and the beds comfortabl

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 43. Re: for the ones interested in Taxi to Fajardo Becky B    01-06-07 14:47
Zoraida, I thought I should post this query to you, as you seem to be very "help oriented". I am travelling with a friend to Puerto Rico on the 17th of January, we are

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 44. Re: Arriving at the island with no accomodations zoraida Banks    12-15-06 16:31
do not scold this girl boys!!! Listen try Hotel Puerto Rico,very near the dock or bring a tent and have great time with good facilities at Flamenco Bay. Try to get to Culebra during the labor days no

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 45. Hotel Kokomo review Francisco    12-13-06 17:50
Hi all I just came from Puerto Rico, I stayed for 4 days/ 3 nights in culebra and I have to say that it is a GREAT GREAT place if you want to relax. I enjoyed the people, the place, the

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 46. Need Help Planning Trip to Culebra Michael C    10-08-06 12:49
Hello Everyone, We are on vacation in Puerto Rico in late November / early December. We've been there many times but have never been to Culebra. We are staying near San Juan and are tr

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 47. Willy Transportation y demas comerciantes virgen perez    04-18-06 15:06
Quiero darle las mas infinitas gracias por el estraordinario servicio brindado a nuestros clientes durante estos meses, tanto el Sr. Solis como su familia han sido muy eficientes y respo

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 48. Wonderful Culebra Martin Zell    04-14-06 22:16
My girlfriend and I spent the first week in April in Culebra and because this forum was so helpful prior to our going, I feel an obligation to post our experiences. I could go on and on so i'll just

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 49. San Juan to Culebra Gus    04-07-06 17:05
Hi everyone! Firstly, I am new to this site and I am so thrilled about it. It has provided me with so much info on Culebra/Vieques. Secondly, I will be going to San Juan May 14 - May 21,

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 50. Re: Accomodation help...please! Jen    03-07-06 16:47
John - As a non-white American who appreciates EVERYTHING about travelling outside my comfy little home area, I find all of your posts extremely offensive and not at all helpful to any users of

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 51. Re: Accomodation help...please! serafinapup    03-07-06 01:07
John Saje, We get it. You hated it. You're high maintenance. You need a cushy hotel room in which you can primp, and did not take the time to lift your head up and look around you at the bea

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 52. Re: In Culebra 3/9 - 3/11 Frank    03-03-06 09:41
There are several places to get a beer. This list is order of most "local" to least "local" (Just My Opinion of course). All are enjoyable in their own way. Happy Landings Hotel

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 53. Re: mosquito incense Debbie    02-23-06 19:52
No, I don't remember what it was called, but I bought it at On-Island (next to Culebra Divers), and I also saw it at Paradise Gift Shop (on the street where Etcetera used to be; across from Hotel Puer

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 54. The Fork Less Traveled ... Frank    01-31-06 20:26
Can any of the folks that lurk on this board recommend a restaurant or two that are geared more to the local population that the "tourists". These better-known establishments are great ... Bahia marin

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 55. Re: vacation planning advice? Eunie    01-20-06 16:51
Spent (3) days back in May '05 in OSJ. Stayed at Hotel Milano. Very comfortable place with a restaurant/bar on top of hotel overlooking the harbor. Milano is centrally located to just about all the

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 56. Re: vacation planning advice? JoseGuzman    01-19-06 04:13
Villa Fulladoza does not have any A/C on the rooms, and it is about the same price as VB. Hotel Puerto Rico is a poor hotel, it is chea but not that cheap, may be you get a room woith out bath,

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 57. Re: vacation planning advice? JoseGuzman    01-18-06 05:54
For less than 100.00 per night Ville Boheme is the best choice. If you look for real cheap, Hotel Puerto Rico, but fro the difference in Price... I would choose Villa Boheme. You can find

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 58. Re: flights from Puerto Rico ron    11-19-05 19:52
Frank, All I want is to make a flight reservation, not turn Culebra into St. Thomas. We don't stay in "Ritzy" hotels all over the world. This is our one big vacation every year, so wanting to be

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 59. Re: flights from Puerto Rico Frank Drigotas    11-18-05 11:03
Ron- No offense taken ... I sincerely apologize if my post offended! I was merely making the point that part of makes Culebra special is that it doesn't always work. And it forces those

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 60. Re: COMMING IN JAN, NEED HELP Jorge Flores    10-31-05 15:38
Janaury is the best time of year to visit Puerto Rico. The temperature is usually in the high 70's to low 80's with about 40-50% humidity. As far as travel from San Juan to Culebra you have 2 options.

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