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Re: campground questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: R. Emmett (
Date:   02-26-07 20:40

I just returned after camping Flamenco for 3 weeks with friends. There were great trees on which I hung my Yucatan string hammock and I wanted to sleep in it but I'd not slept in it since 1981. Then came the 'night sounds' and I lacked a sleeping bag (it got chilly outside on most nights, I had packed only a small fleece throw). There were also showers, some bugs and although my hammock was under a tarp, I got wet and usually gave in at 1 am and went into my tent. Several nights in the tent I was chilly ( one person in a 2 person tent) even with the fleece and fitted sheet on and over a full-length thermarest pad; several nights I put on long-sleeved outerwear to stay warm and some nights it was too hot for even a night shirt. The ground is sand; it is hard. Some folks bought a floaty in Fajardo at Wal-Mart. They can be rented from a kiosk at the campground parking lot too. I was grateful to borrow a nice floaty for a week to put under the thermarest and then traded up to an egg-crate mattress topper from a friend who was leaving. Overall, the natural setting, colors and people are superb, the wildlife and sound is unbelievable. I miss the white noise of the pounding surf.


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