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 61. Re: Harbourview villas    03-05-04 07:16
Cambo: If you have any problems with any of the guesthouses, hotels, etc. in Culebra or Puerto Rico, you may contact the Tourism Company of Puerto Rico (Compañia de Turismo de Puerto Ri

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 62. Re: Money Order to Reserve Room?    03-04-04 07:18
Yes, it is normal in Culebra to ask for a deposit or full payment prior to booking a room or an apartment. We do it at Casablanca Condo and I know that a lot of my colleagues do it too. Our policy a

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 63. Re: Ferry from Fajardo Rebby    02-22-04 15:01
I found a great schedule on Once you're at the site click on "while in Culebra" and from there, "how to get there." Good Luck! We'll be going for the first time on march 1st...

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 64. Accommodation - Hot Deal!    02-19-04 13:30
Looking for hot deals in Culebra? Book our condo for 6 nights and receive the 7th one for FREE. Visit us at to find information about us and make your reservation on-lin

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 65. Casablanca Condo    02-18-04 13:42
Need a nice place to stay in Culebra with an air conditioned bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, in town and affordable? Just visit us by clicking on the Shelter $$ link (on the left nav bar) or type ht

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 66. Re: mapa topografico...    02-17-04 08:16
Puedes conseguir mapas digitales en (You will find digital maps of Culebra at) John

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 67. Re: Flamenco Beach Villa?    12-29-03 11:22
Joey, I do own property in Culebra. Contact me at casablancacondo6@hotmail to find our more info on long term rental. John

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 68. Spot of the Month Casablancacondo    09-05-03 07:39
Casablanca Condo was selected as the "Spot of the Month" by Escape to Puerto Rico - Internet Guide to Paradise. To find more info, please visit:

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 69. Re: Honeymoon/Wedding in Culebra    08-26-03 07:13
A nice place to eat is Club Seaborne Fun places to eat: Mamacitas, Dingy Dock Place to stay: Casablanca Condo (Of course I'm a little biased here) John

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 70. Re: Hotel Advice for early September    08-26-03 06:52
LT, you may review the comments on this forum about our apartment in Casablanca Condo. Or, just visit us at for information and photos. Best regards,

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 71. Hotel Advice for early September LT    08-25-03 12:40
Hi! I am taking my first trip to Culebra in the beginning of September (4th and 5th) and would love accomodation advice. I would like to stay somewhere near Flamenco Beach for a reasonab

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 72. Re: Don't plan a stay at Harbour View Villas    08-21-03 07:22
Or... you could rent our little piece of Paradise. We stand by our refund policy. Visit us John

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 73. Re: Casablanca Condo New Rates!    08-06-03 14:21
Yalimar, you may contact us at 609-646-4881 or via e-mail at

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 74. Re: Casablanca ondo    08-06-03 14:17
Jose, we are glad to hear that you had a great time in our little piece of Paradise. Hi, Ana. Our web site URL is or e-mail us using the link in the shelter section. We

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 75. Re: Casablanca ondo Ana    08-06-03 09:09
Hi- I was wondering if there were any pictures of this Condo on this websiter or anywhere else available. I will be in Culebra in December and I am still in the process of deciding where to stay.

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 76. Casablanca Condo Jose    08-05-03 23:10
To those looking for a great place to stay, Casablanca Condo was the most beautiful home and most convenient place to stay as far as I'm concerned. John, the owner, Provided me and my family with all

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 77. Re: Casablanca Condo New Rates! yalimar Gonzalez    08-05-03 17:51
Me interearia un numero de telefono para verificar disponibilidad de dias. Gracias. Yalimar

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 78. Re: Donde es bueno quedarse?    07-10-03 08:49
Shayra, when would you like to visit Culebra? You meet our criteria for renting Casablanca Condo (3 nights minimum, 4 guests max.) Our apartment is available after August 21st 2003 for $99 per night

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 79. Re: Casablanca Condo New Rates!    07-10-03 08:42
Our apartment is booked solid until August 21st. To check our apartment availability please visit our site at Maria, the apartment maximum capacity

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 80. Re: Casablanca Condo New Rates! Normaris Rodriguez Rivera    07-09-03 02:21 this place near the ferry...i will be in puerto rico from 7/24/2003-8/17/2003 can you tell me what days you have open for that time period and what form of payment do you accept....thanks NOr

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 81. Re: Casablanca Condo New Rates! maria    07-07-03 15:11
Estoy planeando visitar culebra de oct. 5 en adelante somos 6 adultos y 2 niños de 1 y 7 años respectivamente. Depende del costo planeamos quedarnos una semana. Tienes algo disponible para nosotro

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 82. Re: Casablanca Condo New Rates! Lydia Rodriguez    06-27-03 12:37
Tienes disponible del 3 al 6 de julio. Si es asi yo lo quiero. Tel 398-2367

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 83. Casablanca Condo New Rates! Casablancacondo    06-25-03 07:56
Casablanca Condo has a new rate. We are offering our private vacation condo for rent at a new rate - $99.00 per night (minimum 3 nights); it does not matter if it is low season or peak season, just on

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 84. Re: Donde quedarnos??? Carlos    05-28-03 08:38
Luis Albert: Si buscas algo de lujo, te recomiendo Tamarindo Estates o ( nunca me he quedado ) casablanca condo...el dueño entra a este site y lo recomienda muy bien ). Tambien esta Bay

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 85. Re: Culebra in August    04-21-03 09:31
Cynthia, I'm not sure why the hotel told you not to come in August; maybe because is a bit warmer than in the winter? (I'm not sure why). The weather is still nice in August; according to "Accuweather

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 86. Re: Private Condo Available for Rent    04-18-03 10:37
Hello, Marilyn. We are currently offering a special rate of $94.50 per night. Please visit our web site at Best regards, John Reinhardt

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