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 1. Re: staying in town vs the beaches BETSYO    08-10-12 10:15
Dear Thing - I suggest you check out Harbour View Villas - Great Views and walking distance to town! Website is CULEBRAHOTEL.COM, phone 787-742-3855.

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 2. Re: Harbour VIew Villas? richard    04-17-08 23:18
I've stayed there twice in the "suites" section (Sunset), no complaints, rustic, nice view. other opinions vary. search the forum for comments. strict cancellation policy some report. nice dogs.

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 3. Harbour View Villas? Zach    04-17-08 10:08
anyone stayed at the Harbour View Villas? Looking to go mid-june and wanted to see what they were like. The website looks nice… thanks!

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 4. Re: affordable 3 night lodging richard    09-20-07 17:26
I've stayed here a coupla times:, great view and right about what you're asking for price and space-wise, but I don't know about getting

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 5. Tripadvisor - wrong reviews!!! Culebra Island Villas    03-15-07 12:35
I just checked the Tripadvisor reviews for Culebra Island Villas. To my horror they are not even about us and bad to boot! Those reviews seem to be about Harbour View Villas. Druso, the owner used to

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 6. Re: Newbie needs info Deb Folk    08-22-06 17:41
My husband and I stayed at Harbour View Villas this past March. Great villa with a nice view of the harbour. Easy walking distance to town and Melones, however we did get pretty warm br

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 7. Newbie needs info Susan Greco    07-06-06 17:08
My husband and I are headed to Culebra in November and would love to get some information from those who have been there before. We are interested in Harbour View Villas and having searched on this f

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 8. Re: Bahia Marina & Other Culebra Top Choices Gary Eichelberger    04-24-06 14:24
resort-style accomdations are not plentiful in Culebra. It is amore of a rustic place and accomdations reflect that. TO go a little fancier, you could possibly think of visiting Vieques instead

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 9. Re: casa robinson v. harbour view villas Debbie    03-30-06 21:34
Casa Robinson is going to be much more modern than Harbour View Villas. HVV - kitchens are outdoors - kind of hard to explain, but it's very rustic. You will need a car or scooter at either of these

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 10. casa robinson v. harbour view villas mktf    03-30-06 13:29
Hi! There are two of us coming to Culebra for two nights and we are trying to decide between staying at harbour view villas and casa Robinson. While we can find some (although not many) reviews of ha

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 11. Re: Culebra vs Vieques Gary Eichelberger    03-24-06 20:42
FOra quiet location, I can recommend Harbour View Villas - it's not cheap though, but sits on top of hill overlooking the harbor and vieques about 1/2 mile from town. there are 3 villas all angled awa

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 12. Re: Culebra lodging Gary Eichelberger    02-24-06 18:14
few choicnes "on" the beach. Some rooms at Flamenco. Have not stayed there. check websites for two locations: Tamarindo Estates, very clsoe to tamarindo beach - mostly shell , little sand - but great

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 13. Happy stay at Harbour View Villas Cheryl    02-01-06 16:08
We stayed at Harbour View several years ago and were, overall, happy with our stay. We rented a one-bedroom villa at the end of the row -- closest to the village. I would have to charac

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 14. place to stay liz mitchell    01-24-06 19:35
Hi, my family(7yr old and husband) and i are thinking about Bahía Marina vs harbour view villas. Is there really a problem with Bahia Marina? Anyone been to Harbour view, or know of them. Any inf

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 15. Re: weekend ferry schedule Tatakiwaki    12-11-05 18:46
Mr. Doug, let me try to explain to you since Mr. Fischer has chicken out. No, I am not anti-tourist, on the contrary, but this forum is. Let us take for example the posts that read Culebra Beach Villa

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 16. Re: COMMING IN JAN, NEED HELP Jorge Flores    10-31-05 15:38
Janaury is the best time of year to visit Puerto Rico. The temperature is usually in the high 70's to low 80's with about 40-50% humidity. As far as travel from San Juan to Culebra you have 2 options.

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 17. Re: Spending 2 nights Gary Eichelberger    09-28-05 17:22
quiet and overlooking water. Get information on harbourview Villas , I stay there each time over 13 years. Not "on" the water ut on a hillside with great view of bays and more privatae area of island

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 18. Re: Harbour View Villas Rami    02-09-05 12:27
I am going to be brief and hopefully fair. My wife, myself and my 12 years old son stayed at HVV last April 04. We had identical experience as Matt, so no need to re write but I can say Matt wa

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 19. Re: Beware of Harbour View Villas Matt Walters    02-07-05 11:47
Jeff, my message was detailed because I included parts of an email that I sent to an individual who asked me about the Villas. He also ejoyed his stay at HVV. I can certainly see your po

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 20. Re: Beware of Harbour View Villas Jeff Donatello    02-04-05 07:02
I will move on. It just seems to me after reading numerous posts that "crusty" is a massive euphenism when referring to this guy. While your island is infamous for being rustic and laid back (the way

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 21. Re: Beware of Harbour View Villas Debalew    02-03-05 20:26
Oops - sorry I mixed up the names of the posters. My apologies.

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 22. Re: Beware of Harbour View Villas Debalew    02-03-05 20:24
Nice response, Jeff. Matt - not everyone is happy everywhere they go. Culebra is rustic, and Drusco is a little crusty. You're not giving him or his family a chance unless and until you

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 23. Re: Beware of Harbour View Villas Jeff Donatello    02-03-05 12:45
I am curious as to what your motivation is to write such a detailed letter on this places behalf. Did you read the letter this guy wrote back to me? Why on earth would someone want to stay in a place

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 24. Re: Harbour View Villas Matt Walters    02-02-05 15:04
As I posted on another thread... ... I stayed at the Harbour View Villas and had a wonderful time. I don't know i

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 25. Enjoyed Harbour View Villas Matt Walters    02-02-05 14:54
I feel compelled to write on behalf of people who stayed at the HVV with me last June. I've read these "stories" but, having stayed there, I want to set the record straight. Don't be d

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 26. Re: Harbour View Villas Peggy McGill    01-12-05 09:40
I'm so sorry you went through that! I had the same experience a few years ago. The minute I walked in I knew I was NOT going to stay there. He also would not give me the money back. I still decided t

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 27. Re: Harbour View Villas Caribbean Expert    01-08-05 00:20
Give your opinion greater visibility by posting it on as well as here. Looking at the reviews, I think Druso has been drumming up support from friends and having them write positive r

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 28. Re: Harbour View Villas julie    01-05-05 10:14
I had a very nice experience at Culebra Beach Villas just a week ago and would recommend it to anyone. The place was bare-bones simple but clean and well-run, and the beach grill has good food and ve

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 29. Harbour View Villas Greg Markle    01-04-05 20:30
We just returned from a trip to Culebra in December. Playa Flamenco has to be the prettiest beach we've ever seen! We wanted to post a warning, though, to anyone considering dealing with Druso Daubon

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 30. Re: Beware of Harbour View Villas Joe Ant    12-14-04 16:05
oh and I forgot, he advertises with 'Culebra Island Villas' in Google ..

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