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 61. Re: Blue Lizard Sunscreen Jeannie G3    07-14-08 14:53
Hola! You could call grocery stores around Culebra: Colmados/Groceries Colmado Milka’s..................742-2253 El Sol ....................................742-

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 62. Re: Diving or Snorkeling? Trent    07-11-08 02:02
Vicki, we dove Carlos Rosario from a boat so we didn't have to deal with the logistics of taking the gear there. We rented our tanks from the hardware store past the mini mas. I really enjoyed chatt

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 63. Re: Diving or Snorkeling? Vicki moore    07-11-08 00:44
Thanks Trent for the report. How far did you have to carry your gear to Carlos Rosario? I know you can drive right up to Soldado. Where did you rent your tanks? We will hopefully be doing shore dives

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 64. Re: Diving or Snorkeling? Trent    07-10-08 17:41
We spent a week on Culebra mid-June with the goal of diving all day, every day. Mort is right. Snorkeling is cheaper and easier than dragging the gear around. Most of the good stuff is 30 feet or

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 65. Re: What ever happened to Trent? Trent    07-10-08 16:46
Hey y'all! I really need to apologize for being so elusive. Life after Culebra has been a rat race. I so long for the laid back Culebra life, and the only way to cure that is to schedule another tr

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 66. Noise in section E, crowds, Culebrita trip chuck    07-02-08 20:41
I'm intending to camp at Flamenco with my 16-year-old daughter for about 4 days in early August. We were at Flamenco just for a day-trip in February & it was awesome, thanks in part to you folks (I w

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 67. Re: First Time Diving Debbie    06-24-08 18:13
There are two dive operators on the island. Both offer introductory to scuba classes (also known as resort courses). Learn to scuba dive in an afternoon - if you like it, you'll need to take the ful

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 68. Re: Diving with CORALations?? Vicki moore    05-19-08 23:52
Trent, I have 4 reef tanks, one of which is a "frag tank". I am an active member of our local reef club and have been for 3 years. I buy corals from other members or order corals, frag them into small

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 69. Re: Best scuba/snorkel sites in Culebra Trent Hackett    05-16-08 13:05
What would the world be like without the invention of the Bugle cone. I shutter to think. It ranks up there with the oak toilet seat. Richard, can you help me navigate the Chowhound boards to

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 70. Re: Dive Equipment Debbie    05-15-08 08:25
Trent, Carlos Rosario is not reachable by car and you don't want to haul dive equipment on a 20 minute hike over the hill from Flamenco Beach! I've never snorkeled or dived Tamarindo fro

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 71. Re: Dive Equipment Vicki moore    05-15-08 00:36
Hi Trent, we are coming to Culebra for a week followed by a week in Vieques. We are longtime divers and always travel with out own gear, minus tanks and weights. We, too, carry our regulators and comp

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 72. Re: Snorkeling in Culebra Michael    05-06-08 18:46
Steve, having your own footage is something you cannot compare to professionally made videos. If you want your stuff to look like that, take a course with Walter from Culebra Divers! He is the pro in

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 73. Re: and another dive related question? Debbie    04-30-08 18:06
You should be able to arrange on the fly, unless you are going in July - the whole month is a high season. You can rent gear at Culebra Divers right at the ferry dock. If you just need tanks, you ca

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 74. Re: Nice Place to Stay Debbie    04-06-08 19:39
This place has a pool (disclaimer - friends of mine!) You would need a car as it's high above town, but it's nice and peaceful. The view is of the bay and you can see Vieques on a nice day.

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 75. Re: four days on Culebra MJ    11-07-07 13:18
I'll mention too that the glass bottom boat is a lot of fun. Pat is a great captain & guide. For the non-snorkel types - though she offers that as well - it is a chance to see what is down there witho

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 76. Best SCUBA on the island! Cecilia Hennessy    11-07-07 11:13
I just got back from Culebra last week, and I have to let y'all know that the best scuba on Culebra is definitely with Taz at Aquatic Adventures. You can email him at I calle

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 77. Re: my1st dive... Debbie    07-17-07 18:23
Walter at Culebra Divers, and Taz at Aquatic Adventures both do "resort courses," a half day introduction to scuba diving. Walter's trips for this purpose are in the afternoon. The flying/diving rul

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 78. my1st dive... Nancy Krall    07-12-07 22:19
walter from culebra divers was a great dive bf and i went diving 4 the 1st time...he took us 2 an awesome place and definitely took care of us...we were able 2 b down 4 1 hour and the

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 79. Re: Boat Rentals bosie    07-12-07 15:39
Try Culebra Divers.

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 80. 30th Wedding Anniversary Trip Herbert Lindsay    07-11-07 12:02
My wife and I are planning a trip to Culebra for a 30 year wedding anniversary trip March 29 - April 5, 2008. She originally was seeking an all-inclusive resort experience "for a c

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 81. Re: Renting snorkel gear Debbie    05-07-07 18:25
Yes. 1) Good old fashioned spit. If you're a smoker, there is supposedly something in nicotine spit that makes the mask stay clearer longer. I have seen non-smokers buy a pack of cigar

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 82. Re: Renting snorkel gear Debbie    04-27-07 21:12
The shop at the ferry dock is Culebra Divers.

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 83. Re: Shore dives Debbie    04-14-07 09:58
Yes. Yes. and Yes. My favorite shore dive is Punta Soldado. You can drive right down to the "beach"; gear up, and wade in. Be sure your rental company allows you go to drive on dirt roa

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 84. Shore dives Vicki moore    04-14-07 01:05
Next summer we will be spending a week on Vieques and a week on Culebra. My husband and I are long time divers (30 yrs this month). We will be making some boat dives on Culebra, but wondered about sho

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 85. Re: camping and diving julia Huff    04-09-07 10:23
Camping is allowed in one place only--Flamenco Beach You can contact Culebra Divers to rent diving gear, the phone number is on this web site

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 86. where to stay with a family Cleone    04-04-07 14:15
I am researching the possibility of going to Culebra for Christmas with our family of 12. There will be 5 married couples, 1 eighteen year old, 1 two year old and 1 newborn. We need something with 5 o

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 87. snorkeling trip april 18-23 tjay belt    04-03-07 12:12
we will be in culebra these days, and are wanting to snorkle and scuba. We've never done it before, so need a training course and dive. however, culebra divers is not available that week, as t

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 88. Re: Where are the Reef Fish? Debbie    03-22-07 18:16
Re: smoking - I am not a smoker, but this is probably the stupidist smoking ban I've ever seen. Bars and open air restaurants should have been excluded. What's the difference if you're smoking on t

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 89. Re: Scuba Bookings Sue Esh    03-21-07 16:36
Thanks for the responses, I've got a booking with Culebra Divers. Has anyone done any night dives?

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 90. Re: Scuba Bookings Debbie    03-21-07 03:01
The sooner the better for that week. Culebra Divers has only one boat, which holds six passengers, and it gets filled quickly. Aquatic Adventures is in the same situation - one boat, six passengers.

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