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 31. snorkel trip August 17 or later. Anthony Bennett    08-03-11 22:24
i was wondering if anyone was planning on taking a snorkeling trip around this time. I want to go with Taz at Aquatic Adventures. He charges $50 per person (includes lunch) and can take up to twelve

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 32. Debbie Cap'n Wacky    08-02-11 05:00
Hi Was wondering if I could get some info. I'm getting married may 5th on flamenco, and my fiancee is getting on me to get some plans together. So I guess I'll just ask. Does your hubb

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 33. Re: Visiting Culebra Debbie    07-28-11 18:11
Call Aquatic Adventures for snorkeling/guided tour. (787) 209-3494 or (787) 742-0605

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 34. Re: Possible beach wedding? Vicki moore    07-10-11 23:26
Yes, the planner who does weddings on Vieques also does them on Culebra. Taz and Ann Hamrick with Aquatic Adventures got married on Flamenco.

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 35. Re: Culebra in One Day - Diving vs Culebrita Vicki moore    03-28-11 20:10
We dive with Taz with Aquatic Adventures. He leaves at 9, I think. You dive, do your surface time, eat lunch and then dive again. He does take you to Culebrita for day or half day trips, if you want.

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 36. Re: lionfish Debbie    03-25-11 20:42
As great friends of Monika and Walter, I can't understand their reluctance to accept that these guys will destroy the reef (and I've provided them with lots of literature stating the facts). I commen

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 37. Place to stay March 31 to April 5 Alan G Miller    02-28-11 22:31
My wife and I are booked to dive with Taz at Aquatic Adventures and are currently looking for a nice place to stay on the Culebra from 31 March to 5 April and didn't want to have to rent a vehicle....

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 38. Re: Dive operations and dive sites Vicki moore    02-15-11 10:24
I would recommend Taz with Aquatic Adventures. I may have been the one with the post about the two regulator malfunctions, but this was on Vieques. We have had excellent dives with Taz and his first

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 39. Re: Diving Company Vicki moore    11-09-10 22:02
You will have to check. Have dove with both, but not sure if either do a "resort" type dive. We prefer Taz with Aquatic Adventures.

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 40. Diving Company Laura Wittmann    11-07-10 21:16
For a beginning, resort dive, which company (Aquatic Adventures or Dive Culebra) would you recommend?

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 41. Trip Report July 17-24 Vicki moore    08-10-10 21:44
We spent the week of July 10 on Vieques and took the 9AM Air Flamenco flight from Vieques to Culebra. We grabbed our bags and went across the street to get our "jeep" from Jerry. Although I still had

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 42. Re: See you next week...... Vicki moore    08-05-10 22:41
As far as classes go, contact Tazz Hamrick at Aquatic Adventures. We were there the week of July 17 during monsoon weather and gale force winds LOL. Our dive day had to be moved, but since we were the

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 43. Re: Beginners Diving taz hamrick    03-26-10 08:11
You can also do a beginners or 'resort' course with Aquatic adventures..Price is $100 and includes two dives, equipment, instruction and lunch on the Cpt Taz at 787-209-3494..take care..

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 44. Re: Snorkling from beach or boat? Vicki moore    02-18-10 00:48
Give Tazz a call at Aquatic Adventures. I am sure he rents snorkeling gear for the day. He also can take you out on his boat to snorkle at Luis Pena. If you just have the one day, you might want to ha

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 45. Re: Camping budget Vicki moore    01-15-10 23:09
No Milka is on the road to Susie's. Just across the bridge and hang a sharp right. It will be the first building to your right. Aquatic Adventures can take you to Luis Pena to snorkel. Have a wonderfu

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 46. Re: Comments on proposed itinerary? Michelle Garcia    09-08-09 08:40
Hi Sandy, We went to PR this past August and we did the bio bay in Fajardo - it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen - I'm a biologist and was just blown away by the bay - if your on

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 47. Re: Weddings in Culebra Jeannie G3    08-24-09 10:06
Hola! Congrats! Not too long ago, the same question was asked. Search this FORUM for any info you might need. Here is the info I found out for him:

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 48. Re: Culebra as honeymoon destination: Your thoughts. Jeannie G3    08-03-09 00:32
Hola! Check these editions of the local Culebra newspaper, The Culebra Calendar:

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 49. Re: Spanish speaking guesthouse bosie    03-27-09 15:25
You will definitely be able to practice your Spanish, after all, Spanish is the native language in PR and many of the ex-pats even know a smattering here and there. Terrie of Palmetto Guesthouse teach

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 50. Re: Lodging and diving in March? wirvier    02-20-09 20:34
Hi! I can answer the diving question for you based on my experience. 3 in our group dove for the first time with Taz of Aquatic Adventures in January, and it was an absolutely amazing experience. N

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 51. Re: snorkeling Culebrita Vicki moore    01-27-09 00:12
Try Taz Hamrick with Aquatic Adventures.

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 52. Re: Snorkel by boat palmettoculebra    10-23-08 13:43
As mentioned, there are no longer boat rentals available. Willy (land based taxi) also does water taxi's to Culebrita $45/pp. Taz, from Aquatic Adventures will do snorkel tri

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 53. Re: Trip notes David R. B.    10-09-08 13:28
Do you have a phone number for Aquatic Adventures? My wife and I will be in Culebra for the next week. Thanks

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 54. Re: Snorkel by boat Vicki moore    09-14-08 14:52
You might check with Tazz at Aquatic Adventures. He does some water taxi transport charters on days when he has no divers scheduled on his boat.

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 55. Trip notes Jeff    08-27-08 21:06
Trip notes to Culebra. First time post. This forum was so helpful to me planning my trip, I owe it to the forum and future travelers to post results of a recent trip. Th

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 56. Re: Snorkel Locations Jeannie G3    08-24-08 22:54
Hola! WOW! Tamarindo is the way to go, maybe on my next honeymoon! LOL!!! It's lovely, maybe one of our bloggers could tell you how was their stay there. If it's nice and you can pay, stay there, soun

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 57. Re: First Time Diving Debbie    06-24-08 18:13
There are two dive operators on the island. Both offer introductory to scuba classes (also known as resort courses). Learn to scuba dive in an afternoon - if you like it, you'll need to take the ful

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 58. Trip Report bosie    11-08-07 16:16
It's taken me awhile to report on my first visit to Culebra which occured Sept. 21-28. My vacation didn't start out so good...the day before I could feel a sinus/cold coming on...figured a vacation w

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 59. Best SCUBA on the island! Cecilia Hennessy    11-07-07 11:13
I just got back from Culebra last week, and I have to let y'all know that the best scuba on Culebra is definitely with Taz at Aquatic Adventures. You can email him at I calle

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 60. Re: four days on Culebra Cecilia Hennessy    11-07-07 11:05
I should mention that Taz's outfit is called Aquatic Adventures. Five stars!!

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