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 1. Re: Moving to Culebra DAVID BREWBAKER    05-17-11 14:42
Patricia, few jobs and fewer long term rentals. Absolutely visit for a week to 10 days and talk to everyone you can and get their story and opinion. Check out my rentals at Casa Mango in the shelter

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 2. Re: Looking for place to stay DAVID BREWBAKER    03-17-11 14:34
Please check out Casa Mango down @ #188167. The apartment is cottage like w/ a patio for $100/night and sleeps 6. Dr. Brewbaker

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 3. Re: walking the island of Culebra DAVID BREWBAKER    02-08-11 14:13
Hike into Brava Beach for a real adventure. The entrance is at the end of the road north of the Muesum. Resaca is too steep and hot climbing out. Bring a gallon of water and you will be the only pe

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 4. Re: frustrated traveler needs help DAVID BREWBAKER    12-10-10 17:46
All of the advice is good. Always fly out of Isla Grande and not San Juan International on Vieques Air. R/T $110.The wrench in the plan is if it rains a lot and it could during the peak of hurrican

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 5. Re: Costa Bonita DAVID BREWBAKER    04-09-10 22:22
I am David Brewbaker and I own and rent Casa Mango a 2 and 3 bedroom rental on Culebra across the harbor from Costa Bonita. My 1st experience at Costa Bonita was during the 1st Culebra Internationa

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 6. Re: Casa Blanca #6 Mango Tree cw    01-16-09 16:38
Hi Wes, I have stayed there. Check out the website. It's the perfect upgrade from camping. Small, clean, great location, and the price is righ

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 7. Casa Blanca #6 Mango Tree Wes    01-16-09 14:53
Hi all, This will be my second trip to Culebra! I camped at Flamenco Beach 2 years ago, but this time we are upgrading to something a little nicer. Has anyone stayed at Casa Blanca Condo

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 8. Re: Layover in San Juan Doug    01-15-07 14:30
It's worth noting that the airfare is quite a bit higher out of SJU than Isla Grande (Luis Ribas). There a several budget priced hotels in Isla Verde, the Condado and Old San Juan worth looking into

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 9. Re: Accomodations DAVID BREWBAKER    05-01-06 17:09
Susan, please check out newly renovated Casa Mango in the shelter section under $$. The property has onsite caretakers, Angel & Anna, that can pick you up and take you anywhere on the island. Call

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 10. Re: Casa Ensenada DAVID BREWBAKER    05-01-06 13:00
Angel, I own and rent the newly renovated house Casa Mango on Culebra. Please click on shelter, go to $$ and click Casa Mango. Angel the caretaker and I can accomodate you and friends at a discount

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 11. Culebra was good, Vieques was GREAT! Nicole    06-20-05 12:43
Just wanted to tell you all about my experiences in PR. The first day we flew into San Juan and rented a car from L&M and drove through the rain forest "El Yunque". It was amazing! We stayed at

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