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 1. any updates on fishing license needed? Jim D    07-15-17 10:54
My wife and I were looking at a trip to Culebra around next March. The island look s amazing. We want to do snorkeling, bird watching, and some DIY fly fishing. I've been searching and reading thro

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 2. our recent trip Tanya Worden    05-30-16 08:17
Well we just spent two and a half weeks on Culebra and we had a fabulous time!! I want to tell you about it so it may help those planning a visit. I know when we were planning we looked to the forum f

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 3. Re: Bringing My fishing gear Benjamin    01-15-14 11:44
If you're planning a bonefish trip for this fall or winter, chances are you're not thinking about Puerto Rico. You're almost definitely not thinking of Culebra, a small island off the Puerto Rico's ea

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 4. Bringing My fishing gear Paul Baxter    01-15-14 10:43
Hi all, First of all we am getting really excited about our trip to Culebra. First of all it will be my new wife and I's first trip together (we are getting married the day before we fly). And s

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 5. Re: Fishing Trip Costs Michael    09-16-12 07:46

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 6. house for rent? Sander van der Wal    10-26-11 18:52
Hi, another question. As written before we will be a party of three, coming to Culebra to fly fish for a little more then a week (if the fishing is good, if not we move out to other places).

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 7. Re: Culebra Fishing Debbie    10-25-11 22:15
Chris Goldmark is the local fishing expert. I recently heard that he's on-island now. [%si

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 8. Culebra Fishing Sander van der Wal    10-24-11 18:50
Hi there, Hola todos, I am going to Culebra with two friends in the end of november, beginning of december this year. Don't need you all to share your secrets if you don't want to.

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 9. Re: 1st Culebra trip....HELP! Debbie Greenwood    09-09-11 08:27
Hey Jon - thanks for your tips, I found them to be helpful as we are going to Culebra Oct7-14. Could you tell me how to get to Culebrita? I had heard of this little place but don't think I heard of ho

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 10. Fly Fishing Blake Foster    01-19-11 15:36
Hey All! Coming to Culebra in a few weeks and I have done some research into the Bone Fish and the Fly Fishing situation and from what I can tell it is mostly done through a guide. However, if I were

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 11. Re: DIY Bonefish Debbie    01-10-11 19:47
Get in touch with Chris Goldmark. He will tell you everything you need to know.

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 12. Re: Fishing Culebra Culebra MJ    01-19-10 07:07
And don't forget Chris Goldmark, Culebra's flyfishing guy!

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 13. Fishing Culebra michael kravanja    01-17-10 18:54
Happy New Year Has anyone fished or gone fly fishing off beaches of culebra? Is there any license requirements? And most important...Bait shop I have been snokeling theere

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 14. Re: HELP ON FLIGHTS TO AND FROM CULEBRA Anders    10-21-09 10:41
Staying at Villa Boheme. Going flyfishing with Chris Goldmark, and hopefully some diving and lots of snorkelling, as well. We are really looking forward to our trip, especial

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 15. Re: Summer work as a fishing guide in Culebra Doug    05-10-09 11:52
Step #1 is to pick up a copy of "Don't Stop the Carnival" by Herman Wouk. You will be amazed. Secondly, I'd say you have skills that could translate into at least a subsistence living

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 16. Re: Birding Culebra Culebra MJ    02-27-09 06:36
While he isn't an official naturalist (whatever that might mean), Chris Goldmark is doing bird sighting tours by water and it sounds like it's been going well with happy birders. This is

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 17. Re: Fly Fishing the Flats? Debbie    01-13-09 19:30

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 18. Re: bone fishing with our fly rods Culebra MJ    11-25-08 21:11
Oops...I didn't see this until today. Hope you got it figured out and that you checked in with Chris (!

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 19. bone fishing with our fly rods jilaena    11-22-08 12:20
Any information on fly fishing with our own rods? My BF will be making some flies for fishing in Culebra. We will be there Nov 25 - whenever..... Thanks in advance, Jilaena

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 20. Re: Camping/Fly fishing Culebra MJ    10-25-08 17:37
The campground is the only place camping is permitted. Mid November you shouldn't have much of a difficult time having a quiet place to camp there and you can't beat the surroundings. Especially if yo

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 21. Camping/Fly fishing Ryan Bonneau    10-22-08 20:03
Hello, I'm planning a trip to Culebra for mid Nov and had a few ?'s. I'm mainly interested in camping, fly fishing, and photography. I normally do more adventure oriented trips to rem

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 22. Re: Ciguatera? Doug    09-29-08 18:25
The off-limits areas are the boundaries of the F&W preserve. Nautical charts showing them are all over Culebra - I have a t-shirt with them on it. With the coral bleaching problems of t

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 23. Fantastic Trip!! Will & Kelly    04-06-08 22:35
Got back last week from a fabulus trip to Culebra & wanted to share the highlights! Casa Pueblo & Culebra Island Realty - great place, perfect location for us! Jim helped us figure it all out

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 24. Re: Fishing? Jason McNair    04-02-08 14:45
When I spoke with Culebra Fly Fishing he told me he only fishes Vesques. Thanks for the other suggestions. I will look into them.

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 25. Re: Fishing? Debbie    04-01-08 22:23
Jason, Do you mean that Culebra Fly Fishing is still open, but just not on the island when you are there? I'm sure the person that runs it is still living on the island. [%s

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 26. Re: Fishing? Jason McNair    04-01-08 15:44
BTW, the only one on the list that is still open for business is Chris Goldmark. The Carribean Fly fishing is still open but not at Culebra. The other ones don't guide anymore.

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 27. Re: Fly Fishing Rentals? MJ    01-15-08 05:48
Get in touch with Chris Goldmark; he's the fly fishing guy here, I don't know the answe

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 28. Fly Fishing Rentals? Andrew Bouldin    01-15-08 00:49
Hello Everyone, I am coming to Culebra on March 12th through 14th with my two best friends. We are all college seniors and fishing enthusiast. Here are a few of our questions:

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 29. Re: bonefishing MJ    11-13-07 06:54
This is the guy who will take you out and you can experience the answers to all of your questions!

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 30. Bonefishing in Culebra Michele Marincola and George Wheeler    11-12-07 22:24
Anyone have good tips on bonefishing on Culebra during late December/ Where to go, what flyfishing patterns to bring? from- A first timer to Culebra

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