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 31. Barbara Rosa's? Gary Eichelberger    01-01-07 14:49
where did they relocate? Are they open now? What's the word?

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 32. Re: Groceries in Culebra richard    12-28-06 15:11
Mayra - bulk basics and things you would expect at a Safeway, limited choice, but large quantity Milka - fresh meat and veg and assorted packaged, limited quantity, but large choice

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 33. Re: Culebra snorkeling question Tate Kauffman    11-02-06 14:24
Another way to access the reef without the walk is by kayak. as of about a year ago, Jim at Ocean Safari (check at Barbara Rosa's restaurant) rented sit-on-top kayaks which he stored at Tamarind

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 34. Re: 3 Day Culebra Trip Review Debbie    10-10-06 21:19
Ah, well - off season, it's kind of hit and miss, isn't it? Barbara Rosa's is up the road from Casa Ensenada on the bay side, towards the airport, across from Willy's Jeep Rental. If you

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 35. Re: 3 Day Culebra Trip Review island vacation girl    10-10-06 20:52
mamacita's and heather's i am sad to say were closed. i didn't know about barbara rosa's where are they located ? by the way would you happen to know the name of the bakery we had breakfast at every m

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 36. Re: 3 Day Culebra Trip Review Debbie    10-10-06 19:56
Great report! Why didn't you eat at Mamacitas, Heather's Pizza or Barbara Rosa's? All are within walking distance of Casa Ensenada. . . just curious. (the other) Debbie :)

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 37. Re: culebra calendar Terry and Wade    08-07-06 13:00
Try Jim at 787) 397-1923 (Barbara Rosa's restaurant). Good luck

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 38. Quick Trip Report Susan Morris    06-14-06 14:45
We just got back from our 2nd trip to Culebra and I thought I would post a couple of things. Hopefully they might help someone out for their trip planning. If you are looking to spend so

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 39. Day trip to Culebra Charles    05-03-06 00:02
First time to PR and doing my research online and found this site/forum... looks like there are a lot of Culebra fans here so I am hoping for some good advices from you all. Going next we

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 40. Wonderful Culebra Martin Zell    04-14-06 22:16
My girlfriend and I spent the first week in April in Culebra and because this forum was so helpful prior to our going, I feel an obligation to post our experiences. I could go on and on so i'll just

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 41. prices at restaurants Caroline Z    03-12-06 09:28
Would anyone be kind enough to list average prices of meals at: Juanita Bananas, Mamacita's, Barbara Rosa's, and Dinghy Dock? Thanks, Caroline

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 42. Culebra visit....PERFECT alyssa englis    02-27-06 12:58
My husband and I got back form a week in Culebra yesterday. It was so sad to leave such a perfect place. I cannot wait to go back. The beaches were fabulous. We had great snorkling at Fl

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 43. Re: Culebra Ocean View Debbie    01-17-06 18:54
It's an easy walk downhill into town, but there's a pretty rough hill at the very end coming back up. La Bahia restaurant is located on site. Other restaurants/bars within walking distance without g

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 44. New Years visit (long winded) Doug    01-10-06 12:31
OK, Culebra fans! By popular demand, here is my trip report. We had a group of five guys, all of us friends since high school (class of NO WAY I'M TELLIN'). We flew into San Juan on US A

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 45. Re: Casablanco Condo Sharon DiLorenzo    07-08-05 07:32
Lauren, Casablanca Condo is in a great location - close to most everything yet off the main drag so it should be quiet. We did not stay there but it looks nice. We were up the hill next to th

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 46. Re: Trip Report Joel Maners    06-17-05 00:12
Thanks for the info on Tina's. Apparently, this is a bit of a phenomenon on the island. Places open and close at-will. Barbara at Barbara Rosa's was the head chef at Bahia Marina for a number of years

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 47. Re: our week on Culebra Eunie    04-19-05 16:22
Joel, My husband and I stayed at Tamarindo last fall and kayaked over to Luis Pena. At the time there was a drop off point of several kayaks lined up about a minute or two down the road

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 48. Re: Trip Review 3/22 - 3/30 jeanR    04-07-05 10:14
We've been reading about others experiences so I thought we should share ours too. This was our second trip to Culebra. Last year there was just 2 of us but this year we had 5 including our 12 and 14

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 49. Re: Trip Review 3/22 - 3/30 mwiley    04-06-05 16:53
We had a bad experience with that guy on a trip to culebrita also (a few years ago). He told us to meet him at 9am at his dive shop. I think he showed up around 10 and we finally left by 10:30. It

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 50. Re: Culebra Restaurants M Parrilla    04-02-05 23:51
I went to Culebra for my honeymoon in August of 2004. I love Barbara Rosa's food. I ate chicken parmesan and my husband had spaghetti. Jim is an outstanding host. I ordered shark nuggets but they were

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 51. Re: First time to Culebra JoseGuzman    03-06-05 06:09
I beleive you have enough time for both islands. While in Vieques, you may want to visit the bioluminiscent bay, Manuel Ky beach ( Blue Beach ), Punta Arenas ( Green Beach ), Sun Bay, among othe

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 52. Re: Beaches on Luis Pena? Eunie    03-05-05 09:01
Maybe the best person to get good kayaking advice is Jim Petersen. You can rent kayaks from him. Jim's wife runs Barbara Rosa's restaurant. My husband and I rented a two person kayak from Jim back

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 53. Re: Culebra Restaurants hillary    02-23-05 17:59
i just came back from 3 days, 4 nights in culebra and wanted give my feedback on the dining i did there. we prepared our own breakfasts and lunches during our stay, and we ate 2 nights at ricci's and

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 54. Re: Culebra Restaurants Sandie    01-29-05 19:11
Never made it to Tina's. but had an excellent meal @ Barbara Rosa's-BYOB there too. Also had an excellent meal of fresh Snapper @ the Dinghy Dock.

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 55. Re: Culebra Restaurants JM    01-25-05 18:21
If you want a fabulous upscale meal go to Juanita Bananas. It's a little more expensive than the other places but well worth it. You have to bring your wine however. You can pick up a bottle at a co

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 56. Re: Culebra Restaurants dan    01-25-05 10:41
We really enjoyed Barbara Rosa's ( the crabcakes were very good) and El Batey for a good burger.

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 57. Culebra Restaurants Sailor Sam    01-24-05 22:10
I am sailing in next week. What are your favorites? A friend recommended Tina's and Barbara Rosa's, has anyone experienced these lately? Love to eat

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 58. Culebra Camping report Sandie    01-22-05 12:44
We just spent 6 days camping @ Flamenco (after camping on Vieques - I'll post that info on the Vieques forum). We shipped our stove down ahead of time to avoid the airline hassle, but in the end that

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 59. Re: Tanama Glass Bottom Boat Laurie    11-15-04 11:13
Capt. Pat and Jack ROCKS!!!! She taught us how to snorkle and had tons of info on the island. We cannot wait to go back in FeB! We will go out with them twice. Once was not enough. It w

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 60. Re: Lucy, Ivan and the Elections in Culebra Jim at BarbaraRosa's    11-02-04 16:49
Dear anonymous 2, Thanks for the kind words about my wife's restuarant BarbaraRosa's. To set the record straight I do not talk negatively about Ivan or Abraham. I am

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