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 1. Re: Fishing question?? Chris Goldmark    03-28-14 12:33
Sharon, it would depend on how you measured the fish. Fork length or overall. Overall at 28" is an average Culebra Bone fish in the 5 T0 7 lb range. yes we have Big Bones! Fork length (snout to base o

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 2. Re: Bringing My fishing gear Benjamin    01-15-14 11:44
If you're planning a bonefish trip for this fall or winter, chances are you're not thinking about Puerto Rico. You're almost definitely not thinking of Culebra, a small island off the Puerto Rico's ea

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 3. Re: Fishing Culebra Drew    02-19-13 11:01
john, I will not be there til late march otherwise would join you. please post about your experience, I've been to Culebra many times but never had a bonefishing experience. Fwiw, I hear Chris Goldm

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 4. Re: fishing gear shawke    12-18-12 17:36
Are you meat fishing or sport fishing? Meat fishing- In Dewey go across the bridge, turn right and go to the hardware store next to Susie's. Buy the rigs locals use. It's a spool shaped like a doug

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 5. Re: fishing culebra bosie    12-06-12 17:01
Hi John, Contact Chris Goldmark, located in the "to do" section, upper left of this site.

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 6. Re: Mamacita's Experience Bill Saxton    01-03-12 21:29
We just visited you Culebranese folks for 10 days. Mamacita's was our favorite spot in town. Terrific cooking, bright waitpeople who gave us lots of great tips on ways to enjoy the island, and it wa

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 7. Re: Culebra Fishing Debbie    10-25-11 22:15
Chris Goldmark is the local fishing expert. I recently heard that he's on-island now. [%si

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 8. Re: Fishing Doug    05-20-11 15:43
If, on the other hand, fly-fishing for bonefish is your kettle of fish, call Chris Goldmarkl at (787) 742-0412 .

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 9. Re: Fly Fishing Debbie    01-21-11 08:18
Seek out Chris Goldmark when you arrive. He is the local guide, but if you guy him a beer or two, he'll probably give you a tip or two.

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 10. Re: DIY Bonefish Debbie    01-10-11 19:47
Get in touch with Chris Goldmark. He will tell you everything you need to know.

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 11. Re: Fishing Culebra Felipe Gorostiza    01-24-10 20:22
I second the Chris Goldmark suggestion . . !

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 12. Re: Fishing Culebra Culebra MJ    01-19-10 07:07
And don't forget Chris Goldmark, Culebra's flyfishing guy!

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 13. Re: HELP ON FLIGHTS TO AND FROM CULEBRA Anders    10-21-09 10:41
Staying at Villa Boheme. Going flyfishing with Chris Goldmark, and hopefully some diving and lots of snorkelling, as well. We are really looking forward to our trip, especial

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 14. Re: deep sea fishing bosie    03-31-09 11:12
Contact Chris Goldmark, he is listed on this website under TO DO, then go to fishing. He would know the answer to your question.

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 15. Re: Birding Culebra Culebra MJ    02-27-09 06:36
While he isn't an official naturalist (whatever that might mean), Chris Goldmark is doing bird sighting tours by water and it sounds like it's been going well with happy birders. This is

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 16. Re: Fly Fishing the Flats? bosie    01-13-09 11:42
Hey JTZ, Click on Things to Do in upper left, then click on Fishing, then click on Chris Goldmark. He is the flats guru.

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 17. Fishing/boat rental Brian Van    11-16-08 09:44
I called Butch and found out that they no longer rent boats. Are there any other options for boat rental? I can't seem to see if Island Cruisers is still in operation. I am

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 18. Re: Camping/Fly fishing Culebra MJ    10-25-08 17:37
The campground is the only place camping is permitted. Mid November you shouldn't have much of a difficult time having a quiet place to camp there and you can't beat the surroundings. Especially if yo

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 19. Re: Fishing License/ Christmas Crowds? Doug    09-05-08 18:50
Chris, I've been to Culebra several times over the holidays, and while the hotels and campgrounds are full, it isn't nearly as 'spring breakish' as Santa Semana. To optimize your stay,

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 20. Re: Snorkel Locations Jeannie G3    08-24-08 22:54
Hola! WOW! Tamarindo is the way to go, maybe on my next honeymoon! LOL!!! It's lovely, maybe one of our bloggers could tell you how was their stay there. If it's nice and you can pay, stay there, soun

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 21. Re: Fishing? Jason McNair    04-01-08 15:44
BTW, the only one on the list that is still open for business is Chris Goldmark. The Carribean Fly fishing is still open but not at Culebra. The other ones don't guide anymore.

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 22. Re: Fishing and Boating in Culebra? MJ    03-08-08 07:13
Her name is Teresa and she retired (she still posts sometimes though, and she's still cool!) This is from an article in the NYT's from April 2007. I couldn't find the current status, but

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 23. Re: Fly Fishing Rentals? MJ    01-15-08 05:48
Get in touch with Chris Goldmark; he's the fly fishing guy here, I don't know the answe

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 24. Re: Fishing vs Scuba diving MJ    03-06-07 13:12
I would recommend Chris Goldmark. He finds the fish and is a lot of fun as well. He's pretty busy, so it would be good to get in touch with him before you get here! His web site:

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 25. Re: Food on Culebra MJ    01-10-07 22:32
I've emailed you some spots, steen. One good thing about Culebra is it is small enough to smell the good food cooking. On the way to Flamenco or Zoni, roadside stands will be there, along with La Pist

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 26. Re: Fishing / Bahia Marina Bonnie M. Anderson    12-06-06 11:20
Yes, Culebra does have some excellent bonefishing. There are two guides here, myself and Chris Goldmark ( I'll be off the island, but I believe Chris will be here and I strongly su

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 27. Fishing in Culebra Michael    06-28-06 12:45
Chris Goldmark has a new website, Culebra Fly we hope you like it!

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 28. Re: Fishing MJ Stark    06-01-06 01:14
"Relatively unknown is the excellent saltwater fishing for bone fish, permit and fly fishing for Macao. The best place for these sports is off the small Island of Culebra. Culebra itself is a great pl

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 29. Re: fly selection for b-fish/permit/tarpon Debbie    03-04-06 12:26
I know nothing about fishing, but I know there is an expert on Culebra. Contact Chris Goldmark. Chris sells fishing "stuff" in the local stores, but I don't know if they are what you are looking for

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 30. Re: Fly or Spinning Fishing J.P.    11-02-05 16:53
Call Chris Goldmark, he specializes in fly fishing and is a great guide. I was fortunate enough to fish with Chris and a friend who lives on Culebra last New year's Eve and caught a tarpon on spinning

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