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Culebra Beach Villas
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jayleen Kilgore (
Date:   03-06-07 12:23

I am planning on going with my husband. I was considering Culebra Beach Villas because it's so close to Flamenco Beach. They have studios # 3, 15 & 16 available. Has anyone stayed in these? Any comments. Thanks!
I was also thinking of Casa Ensenada since it's close town but any other recommendations will be appreciated!

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Re: Culebra Beach Villas
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Culebra Island Villas (
Date:   03-06-07 15:28

You could stay with us. Have the tranquility close to town :)

visit us at

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Re: Culebra Beach Villas
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jorge Flores (
Date:   03-07-07 10:48

I have stayed at the Culebra Beach Villas several times but I really can't recall which villa number I stayed in. I was never disappointed with the accommodations just as long as I had satellite television and air conditioning in the bedroom. Not all of the villas have television. This past January I spent 3 nights at the Casa Ensenada and it was very pleasant. Butch & Jackie Pendergast do a great job in making sure you have everything you need. One of the biggest assets of staying their is that they are very close to town. They are a 2 minute to Pandeli where you can a very good breakfast in the morning for about $4 or $5. Mamacitas Restaurant is about a 4 minute walk and about 6 minutes to the Dinghy Dock.

Jorge Flores

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