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 1. trip report derek coats    06-19-18 11:22
Just returned from a week long stay on the island the second week of June. This was our third trip to the island and first since early 2016. We flew into the island via Vieques Air Link departing fr

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 2. Re: Lodging??? PLEASE HELP! Debbie    05-10-11 12:02
Costa Bonita is not recommended (do a search here for info rather than having it explained again (the topic brings out the worst in some of us - LOL)). Green Villas would be nice; nice lo

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 3. Re: VS bosie    02-23-10 08:30
I would only trust the info on this website...go to Shelter and find Culebra Beach Villas. You'll also see their phone numbers and comments from others on this board. Good luck! Don't know anything ab

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 4. VS Robin TF    02-22-10 17:13
Hi there, Hoping someone can clear this up for me. I’ve been in contact with from I wanted to reserve a studio at the main b

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 5. Re: Planning my first trip to Culebra Tochi Davila    02-12-10 05:07
Naniqui Rentals prices start $85.00 per night , nice cottages in Ensenada Honda Bay....also they have properties in Fulladoza and Flamenco Beach Villas (Flamenco Beach)......787-742-3271

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 6. Re: Lodging nearest to Flamenco? Jean Ann Wilson    08-26-09 11:38
villas de flamenco. I haven't stayed there and reviews on (search villas flamenco beach) are mixed. I talked to locals who had stayed there

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 7. Re: car rentals Debbie    05-28-09 19:58
I don't know about the rental age with Dick & Cathie, but Culebra Beach Villas is way too far too walk with all your belongings (about a 45-60 minute walk from town). The 3pm ferry generally arrives

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 8. Re: car rentals Antony    05-28-09 16:50
Hey all... Heading to the island next week as part of my honeymoon as my brother's friend down in PR required us to spend at least 2 days out there. I know that Carlos and Je

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 9. Re: Accomodation on beach Doug    05-30-08 15:02
In its wisdom, Culebra has only had a minimal amount of actual "on the beach" lodging built. The two beaches with lodging are Tamarindo and Flamenco. Tamarindo Beach Cottages on the former and Culeb

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 10. Re: Do you recommend Culebra Island villas? upflore1    05-26-08 01:19
Have you looked into Culebra beach rentals. Also rustic, but you step out the door to a breathtaking view of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world (Flamenco beach). If you're use

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 11. Re: Inexpensive trip for two Jeannie G3    04-28-08 22:44
Casa Ensenada: They are on the main harbor, Ensenada Honda $100-150, nice amenities Tamarindo Estates: http://www.tamarindoestate

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 12. Culebra beach rentals Christy Lazerus    03-31-07 22:05
Just got back from my first trip to Culebra. WOW !!! I had been a little concerned about some of the reviews for the Culebra Beach Villas, but once we got there and saw them we were pleasantly surpris

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 13. Re: Culebra Island Villas Sami H.    06-23-06 10:59
I visited Culebra in March and stayed at the Culebra Beach Rentals in Flamenco Beach. We loved the place! Beautiful sunsets, nice clean beach, no crowds (considering that it was Spring Break for col

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 14. Re: Culebra Beach Rentals - ?! JOHN SAJE    03-06-06 10:06
I'll be posting my video footages of the villas (outside views only) in a few days, as well as the rest of the town. Stay tuned!

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 15. Re: Culebra Beach Rentals - ?! Willie    02-22-06 11:26
I recently returned from Culebra Beach Villas (CBV) in Flamenco Beach and stayed at the Main Building....The villa we rented appeared to have been renovated....The facilities do not provide much for c

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 16. Re: Culebra Beach Villas/Rentals Jean K. Rosselit    01-23-06 10:42
We stayed next door to Culebra Beach Villas at Villa Flamenco Beach which was great. The villas next door all looked different, and some definatley looked better kept than others form the outside. T

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 17. Re: Culebra Beach Villas/Rentals Jim    01-18-06 21:56
I would recommend a car. A scooter is fun for a half day or so but a car is easier to live with if you're going to be there for a few days. Jim

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 18. Re: Culebra Beach Villas/Rentals Julie Burton    01-17-06 14:54
Heather--we are heading to Culebra in Jan--is a scooter all we need to get around the island? and how is the crime there? can we leave our stuff on the beach and not worry about it?

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 19. Re: culebra beach guest house Ellen Morris-Gutierrez    01-06-06 12:20
We were just there (on Flamenco Beach) and looked at both facilities. Culabra Beach Rentals has a pretty accurate website. The facility consists of a large building (approx. 3 stories) with several un

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 20. Re: Culebra Beach Villas/Rentals Dan Herbert    12-19-05 15:39
I will be staying in my third Culebra Beach Villa this next coming week and I can tell you that all of them are different--some good and some very bad. It's all part of Culebra though

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 21. Re: Culebra Beach Villas/Rentals roberto dorazinni    12-15-05 20:02
Our family is staying at CBV in January. Can anyone tell me the condition of unit #1D ?

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 22. Re: Culebra Beach Villas/Rentals Mike    12-13-05 12:10
I rented a studio (#15) on feb 2005, in a separate building, and the unit was in good conditions, with simple but clean furniture. It's not a luxury hotel, but a good solution for a simple beach-front

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 23. Re: Culebra Beach Villas/Rentals Admin    12-13-05 10:36
Adrian, please specify your room/villa number and the dates you stayed there!

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 24. Re: Culebra Beach Villas/Rentals Adrian    12-13-05 10:34
Yes, I have to agree Culebra Beach Villas was not great. the rooms smell there are no phone no one is willing to help the pay phone dosent work and if you ask the person incharge of the place he dont

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 25. Re: weekend ferry schedule Tatakiwaki    12-11-05 18:46
Mr. Doug, let me try to explain to you since Mr. Fischer has chicken out. No, I am not anti-tourist, on the contrary, but this forum is. Let us take for example the posts that read Culebra Beach Villa

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 26. Re: Culebra Beach Villas/Rentals Luis Barrios    12-11-05 10:36
Our visit took place on December 2, 2005. This was our first visit to Culebra. What a beautiful place! Playa Flamenco is indeed one of the best beaches I have visited. Unfortunately, I c

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 27. Re: March 27th - April 3rd? & Culebra Beach VIllas JM RENTALS, INC.    03-01-05 17:43
Hello Karen, Culebra Beach Villas has different owners, and each villas are different. The location is great and there is a place there that you can eat, "Coconuts Beach Grill" the owner

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 28. Bay Area Diane    05-26-04 08:40
With the above said regarding the bay area, I would like to comment I extensively research accomodations before making my final choice. A family vacation is not done on a whim, nor is it cheap. I a

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 29. Re: Culebra Beach Villas/Rentals Nannette    04-10-04 14:56
I agree with you 100%. Apparently this person did not get enough information before going to the villas and if she had been in culebra before, she must know the laid back atmosphere. That's the best t

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 30. Re: Culebra Beach Villas/Rentals Heather    04-09-04 18:52
Hey there! We actually stayed in two different villas. At first we stayed in 1-C, which is located on the first floor of the main building. After that, we stayed in #7, which is a seperate cotta

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