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 1. Week in Culebra!!! Kelly Strasburger    01-18-16 14:12
Hi there!! First, I wanted to take a moment to compliment and thank you for the plethora of information you have provided not only on this site but the information I have found very useful i

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 2. Re: Camping via boat Michael    12-18-14 07:30
Mamacita's and Casa Ensenada have docking for small boats. Entering Flamenco is possible on few days in the winter. Getting in is often easier than out. The N swell is nice for the surfers but might m

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 3. Re: Brush fire? Linda H    03-19-14 22:18
When we were there in March 2012 we watched two fires occur on the same afternoon in this same general area. One was very small and quickly controlled, the other medium sized. We were staying in Cas

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 4. Re: Casa Ensenada Michael    07-09-13 01:24
The problem is, you never know which emails/phone calls you are not getting ... Today half my real email is labelled 'spam' .. Jackie used to pick up on the first ring - always :)

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 5. Re: Casa Ensenada Philip Ryder    07-06-13 18:51
In fairness, the phone rang through yesterday with no "Disconnected" message. Isabel told me that they have had no troubles with their phones and that she returns all emails. She then called me back

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 6. Re: Casa Ensenada Philip Ryder    07-05-13 10:06
NO, the phone numbers absolutely do NOT work. You are misinformed, and probably didn't try calling the numbers at all. They are DISCONNECTED. Emails are NOT returned. Too bad, Casa Ensenada has be

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 7. Re: Casa Ensenada bosie    05-22-13 09:12
I just tried both numbers below and they work: Isabel & Eduardo Joglar Owners 787 241-4441 or 1 866 210-0709 142 Calle Escudero Culebra, Puerto Rico

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 8. Re: Casa Ensenada MikeZ    05-21-13 23:02
I have sent at least half a dozen emails and the phone numbers on the website are out of service. It's too bad we can't get a hold of the owners since we love staying at Casa Ensenada when in Culebra

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 9. Re: Casa Ensenada Arroz    05-08-13 13:35
Yes, it is open with a new owner. Check their web page <>

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 10. Casa Ensenada MikeZ    05-07-13 20:30
Hola, Can any locals tell me if Casa Ensenada is still open? We have stayed there many times on our trips to Culebra but weren't able to vacation last year. I see there was a post in Ja

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 11. Re: Hotel without car bosie    04-16-13 15:25
I suggest you rent a place in town and take the publico to the beach. ($3 each way) Try Villa Boheme, Casa Ensenada...there are many places to choose from. You will be in walking distance to the resta

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 12. Re: Recent Stays at Casa Ensenada? Chris Buck    02-19-13 06:00
I stayed there for one night in Sept 2012. Accomodations were nice, but there were LOTS of mosquitoes.

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 13. Re: Recent Stays at Casa Ensenada? Donna Pickard    01-08-13 11:43
Deb....... You may want to move on in your search and fill in the inquiry under places to stay giving your dates, how many people, budget, etc. and then pick from whats available for you

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 14. Re: Recent Stays at Casa Ensenada? Michael    01-08-13 05:16
It was sold more than a year ago. Now I have not gotten any responsefrom new owners to emails ... who knows?

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 15. Re: Recent Stays at Casa Ensenada? Arroz    01-06-13 15:38
The "For Sale" sign is gone so I guess that it is not for sale anymore. We noticed people working there a few weeks ago but haven't seen any signs of life since then (but we're not down that way freq

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 16. Re: Recent Stays at Casa Ensenada? Deb15July    01-05-13 22:47
I thought CE was purchased in the last couple of you think it's for sale again? How long has construction been going on...nothing was mentioned when I inquired about a rental.

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 17. Re: Recent Stays at Casa Ensenada? Arroz    01-05-13 18:37
Casa Ensenada has been for sale for a few years. I'm not sure if it has been sold but there is some construction work going on there right now. I don't think I've seen anyone going in or out for a fe

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 18. Re: Recent Stays at Casa Ensenada? Deb15July    01-05-13 15:12
Does anyone have experience in the last year or two with this property? I would appreciate your help. Thanks

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 19. Recent Stays at Casa Ensenada? Deborah Benjamin    01-02-13 19:41
Has anyone stayed at Casa Ensenada recently? I'm having a hard time choosing a location on the island.

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 20. Re: staying in town vs the beaches Linda H    08-09-12 01:01
While the best views are certainly on the hills by Zoni, etc., there are places near town that have relatively nice views. Check the location of the various rental properties -- if you are up on a hi

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 21. Re: Anyone want to hang out in Culebra over Memorial Day? jcapestany    05-16-12 17:44
Geez, me and my buddies were there 3 weeks ago and stayed at Casa Ensenada also we had a great time and knew good people also, specially on Karaoke thursday night at Dinghy Dock, we rented a jeep, we

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 22. Re: Anyone want to hang out in Culebra over Memorial Day? Wendy_H    05-16-12 13:48
Nate, I haven't had the chance yet to check out your Facebook profile; however, my daughter and I will be traveling to Culebra, arriving sometime on Sunday afternoon via Vieques Air. We might not hav

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 23. Good Time in Culebra!! jcapestany    05-02-12 08:43
I wanted to express my Great Experience in Culebra this past Thursday til Sunday in Culebra. We got on the Ferry in Fajardo to notice quite a change in the ticket booth changed on the side of the road

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 24. Re: Plans messed up by last minute cancellation - help us find accomidations please? Debbie    04-24-12 18:50
Seriously, how many times has that placed filed bankruptcy? Click on Shelter over on the left, and search by $ sign. Palmetto, Villa Fulladoza, Casita Tropical, Kokomo, Casa Ensenada and Villa Bohem

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 25. Re: Stay away from Club Seabourne jcapestany    03-21-12 07:26
Good Morning, i have stayed at Casa Ensenada couple of times already when the '' Old Owners " were there, i am visiting the same place Under New Management this coming April, i just ho

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 26. Going to Culebra jcapestany    02-15-12 14:15
Hello everyone. I will be going to Culebra on April 26-30, My best friends and I will be staying at Casa Ensenada, we will be traveling by private boat and a dingy. Been almost 4 years since i went an

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 27. back to Culebra trip jcapestany    01-04-12 15:34
Me and my dearest friends are coming back to the island.Its been 4 years since the last time i went, we will be staying at Casa Ensenada on April 26-29 2012. I grew up in the Big Island and spend m

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 28. Re: October Travel James C. Williams    11-15-11 16:21
I want to thank all who sent great info about Culebra. We had a FABULOUS time!!! As I mentioned elsewhere, the flight to Culebra was breathtaking (in a VERY good way). We were approaching the island a

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 29. Re: Holy Week Question wendy hartung    08-22-11 14:25
I thought I was the only one who planned a trip this far in advance... my husband and I will be coming to Culebra as well in April 2012 and after investigating this site and others, we decided to pus

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 30. Re: Lodging??? PLEASE HELP! Robert Zeigler    05-12-11 12:49
BTW, I have pix of our last stay at Casa Ensenada ... lemme know if you need tpo see 'em. And your choice of rooms is "El Grande". Period.

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