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 1. Re: Jet Sky rental Geronimo    03-06-13 09:02
The jet sky pack would be pretty cool. Fly around Culebra and then head over to the Greenhouse in St Thomas for lunch. Then the Soggy Dollar for Happy Hour.

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 2. spending money vanessa garza    08-28-12 00:17
Hi everyone, I am currently planning a trip to Culebra for April 2013, and am in the process of looking at the financial aspects. I am finding great deals on airfare and guest houses for groups

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 3. Re: suggestion needed Linda H    03-08-12 10:45
An example of close to town would be the Punta Aloe area -- we stayed at Casa Culebra our second trip. We could walk or bike to Susie's, Dinghy Dock, Milka's etc. easily, but we were far enough from

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 4. Re: maritza's guesthouse wendy hartung    07-20-11 15:34
Hi again Terrie...thanks for the heads up regarding Maritzas....I would prefer to support tax paying businesses. And kudos to you for your extra efforts for trying to keep Culebra from being overthrow

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 5. Re: Coming to Culebra in March Linda H    09-15-10 20:49
We have visited Culebra in March 2009 and March 2010. While only two visits to Culebra doesn't make us experts (there are many who post here who have much more familiarity) I will share what we have

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 6. Re: Grocery Stores - Fajardo DC    10-08-09 09:30
LOL yep I knew it. I could have bet a years salary that Michael was going to post a lecture to me about buying food in Culebra. Just couldn't refrain from doing it could you? You are the very reason I

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 7. Trip report Linda H    04-15-09 22:12
My husband, 14-year-old daughter and I recently returned from 6 days on Culebra, our first visit. We loved it! The beaches were awesome, weather was great, and we loved the lack of crowds and “tou

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 8. Re: any reviews of Doll House stay? Debbie    05-28-08 18:36
Regarding the noise, you are really not going to be able to avoid it since it is in a neighborhood. The houses are fairly close together in most neighborhoods, and you would need air conditioning for

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 9. Re: any reviews of Doll House stay? Robert and Donna Stites    05-28-08 13:19
This is Robert again. I emailed the current owner Jeremiah Thompson who said this about the house (below). If anyone has stayed at the Doll house since Jeremiah has owned it, please add to our conve

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 10. Re: any reviews of Doll House stay? Vicki moore    05-25-08 08:16
Hi Robert and Donna. I also plan my vacations about a year in advance. We leave on July 19 for Culebra followed by another week on Vieques. I had considered staying at the Doll House, as well. I read

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 11. any reviews of Doll House stay? Robert and Donna Stites    05-24-08 17:25
We are a family of 4 with two teenage girls who love nature and swimming. We have secured our flights to Culebra in early April of 2009 and we are now looking for a place to stay! My wife

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 12. Re: Where to stay for less than 80$ Jorge Flores    11-15-06 13:44
On this forum you can click on SHELTER and then the appropriate dollar sign ($, $$, $$$) to find something in your price range. If you paln on being in Culebra in December, generally the rates will be

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 13. Re: Trip Report 3/2/06 - 3/4/06 mymoosie    03-08-06 00:42
Palmetto Guest House Room #3 is a small room that has a full-sized bed. We didn't think it was that small. In fact it was larger than the room we had at Hotel Milano in OSJ.

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 14. Re: Sorry guys, I meant Flamenco not Flamingo jody snyder    05-06-05 12:31
We were able to walk or bike. Most people use the publico from the ferry to the beach. It costs about 2-3 dollars There are a couple of small guest houses at that beach. Near the airport,

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