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 31. Re: Culebra Beach Villas/Rentals Elizabeth    04-09-04 09:10
Which unit did you stay in - I am currently scheduled to be there the end of April. Also - how much did your scooter cost to rent? Any feedback you can give would be great.

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 32. Re: Culebra Beach Villas/Rentals Heather    04-08-04 15:49
With all due respect, I have to disagree with everything you're saying. I recently returned from Culebra Beach Villas and highly recomend them. Each villa is privately owned, and therefore it is poss

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 33. Culebra Beach Villas/Rentals lori    04-08-04 13:46
I am writing to warn anyone who wants to have a good relaxing time at Culebra to stay away from Culebra Beach Villas! We spent the past weekend with flooded rooms, breakers that overcharged and

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 34. Re: Seeking beach accommodations Heather    03-24-04 21:49
I just returned from Culebra Beach Villas yesterday, having spent close to a week w/ them - fantastic! I stayed in both the "Main Building" as well as the villas behind it. Since each villa is

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 35. Re: Seeking beach accommodations Michael    03-24-04 16:54
Karen: The only place you could rent would be through Culebra Beach Villas. I think that you could find info about them on this site. They seem to have two kinds of units: 1) In a 4 story

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 36. Re: vacation rentals on Playa Flamenco Gayle Booth    03-22-04 08:47
We just returned from 4 days on Culebra. We stayed at Playa Flamenco Villas in apt 3-C. The accomodations were sparse but priced as at a full service beach resort elsewhere. We rented from Culebra

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 37. Re: hotel advice Debra    03-23-03 18:36
Hello! Just returned Friday from spending a week in Culebra. The Culebra Beach Villas look fine from the outside, we passed by them one afternoon in a Publico leaving Flamenco Beach. One thing, it's n

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