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 1. Re: Air Flamenco restarts January 22 Carl Sweigert    02-05-18 18:03
So I'm the new guy on the block after lurking on the blog the past several weeks prepping for my first Culebra trip. I got an e mail Jan 24, 2018 from Air Flamenco stating I could book a flight from C

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 2. Re: On island. Need kayak rental Tracy Eichelberger    12-17-15 21:59
Contacted kayak puerfo rico.,rhey say they dont rent and deliver in culebra any more. I wont ask cukebra island adventures due to their egregious behaviors outlined in previous post.

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 3. Re: Kayak Bullying | Culebra Island Adventures Michael    11-11-15 02:33
Tracy, again, thank you! I have sent links to some people on the island who, I am sure, will look into this through appropriate channels. I hope they respond here as well, but may not, to avoid public

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 4. Re: Kayak bullying Tracy Eichelberger    11-09-15 07:41
We believe it to be. culebra island adventures. We spoke to the kayaking puerto rico people and they claim their tours were not in that area that day. They were very responsive to our concerns. They d

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 5. Kayak Bullying | Culebra Island Adventures Tracy Eichelberger    11-08-15 10:38
Not sure who to point to on this but we have several times kayaked or hiked from Tamarindo along the coast toward tamarindo grande. We have enjoyed the snorkeling there fir years however the past thre

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 6. Just got back from Culebra, Thank you All! lauraadventureseeker    12-01-13 11:13
I just want to say thank you to all the people that replied to my questions on Culebra. I just got back and I had the most amazing time of my life. Camping in a hammock on the beach was one of my dr

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 7. Re:, bus ?, reservations? DRB    09-29-13 03:25
I will be going to Culebra in April / May 2014. This will be my eighth time on the island camping, and usually travel solo. As has been mentioned previously, most campers on Flamenco are friendly. Whi

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 8. 3 days left on island???? Matthew Files    02-12-13 10:30
me and the wife have 3 days left on island including today. weather looks so so but who's to say really…so far we have: 1) completed scuba ceritication with Taz & Anne at Aquatic Adven

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 9. Re: Aquatic adventures/paddleboards? Donna Pickard    01-27-13 10:22
In full agreement with Vicki, Taz is excellant choice. My middle grandson, age 13 certified with Taz over Thanksgiving and dove again with Taz over Christmas with his older brother, age 16 (wh

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 10. Re: Where to rent scuba gear ? Vicki moore    10-10-12 22:39
Are you taking the ferry over? If so you might be able to rent gear on the big island and bring it with you. Perhaps Culebra Dive Shop on the ferry dock could do fills for you while you are there. If

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 11. Re: Taz and Aquatic Adventures NicoleW    04-27-12 14:10
Ann, to say that my husband and I agreed to a snorkeling tour would be to say that my husband and I were ASKED if we would like a snorkeling tour. We were never asked and we were never given any optio

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 12. Re: Taz and Aquatic Adventures Zak    04-25-12 12:50
Frank, I understand where you are coming from... you are protecting one of your own. This is what happens on this forum when a traveler has an issue on Culebra - the traveler is assumed to be the prob

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 13. Re: Taz and Aquatic Adventures Frank    04-25-12 11:56
This post about Taz, Ann and Aquatic Adventures ought to be required reading for every single person that has never been to Culebra and is thinking of visiting. But not for the reason some newcomers

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 14. Re: Taz and Aquatic Adventures Jill P.    04-23-12 12:27
wow... i am truly surprised at yout trip with aquatic adventures... we have had nothing but positive experiences with them.. and let me say that no, i am not related to them ,nor did they ask me to re

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 15. Taz and Aquatic Adventures Zak    04-20-12 07:07
Before you decide to book Aquatic Adventures, whether it be for a dive or snorkeling or whatever, you should read this - they are the kind of people that will promise you one thing and give you anothe

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 16. Re: Culebra OR Vieques John Robandt    02-22-12 18:59
Hi Anna, Vieques has more nightlife than Culebra, but that's not saying much, as Culebra has virtually none. If your friends want nightlife, they are better off spending more time in San Juan.

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 17. Re: Culebra OR Vieques Vicki moore    02-21-12 23:05
I have been to both islands several times. This past year we chose to stay on Culebra our entire two weeks. Crime is increasing on Vieques. There have been some shootings recently. None of these invol

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 18. Debbie Cap'n Wacky    08-02-11 05:00
Hi Was wondering if I could get some info. I'm getting married may 5th on flamenco, and my fiancee is getting on me to get some plans together. So I guess I'll just ask. Does your hubb

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 19. Villa Pelicano Kimberly Hill    04-01-11 08:47
Villa Pelicano is a must for those staying in Culebra. It has everything a family would want, from outdoor kitchen to many beautiful terraces, with hammocks. Kayaks are available for use, which can ta

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 20. Re: Culebra in One Day - Diving vs Culebrita Vicki moore    03-28-11 20:10
We dive with Taz with Aquatic Adventures. He leaves at 9, I think. You dive, do your surface time, eat lunch and then dive again. He does take you to Culebrita for day or half day trips, if you want.

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 21. Re: Bio-bay Tours Vicki moore    02-27-11 23:18
There are a couple of ways to do this, but you will have to spend a night on Vieques, either way. You can take the ferry/plane from Culebra to Fajardo/Ceiba and then catch the ferry/plane from Fajardo

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 22. Trip Report July 17-24 Vicki moore    08-10-10 21:44
We spent the week of July 10 on Vieques and took the 9AM Air Flamenco flight from Vieques to Culebra. We grabbed our bags and went across the street to get our "jeep" from Jerry. Although I still had

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 23. Re: Comments on proposed itinerary? John Robandt    09-04-09 16:48
Hi Sandy, A really neat place to stay near old San Juan is thegalleryinn. You can look it up that way on the web. You probably won't want a car in old San Juan. On a 7 day trip, I would

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 24. Re: Weddings in Culebra Jeannie G3    08-24-09 10:06
Hola! Congrats! Not too long ago, the same question was asked. Search this FORUM for any info you might need. Here is the info I found out for him:

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 25. Re: Culebra as honeymoon destination: Your thoughts. Jeannie G3    08-03-09 00:32
Hola! Check these editions of the local Culebra newspaper, The Culebra Calendar:

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 26. Re: Snorkel by boat palmettoculebra    10-23-08 13:43
As mentioned, there are no longer boat rentals available. Willy (land based taxi) also does water taxi's to Culebrita $45/pp. Taz, from Aquatic Adventures will do snorkel tri

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 27. Trip notes Jeff    08-27-08 21:06
Trip notes to Culebra. First time post. This forum was so helpful to me planning my trip, I owe it to the forum and future travelers to post results of a recent trip. Th

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 28. Trip Report July 19-26,2008 Vicki moore    08-17-08 16:01
DH and I flew AA from Memphis to DFW and then on to SJU. No problems with the flight and it was right on time. We arrived at 3:10. I grabbed our carryons and rushed to catch a publico to IG to catch A

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 29. Re: First Time Diving Debbie    06-24-08 18:13
There are two dive operators on the island. Both offer introductory to scuba classes (also known as resort courses). Learn to scuba dive in an afternoon - if you like it, you'll need to take the ful

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 30. Re: Culebra - the good and THE BAD - all Americans should read before going! Jeannie G3    05-27-08 16:10
Hola! When you travel, you are exposed to the good, the bad and the ugly of the place you are visiting. Unfortunately, it's sometimes the ugly that sticks to mind and overpowers the good experiences o

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