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 1. Re: Molly&Jerry's Debbie    04-24-06 19:13
I'm glad you posted about your experience at Casa de Helado. Disturbed about the bad press they were getting here, I stopped by in March to meet them and check out the accommodations. They seemed li

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 2. Molly&Jerry's j    04-21-06 16:04
Well the wife and I returned recently from a fantastic week on Culebra, and are still experiencing withdrawals. In large part our great experience was due to the hospitality of Molly & Jerry at Casa

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 3. Commenti sulla vacanza a Culebra Antonella Matera    03-17-06 20:23
We (4 people) spent 7 days in Puerto Rico: 5 in Culebra and 2 in Old San Juan. All in all, our journey in Puerto Rico has been really nice and we've enjoyed it greatly! We enjoyed our stay, espe

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 4. Dear John Saje Debbie    03-06-06 21:06
Thank you for your informative post on Casa de Helado, the insights into the taxi service and warning about the filth on Culebra. It is exactly your type that I am happy to hear from. Th

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 5. Re: Casa de Helados.... Molly & Jerry's place (cont'd) mymoosie    03-06-06 20:42
Good grief! Have you walked around NYC or DC or LA?? There is more garbage, filth and potholes in these cities than what we saw in Culebra. Have you been to Providenciales in Turks and Caicos? The

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 6. Re: Casa de Helados.... Molly & Jerry's place (cont'd) JOHN SAJE    03-06-06 19:30
No probemo, dude... I'm not about to travel half way around the world to be in the ghettos.............misled. this place is not resort material. Footage willl later be posted............. if not,

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 7. Re: Casa de Helados.... Molly & Jerry's place (cont'd) Peter Bowden    03-06-06 16:17
"If you like a view of the slums, this is THE place to be! The view is not for the faint of heart! I'm not discriminating on how the people live there....they can't help it; however, if you're not us

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 8. Casa de Helados.... Molly & Jerry's place JOHN SAJE    03-06-06 07:16
Our experience: Nice bedroom and bathroom. Shower (in the two days we were there) didn't have warm water. The sink does. If you like very cool showers, then this is where you should stay. No pres

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 9. Re: Casa De Helado darlene    01-15-06 03:38
Verry Popular place I see

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 10. Re: Casa De Helado joel    01-10-06 17:33

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 11. Casa De Helado Shona    01-09-06 09:44
My boyfriend & I just got back from a week vacation in P.R. wherinwich we spent 4 days in Culebra. We stayed in a guesthouse called Casa de Helado. Molly & Jerry are th

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 12. Re: Where to stay? Tami    10-06-05 08:08
Try Giving Molly and Jerry a call. They can help you with those questions. They live in Culebra.....412-519-7896 or e-mail them Tami [%sig%

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 13. Re: Guest cottage or apartment in Culebra Laura King    12-03-04 22:20
Chris, My husband and I just returned from Culebra Island and had a fabulous time staying at Casa De Helado. It is near the airport. The owners of the guesthouse, Molly & Jerry are w

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