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 1. Re: Culebrita or Luis Peña Tim S    03-29-15 03:24
Drew/Sue, Drew, I have been told the same about the shoreline of Culebra, Culebrita, Luis Pena, Cayo Norte and other land masses around Culebra by one of the charter captains in Culebra.

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 2. Re: Renting Flippers for 8 Days Michael    05-09-14 19:19 Ken rents all types of gear, is

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 3. Thoughts and tips Vikas    05-13-12 13:03
Hey everyone, We are excited and looking forward to the upcoming week long trip to PR - arriving on 5th June and departing on 12th. This is our plan so far 5th and 6th night - San

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 4. Re: kayak rentals???? Michael    02-03-12 03:54
Jay, did you contact some of the outfits at

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 5. Kayak Rentals in Culebra Jay Fleming    01-30-12 19:01
Are there any establishments that rent kayaks by the day or week on the island? I would be interested in renting a few kayaks for the week of March 19th-25th Thank you, J

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 6. Re: Culebrita kathleend    03-24-11 08:56
can you kayak over from culebra/ conditions? are there kayak rentals available?

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 7. Re: kayak rentals and conditions Debbie    03-22-11 15:53

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 8. Re: Kayaking at Dakity Geronimo    02-10-11 15:16
Dave, the number you posted is some retired womans residence on Culebra. She said everyone keeps calling her and she's flipping out. The bike & kayak shop's number is 787-742-0589.

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 9. Re: Kayak rentals Debbie    01-21-11 08:17
Try Ken at Culebra Bikes -

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 10. Kayak rentals Kirk    01-20-11 19:11
Have been to Culebra before and tried renting a kayak but after some phone calls and investigation it never happened. I've read before of possible places to rent kayaks but does anyone know what the o

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 11. Re: kayak to culebrita palmettoculebra    12-15-10 19:01
Good evening, Generally the folks that rent kayaks don't allow it due to (as mentioned) rough seas to open ocean & boat traffic. Usually rentals go towards Luis Pena. T

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 12. Stuff to do Charlieg    12-12-08 19:17
Hello, I'm surprising my wife with a trip to Culebra from jan 10-16th for our 2nd wedding aniversary/Christmas present. I'm just wondering what kinds of activities we can look forward to

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 13. Re: Fly Fishing Rentals? MJ    01-15-08 05:48
Get in touch with Chris Goldmark; he's the fly fishing guy here, I don't know the answe

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 14. Fly Fishing Rentals? Andrew Bouldin    01-15-08 00:49
Hello Everyone, I am coming to Culebra on March 12th through 14th with my two best friends. We are all college seniors and fishing enthusiast. Here are a few of our questions:

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 15. Re: Culebra beach rentals Doug    04-01-07 11:45
Nice trip review, Christy. I'm from StL also (go Cards Today!). It used to be much easier when St. Louis was an AA hub. There were non-stops on Saturdays and Sundays, year round, and on weekdays du

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 16. just back from la isla Gary Eichelberger    02-15-07 01:59
Got back last week from 13th trip to Culebra. We took friends this time for first time ever and they are hooked. Stayed at a house rented from Culebra Island Realty and it was great - sited on Pela/Al

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 17. Re: First timers in Culebra 2006 Jackie Pendergast    02-20-06 15:54
Some houses may be the best accommodations for families, but many have a 7 night minimum. Guesthouses rent for shorter terms, although we have many weekly and monthly rentals.

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 18. Re: Getting to Culebra from San Juan Buzz    02-11-05 21:19
We went to Culebra in October 2004. At that time we were able to catch a flight from San Juan International (Marin) Airport. It went to Vieques first, dropped off a few folks, then took my wife and I

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 19. Re: Kayaking Culebra Jerry Wylie    12-18-03 14:12
I've kayaked Culebra several days with locally rented kayaks of rather poor quality. That was Xmas 1999. Looks like there are more rentals now. Its safe and gives great access to some of the best b

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 20. Re: camping b.cook    02-02-03 04:50
S. Fisher- Please email about your camping experiance on islaculebra. I'm going there for first visit in June. Would like to know about snorkeling and rentals of sea kayaks? Good to see

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