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 1. Ferry - Online ticket code Lana    03-15-16 08:46
Hi, We will be in Puerto Rico for 9 days next April. We will want to visit Culebra during our vacation. According to the terms, if we buy ferry tickets in advance online, we

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 2. Cheaper taxi from San juan airport to Fajardo youssef    02-25-13 16:58
Hello everybody. I just came back from an amazing trip to Puerto Rico that included Culebra. I had the chance to meet a taxi driver from Fajardo that would actually agree to take you to and from

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 3. Wildlife Reserve Resarch Visit Ariana Estrella    10-09-12 00:26
Hi, I will be heading to Culebra in the end of December-January to do research for my undergraduate architecture thesis and am looking for some travel advice. I am designing a conservation and

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 4. Culebra / Club Seabourn Wedding!! Rubenn    08-11-12 14:56
We celebrated our wedding at Zoni Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico on May 19th, 2012. This beach is very special to us because it was the place where we got engaged two years ago to the day. The am

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 5. Re: Plans messed up by last minute cancellation - help us find accomidations please? candelaria    04-25-12 09:23
villa naniqui has cottages with kitchens and are under $100

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 6. 12 Hours to Culebra A. Cerna    03-22-12 07:17
My girlfriend and I booked a room in Culebra for an overnight Friday stay in mid February. We read this forum and other forums and knew of the problems with the ferry. A hotel in San Juan advised us

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 7. Re: Stay away from Club Seabourne Krys Givens    03-18-12 01:53
Thank you for this information. We are looking for a place to stay on Culebra Island, and my husband was looking at Club Seabourne. I am leaning more towards a villa or a rental, which you can get a

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 8. Re: Flights Geronimo    11-05-11 12:14
Vieques Air Link Buy one get one free PROMOTION TERMS AND CONDITIONS March 2011 Buy one airline ticket with Vieques Air Link and receive one (of the same value)

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 9. Re: Bahia Marina 1BR vs. 2BR Nelly    09-30-11 15:39
Good afternoon, I've been going to Puerto Rico for about 12 years now and I can't say how much I enjoy it each and everytime, however, this past July we decided to visit Culebra for the very first tim

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 10. Re: Request for Info Sandra C    09-23-11 13:48
Fajardo Ferry 787-977-2200 for more info or directions The Fajardo Ferry to Culebra is just for $2.25 Yes, ther are safe, fenced, gated parking lots with attendants. $5/day. that you can

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 11. Re: Save What's Left! Debbie    05-01-11 18:30
English Translation: ACDEC, Defend Culebra To: Honorable Abraham Peña Nieves, Mayor and President of the Board of Directors of the Conservation and Development Authority of

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 12. "Hotel" Puerto Rico anna mijalski    03-06-11 19:09
Lonely Planet lists this “hotel” as the cheapest lodging option (“bottom of the quality pile” and “ this hotel gives new meaning to the term ‘long in the tooth’”) on Culebra. But dear

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 13. Where can I put my luggage when snorkeling? Jian Zhang    09-09-10 11:36
Dear All, I will go to Puerto Rico this September. I just found the traffic is so poor in Puerto Rico, especially from San Juan airport or Ponce airport to Fajardo ferry dock, so I have t

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 14. Re: Costa Bonita Alberto    04-30-10 14:29
Sunny, Updated list of corrections: 1) No frustration here. I purchased in Costa Bonita AFTER it became a Condo. That means no "promises or tax breaks for me". No surprises

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 15. Re: Must Eats! Frank    04-17-10 08:15
Lots of good choices on Culebra ... all different and all good in their own way. If I had to choose 8 places for 8 days here's what I would do: (not in any order) Burge

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 16. Re: Costa Bonita Alberto    02-25-10 21:48
I live in Puerto Rico and I visit Culebra about once a month. Like many others on this site, I can say that I fell in love with the island a long time ago. I love Culebra for many reasons...but most

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 17. Juanita Banana's...a different place Mou    07-30-09 11:18
With 10 years of experience in the hotel & food & beverage industry this is what I have to say about the best experience I’ve ever had in a restaurant….. Juanita Bananas is a differe

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 18. Re: Was this post hurtfull to Costa Bonita? SunnyBabe    07-27-09 01:25
Well Terry my dear, hear is a few things you "will be glad to hear it with an open mind". 1. Reviews can be informative without flaming. 2. Costa Bonita WAS a Condo

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 19. Re: Need lodging advice wirvier    06-01-09 15:49
I have only fantastic things to say about the Palmetto. I based my decision to stay there based upon reviews, of which there are plenty. They are the #1 rated B&B on trip advisor... http://www.tripa

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 20. Day trip to Culebra Steve Johnson    12-10-08 20:51
I'm interested in going on a day trip to Culebra with my wife. For a number of reasons, we would only be able to stay one day arriving somewhat early in the morning and leaving in the evening. I'd l

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 21. Where to stay Uri    11-06-08 21:46
My wife and I, in the 30's, are planning to fly to Puerto Rico on Dec. 25th - 28th. Does anyone knows where can we stay in Flamenco beach in Culebra? Are they any ggood hotels on the beach or very clo

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 22. Re: Culebra MJ Frank    10-31-08 14:21
"...give it up easily." Isn't that how you got the corner office in the first place? ;-) If not, I am happy to return to my duties as MJ Cart Forklift Operator. Allows me to

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 23. Hurricane Omar Jeannie G3    10-15-08 10:27
Hola! There is a hurricane warning for Culebra and Vieques and the rest of the island is under a tropical storm warning. Ferry services from Fajardo to Culebra and Vieques have been suspended until fu

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 24. Re: Fishing License/ Christmas Crowds? Doug    09-05-08 18:50
Chris, I've been to Culebra several times over the holidays, and while the hotels and campgrounds are full, it isn't nearly as 'spring breakish' as Santa Semana. To optimize your stay,

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 25. Re: Hotel kokomo - Pregunta Urgente kerry parsons    08-05-08 00:51
i don't speak spanish either, but i am glad u are fixing problems at hotel kokomo...i will be staying there nov. 5 -12 2008...i have read good and bad about your place, but, from the pix i saw on the

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 26. Re: Culebra - the good and THE BAD - all Americans should read before going! Frank    05-28-08 12:19
True story ... only somewhat related. But maybe there's a point in here somewhere. Unusual for me, but what the heck! Last year my wife, kids and I were flying from Chicago to Mancheste

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 27. Re: Culebrita Jeannie G3    05-20-08 20:40
Hola! Cayo Norte was auctioned off in 2006 and now belongs to the Shelley family, who are trying to develop resort hotel projects such as Marina Puerto del Rey and Cayo Largo Resort. Fortunately, they

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 28. Re: FERRY UPDATE!!! Jeannie G3    03-20-08 15:18
AHHH, that is island life for you, VERY laid back. I have asked myself that question many times, not only about Culebra but, about the rest of the island as well. I don't want to open another can of w

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 29. Re: Your top 5 favorite things on Culebra? Sphinx    03-13-08 09:09
I have to restrict it to five?! OK. 1. Coffee and a book on the deck as an oh-so-perfect morning warms into the 80s. 2. Music, a cocktail and a light breeze, as the sun

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 30. Re: Hotel in San Juan Michael    03-08-08 11:33
Oh and here some places to choose from:

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