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 61. Club Seabourne gina and sal    02-06-08 17:12
Hi Everyone, My husband and i are looking at Club Seaborne. We are arriving in July and staying for one week. We wanted to see which villa to recommend I know they have private and on

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 62. Re: Blackberry reception Michael    01-24-08 18:09
I once booked a friend of mine at Club Seabourne (his wife told me he needs a serious blackberry break) - there was zero reception at the time. Don't think it has changed ;)

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 63. Club Seabourne for dinner Tricia    10-17-07 14:57
What is Club Seabourne like for dinner? dressy? or casual? Pricy or not. How is the food? Do you need reservations? Tricia

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 64. Re: Casa del Sol John West    09-26-07 00:33
Vicki, I have stayed there twice. Both times with my wife, two teenage boys and a 3 year old daughter. The house sits above Club Seabourne and only a mile or so from town.

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 65. Re: Wedding Officiant HELP! RAQUEL AVILES    08-22-07 09:17
Actually I contacted them today, its good to know there is help out there. Im still waiting for a reply, but in the mean time does anyone know of any other places just so that I can have some option i

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 66. Re: Captain's Hungry luis grundler    07-22-07 17:12
Gracias por sus comentarios Sr.Mendoza lo esperamos pronto Sra. Margot tenemos varios paquetes : culebra a culebrita $ 45.00 p.p menores de 12 $ 25.00 p.p Culebra a culebrita y

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 67. 30th Wedding Anniversary Trip Herbert Lindsay    07-11-07 12:02
My wife and I are planning a trip to Culebra for a 30 year wedding anniversary trip March 29 - April 5, 2008. She originally was seeking an all-inclusive resort experience "for a c

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 68. Trip Report Donna Mills    07-10-07 22:19
Hello All! I will try to be brief and not bore you all. First of all, WE LOVE CULEBRA!! Flamenco Beach is just beautiful, the sand feels like flour. Zoni is also just as beautiful, breath-taking, rea

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 69. Re: San Juan car rentals allowed in culebra? Debbie    03-28-07 20:18
One, the rental companies in PR may invalidate your insurance if you take the car off island. Two, the cargo ferry is mostly that - for cargo. If a cargo truck misses the ferry, it gets priority on

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 70. Restaurants in Culebra A    03-17-07 10:29
michael, i posted an updated list of restaurants a long time ago so that you could update your site but i see you haven't. here is the list again, incase you lost it. RESTAURANT

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 71. Re: honeymoon resort or all-inclusive? LA_FadeAway    02-17-07 03:49
There aren't really any all inclusives on Culebra, although I think Club Seabourne offers meal plans. I think the most "resortish" place may be Bahia Marina, but keep in mind that nothing is super fan

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 72. Detailed Review of Culebra Beach Villas, CBV Marc Burnstine    11-26-06 02:45
This review is long, and I just got back so it is fresh in my head. I felt like someone needed to do a detailed review of Culebra Beach Villas, so here it is. Will try to post some pics at some poin

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 73. information A    11-18-06 23:34
Heathers is correct - I saw the photo of Oasis and got confused. These are the restaurants in Culebra now, with the correct telephone numbers!: Bahia Marina (742 0535) Barbara Rosas

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 74. accommodations narrowed down Joey Escalera    10-26-06 14:28
Ok so we've finally decided what dates we're going to be in culebra Dec. 6-8, and now i need help finding a place to stay while i'm there. It's a total of 4 people and we're splitting the fees for th

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 75. Re: Costa Bonita Beach Resort---C L O S E D ..... Alahia    10-11-06 15:02
Hi all of you; In culebra some places close done for mid september to mid november do to low season and Hurracaine season i know that costabonita close Mamacita also close and Heat

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 76. Re: Costa Bonita closed- need help! beachbound    10-10-06 11:06
Call Vacation Planners or get on their website to book online ( and input Culebra, Puerto Rico, then click link to "Vacation Planners Rental Properties". They have the

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 77. Re: Where to Stay for Honeymoon? George Mayer    09-21-06 16:03
I would stay in Club Seabourne, my wife and I where there in July for a second honeymoon of sorts and it was great! Food and service are excellent!

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 78. Re: places to stay Jorge Flores    09-13-06 14:30
I can't speak for the Tamarindo Estates but I think that Clube Seabourne is to far away from Flamenco Beach. They have a decent restaurant on the premises and a small swimming pool and the rooms are v

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 79. Re: Where to Stay for Honeymoon? nidia Sepulveda    09-11-06 15:54
Definitely Club Seabourne. They have a restaurant and a bar. Great view and is close to Dewey

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 80. Re: places to stay graham spencer    09-08-06 00:55
taramindo is too far from the beach no matter what they say,we visited it. club seabourne not sure,the best place to stay is villa flamenco beach,two steps and your on the best beach on the isla

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 81. places to stay dan powers    08-31-06 20:49
anyone stayed at either tamarindo estates or club seabourne? any feedback? thanks

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 82. Re: Photos Jim W    08-29-06 17:03
We didn't like Club Seabourne for a few reasons. First, neither my wife, or I, liked the bed, it just wasn't a very nice bed, and we hard a difficult time sleeping on it. Also, we didn't like the fa

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 83. Photos Jim W    08-25-06 16:51
I took these photos last May. We stayed at Club Seabourne, but I don't think I'd stay there again. Anyway, loved the island.

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 84. Trip Review Part 2 - Arrival in Culebra mmm112482    08-15-06 13:50
Trip Review: Part II – Club Seabourne Arrival & Thrifty Car Rental Upon arriving at the dock, the scene was much like that of an arrival terminal at an airport. Car rental companies

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 85. Re: Do you NEED a car on culebra? Liz Figueroa    08-06-06 14:47
Definetly need a rental. Club Seabourne is not close to town

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 86. 10th Wedding Anniversary Daniel Gale    07-25-06 13:20
My wife and I just visited Culebra from June 25-July 1, as we celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary. It was our second trip to this beautiful island (we were engaged there almost 12 years ago) and

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 87. Re: Do you NEED a car on culebra? Debbie    07-24-06 08:19
Matt, Club Seabourne is not within walking distance of town or beaches. You could hike to Punta Soldado, on a road, but it's still a good couple of miles from Seabourne. Taxis are readi

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 88. Do you NEED a car on culebra? mmm112482    07-23-06 15:09
Staying at Club Seabourne for four nights in August. Given the small size of Culebra, I was wondering if a car rental is necessary? My girlfriend and I do want to be able to explore some of the more h

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 89. Re: Club Seabourne mama    07-22-06 10:57
George; Thats great you had a nice time in Culebra. Culebra is a worlderful place

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 90. Club Seabourne George Mayer    07-19-06 23:28
For anyone planning a trip to Culebra: I just returned from 4 wonderful days in Culebra. I would like to recommend Club Seabourne to anyone who is interested in staying at a very nice pla

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