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 31. Re: Culebra trip report (kind of long) Kathleen Zuelsdorff    04-19-07 19:49
We (my husband and I) just returned from Culebra on 4/17 and also did lots of snorkeling at many of the different beaches. Our two favorites were Tamarindo and Melones. My daughter had been to Cule

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 32. snorkeling trip april 18-23 tjay belt    04-03-07 12:12
we will be in culebra these days, and are wanting to snorkle and scuba. We've never done it before, so need a training course and dive. however, culebra divers is not available that week, as t

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 33. Re: Just back from Culebra R. Emmett    02-25-07 17:21
I appreciate your comments and I give high marks to Barbara Rosa's food and ambiance; fair prices and good cross-talk with other diners. All groceries we needed were available at Superette Mayra; we

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 34. Re: Culebra Now and Then Stan    02-11-07 22:08
One guy who is still around from those days in '77 is Gene Thomas. He had the only dive shop, called "Cuda" in Culebra back at that time. I did my very first scuba with him. It was kind of a "resort c

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 35. Re: Culebra hotel owned by folks who own dive shop Debbie    01-29-07 18:45
Culebra Divers' has a casita, but they are not American. 787-742-0803 5 years ago

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 36. Culebra hotel owned by folks who own dive shop Sarah K    01-29-07 18:29
I stayed in Culebra about five years ago, it was a nice hotel owned by an american couple who may have also owned a dive shop. They were certainly helpful picking out spots to snorkel. Does anyone h

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 37. Re: Camping Question too Debbie    01-18-07 18:27
Hi Marnie, Contact Culebra Divers - 787-742-0803 for your cert dives. They are a NAUI shop. Good luck! [%

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 38. Re: where to rent snorkle equip Debbie    01-16-07 08:04
The shop near the school/El Batey (which is no longer a full service dive shop) is La Cava Gift Shop. The dive shop at the ferry dock is Culebra Divers.

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 39. Re: snorkeling gear Tate Kauffman    11-02-06 14:14
In the past, I have rented snorkeling equipment from Jerry while I was renting a jeep. The dive shops also rent gear (check the link on this site to the Culebra Divers web site). I believe the cost

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 40. Re: Aquatic Adventure Advisory Vince De La Paz    10-19-06 14:03
I have been going to Culebra for many years now, my families name is Sayan my uncle works at the airport and my cousin (Perito) works construction; the new ferry dock he worked on it. I always stay a

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 41. Aquatic Adventure Advisory vince    10-10-06 17:04
I had the unfortunate experiance with Taz, I would not recomend him not even to the most experienced diver. Taz was the divemaster on board when Culebra Dive Shop lost a female diver, never to be fou

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 42. culebra shark myth meghan jones    07-17-06 12:37
First, let me say that my stay in Culebra has been wonderful. I would stay the rest of my summer, if not longer, if I could. However, there are many people who believe that there are no sharks in t

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 43. Re: Costa bonita (good or Bad) Doug    06-07-06 16:11
If you sift through the posts on here, you'll detect a heavy bias, from Culebra regulars like myself, against Costa Bonita. It was built by folks whose vision for Culebra is to become another Cancun.

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 44. Costa bonita (good or Bad) Cody Johnson    06-07-06 11:50
I trying to get some information on a place to stay for our honeymoon. I have been looking at Costa Bonita Bahia Maria Tamarindo Beach Cottages Culebra Beach villas

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 45. diving and trip report alexandre    05-25-06 22:56
Hello, my girlfriend and I spend 3 days in Culebra 2 weeks ago. It's important for us to write a report since this forum helped us to plan our trip. To get there, we flew with MN aviati

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 46. Re: surfing / beach / rental Jay Schwerman    05-15-06 13:31
As far as I know, there isn't anywhere on Culebra to rent a board, but I would call a local dive shop, they are very friendly and will help you out. I do know that you can buy wax down there, as I go

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 47. Re: Eels (Ewww) Melissa&Kyle    04-23-06 13:14
You know, you can go snorkeling by yourself if Culebra on your own personal excursion, but we went with Captain Pat, from Culebra Dive shop, right across from the ferry dock! And it was amazing! We ne

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 48. Re: Cargo Ferry Details, CBV No. 3 & Diving Debbie    03-03-06 20:33
Culebra is one of my favorite places to dive. The visibility is not stunning like in Bonaire or Cayman, but the health of the reefs is astonishing. Below is a post I made a while back (2004). Most

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 49. Re: mosquito incense Debbie    02-23-06 19:52
No, I don't remember what it was called, but I bought it at On-Island (next to Culebra Divers), and I also saw it at Paradise Gift Shop (on the street where Etcetera used to be; across from Hotel Puer

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 50. Re: January pix are up on our website Debbie    01-29-06 17:58
See TO DO on the left navigation of this site. There is one dive shop in town - Culebra Divers, and there is one other person that takes people out diving - Taz Hamrick. He's listed under Aquatic Ad

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 51. Re: January pix are up on our website Lori Martin    01-29-06 14:56
We are heading to Culebra for our first time in two weeks. Looking at your pictures was great! We are so excited and they are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. We are staying at the ocean view.

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 52. Culebra Island Guide Kim Pingston    01-28-06 15:25
A suggestion for anyone going to Culebra, there's a new Culebra Island Guide available at the Dive Shop, and the lady that sits at the bridge (some days open, others not) for $3. It has maps, places

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 53. New Years visit (long winded) Doug    01-10-06 12:31
OK, Culebra fans! By popular demand, here is my trip report. We had a group of five guys, all of us friends since high school (class of NO WAY I'M TELLIN'). We flew into San Juan on US A

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 54. Re: Kayaking sweet    01-05-06 23:13
Catherine, My son and I went around the island just short of 7 hours a couple years ago. We had a Folboat tandem and had a great time. I think April should be a good time to go considering win

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 55. Diving In Culebra Paul    01-02-06 22:28
Any advice out there on a good dive shop on the island. I am a single Recue certified diver that is looking for a shop that can put me on some big sea life if possible. Thanks,

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 56. Re: Snorkelling in Culebra JoseGuzman    12-23-05 05:33
From shore, Tamarindo, Left side of Flamenco, and many others. Go to the fishermens village... there is a dive shop just before, at the lumber store. For good snorkeling you need a boat, a

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 57. Snorkeling in Culebra Art Vandalay    12-22-05 22:32
Hi - we are looking to snorkel in Culebra. Heard there are some nice spots for this activity. Any reccomendations on local dive shops for equipment rental, transportation/guide to dive spots?

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 58. Re: Boat rental culebra boat rental    11-12-05 10:36
Tom, Culebra Boat Rental (CBR) rents motorboat on Culebra. Having a CBR motorboat greatly expands your opportunities for things to do and places to see in Culebra. You can explore aroun

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 59. Wine Bar Didi    11-04-05 13:54
Does anyone know if Luz at Culebra Dive Shop ever opened a wine bar on the island? We were there last December and they were close to opening. We're coming again this December (as we do every year!)

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 60. Re: ReefLink Divers Debbie    11-01-05 19:07
I don't think they operate on Culebra anymore. Neither does Culebra Dive Shop. Your choices are Culebra Divers - 787-742-0803 (http://culebradi

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