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 31. Re: Lodging??? PLEASE HELP! Robert Zeigler    05-12-11 12:42
I have one thing to say: Casa Ensenada. It is magnificent and affordable. Check it out.

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 32. Re: Casa Ensenada Guest House Vicki moore    11-15-10 23:34
The no seeums nearly ate me alive this summer, despite bug spray.

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 33. Re: Casa Ensenada Guest House Geronimo    11-15-10 09:59
Dave S, I believe you might be able to get your dark rye and wheat bread at El Eden's. They have a large selection of liquors and other "big city" foods. And one should expect mosquitoes

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 34. Re: Casa Ensenada Guest House David Streever    11-14-10 08:14
We have stayed at Casa Ensenada for two years in a row. I have never met Jackie or Butch, and have no reason to feel biased. My experience at Casa Ensenada has been great. I haven't seen

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 35. Re: Costa Bonita DAVID BREWBAKER    04-09-10 22:22
I am David Brewbaker and I own and rent Casa Mango a 2 and 3 bedroom rental on Culebra across the harbor from Costa Bonita. My 1st experience at Costa Bonita was during the 1st Culebra Internationa

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 36. Re: Casa Ensenada Michael    02-05-10 04:10
Gary - thank you for sharing!

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 37. Casa Ensenada Gary Markman    02-02-10 13:40
My wife and I had a Wonderful! time in Culebra at the beginning of Jan 2010. Casa Ensinada was exactly as expected. We stayed in both the Pequeno and the Estudio and both were perfectly acceptable.

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 38. Casa Ensenada has free high-speed Internet in guestrooms. butch pendergast    01-31-10 15:27
We are pleased to announce that Casa Ensenada Waterfront Guesthouse now has free high-speed Internet service in the guestrooms. See our website,, for details. Butch a

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 39. Re: Casa Ensenada Guest House Frank    01-08-10 13:18
"Culebra is a different kind of place, it's either for you or it's not." Yup, that about sums it up. For me, it's a good thing that so many others find it lacking. I have

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 40. Re: Casa Ensenada Guest House Robert T.    01-08-10 11:58
My wife and I stayed there 2 years ago this Summer. We rented the Grande room and were somewhat disappointed as well. We had actually planned to stay 2 nights in Culebra, and could only make it one ni

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 41. Re: Casa Ensenada Guest House Marguerite    01-05-10 21:37
We have traveled all over the world and I am very careful about selecting places to stay, especially now that I am traveling with children. I know that one of the other guests complained about their a

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 42. Re: Casa Ensenada Guest House Debbie    01-04-10 20:12
I should take a picture of my legs right now! We "battle" maybe one or two mosquitos in our house each day/night. I try to stay indoors at dusk and dawn, and yet the no-see-ums have demolished my le

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 43. Re: Casa Ensenada Guest House Michael    01-02-10 06:32
I can vouch for Butch' post. I only hear good things about Casa Ensenada. I also know the place personally! Bites on the legs are usually no-see-ums!

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 44. Re: Casa Ensenada Guest House butch pendergast    01-01-10 20:07
Marguerite, as the owners of Casa Ensenada, we are saddened by your comments. In twelve years of owning and operating Casa Ensenada, this is the only negative comment we’ve seen on the Internet. In

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 45. Casa Ensenada Guest House Marguerite    12-30-09 15:34
Just returned from 5 days on Culebra. Beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, great people, good snorkeling, very relaxing. We were a little surprised by the trash around the island, but compared t

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 46. Re: Casa Ensenada Marguerite    12-17-09 13:19
We are heading to Casa Ensenda next week and can't wait. It sounds awesome. Any tips about walking around the town? Was planning to go to grocery store for snacks and breakfast stuff.

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 47. Casa Ensenada Phil Ryder    11-09-09 22:59
We just got back home from another excellent and thoroughly enjoyable stay on Culebra. This was our second year staying at Casa Ensenada. I highly recommend this place! Great location, comfortable

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 48. Re: Casa Ensenada? butch pendergast    10-30-09 08:56
Yes Phil, Casa Ensenada definitely is in business. Our phone system was down temporarily on the 28th. We apologize for that. You may call our toll free number, 1 866 210-0709, our Culebr

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 49. Casa Ensenada? Phil    10-28-09 15:40
Can anyone offer any info about whether or not Casa Ensenada is still in business? We have reservations there for our visit in a few weeks, and the phone numbers are disconnected. Any help?

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 50. Re: hotels with docks or moorings bosie    06-16-09 08:41
Off the top of my head, I think of Villa Boheme, Casa Ensenada, Villa Fulladoza...I am sure there are others.

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 51. Re: Place for two to relax Debbie    06-03-09 22:48
Many places won't rent for less than 3 nights. Try Casa Ensenada, Villa Boheme, Mamacitas, Posada La Hamaca and Palmetto Guest House.

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 52. Re: Need lodging advice John Robandt    06-01-09 18:18
I can also recommend the Palmetto, having stayed there myself. I don't know Casa Ensenada. Have a great trip!

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 53. Re: place to stay Debbie    03-03-09 22:00

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 54. Re: Buying groceries on Culebra Culebra MJ    11-10-08 14:39
The veggie guy now sets up in front of the new unused Alcadia. Find him by looking for Casa Ensenada...he's sort of catty corner across the street all day Friday and he has a nice selection. Mi

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 55. Culebra Trip Report Tammy    10-10-08 19:54
We spent Sept. 30 to Oct. 5 on Culebra and the only word I can think of to describe it is AMAZING. We already can't wait to get back. We flew in from San Juan via Air Flamenco. It was a

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 56. Re: Another lodging recommendation post...PLEASE HELP :) Tammy    10-10-08 18:40
I can't tell you about the others, but we just got back from our first trip to Culebra and stayed at Casa Ensenada in the Estudio unit. There's no pool, of course, but we did lots of swimming a

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 57. Re: wi-fi? Tammy    10-10-08 18:12
We just came back from our trip, and although it turned out I just didn't care about getting online as much as I thought I would, I was able to go to Pandeli bakery and get on with my laptop for free.

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 58. Another lodging recommendation post...PLEASE HELP :) Lisa Caraway    10-07-08 14:51
We are planning on visiting Culebra on January 3-10, 2009 and are looking for a place to stay. The two of us are interested in a place that has a pool, bbq grill, kitchen, internet (hopefully wireless

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 59. Culebra not as expected - Trip Review Robert T.    10-01-08 11:01
Went to Culebra on the 24th of September. Planned to spend 2 nights there. The first thing upon arrival was to rent a Jeep. We stopped at the Carlos Jeep rental in the airport, we begin to head somewh

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 60. Re: Casa Ensenda, Villa Fulladosa, Villa Boheme bosie    09-15-08 10:37
Casa Ensendada and Villa Boheme are both in town and restaurants, ferry and taxi route are easily accesible. I've stayed at both places and had no problems with noise. I imagine the same is true for V

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