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 1. Culebra Boat Charters Julian Hurtado    02-16-18 12:25
Hello Everyone, Planning a trip in May 2018 for a week. Does anyone know of a good charter (Sail or Powerboat) that could accommodate both Culebrita and Luis Peņa in one day? We are

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 2. Re: 3 months lodging needed Rosemary Rudloff    09-22-15 16:04
Ahoy Donna I have a charter sailing business in ptown,ma and my partner and I bought Suzanne's vessel Gabra and plan to sail charters out of Culebra this winter, Do you live on the

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 3. Re: Sailing West from St. Thomas Art Nacht    03-25-15 09:42
I am chartering the boat from Island Yacht Charters (IYC) in Red Hook. They provide a packet of suggested itineraries including a plan to tour the Spanish Virgin Islands. IYC is OK with bareboat chart

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 4. Re: What to do in Culebra John W.    07-14-14 10:50
This was a list I put together a few years ago with a few modifications - things dont change too much (thank goodness!) Top things to do: a. Visit Flamenco Beach and Zoni be

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 5. Re: possibly moving to Culebra Molly and Jerry    02-24-11 06:52
Jen, Molly and I are the owners of Casita Tropical Guesthouse. We have it on the market for a reasonable price, you can see it at clasificadosonline and tripadvisor. It may be a good opportuni

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 6. Isl Culebra Charters Captain Bill    09-24-10 09:49
Hi Evryone and thanks for dropping into the Culebra Chat Room, I run a 37 foot Trimaran Charter in Culebra and offer Day Sail Snorkel trips to Cayo Norte, Culebrita, Luis Pena, Melones, Rosarion and T

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 7. Re: Camping budget Culebra MJ    01-21-10 10:49
Milka isn't closed all day Sunday...they are open until 1. Also, Genesis is open until about 5 and Isla del Sol is open til mid-day as well. Actually, Cheli's - Superette Mayra, the one on the hill -

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 8. Day sailing??/ is it available? scot marechaux    01-01-10 19:46
We will be on Culebra once again and would like to go sailing. we sailed with Ed Whiteway when he was there. Is there any day time sailing charters available? Can't wait to ge

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 9. Re: Traveling to Culebra- What's the best date? Jeannie G3    07-16-08 14:25
Hola! I did read good comments about East Island Excursions on Trip Advisor. Remember, when going on an excursion with these companies, the group might be big, there may be children on board and somet

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 10. Boat Rentals / Charters? Zach    04-01-08 18:30
Hi, my friend and I are traveling to Culebra in mid-june. Does anyone know of any places/ rough estimates on fees to charter a small boat (motor or sail, doesn't matter - just NOT anythin

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 11. Re: Sailboat charters Doug    12-28-06 16:54
So I'm kidding myself to think that it might be affordable to pay someons to sail a couple of us from Tortola to Culebra on a day-sail. Doug

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 12. Re: Sailboat charters kay wallin    10-02-06 20:14
Hey, I'm going to Culebra in December. What did you find out about the sailboats? My husband and I are certified captains and are sailing for a week in Tortolla prior to Culebra. We would prefer to sa

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 13. Re: Sailboat charters Michael    05-23-06 09:35
Carousel Custom Charters (787) 396-3650 operates out of Culebra.

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 14. Re: Sailboat charters DO    05-23-06 06:44
try contacting "erin go bragh" charters. they operate out of fajardo and make the culebra trip often. we have sailed with them several times and i HIGHLY recommend them. check reviews for this co. on

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 15. Sailboat charters Matt233    05-22-06 17:58
I am interested in chartering a sailbot to explore puerto rico and culebra. Can anyone recommend a good chartering company. I would need to hire a skipper as well. Thank you,

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 16. Re: Culebra Recommendation: Day trips Dustin Graham    11-05-04 21:17
I feel that Luis is a very experienced and competant captin. I have been with him from Puerto Rico to the BVI and never have we had any difficulties. I am a licensed captain and would not hesitate t

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