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Getting to Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mary McClelland (
Date:   01-28-07 14:05

We just returned from a trip to Puerto Rico which included a stay on Culebra--absolutely loved the place. We wanted to see a few places going and coming back from Fajardo, so we rented a car from L&M. Going from San Juan to Fajardo, we had a courtesy pickup to get the car, then had a courtesy dropoff at the ferry on the other end. The $56 charge included a $25 drop off fee and we spent $4 on gas. Going back to the San Juan we were picked up at the ferry and dropped off at the airport on the other end. Since you are only charged a drop-off fee one way, the bill was $32. Having a car enabled us to see a bit more of Puerto Rico--El Junque, Luquillo beach, etc.

The ferry was fine even though the ride to Culebra was a bit rough (1/18) and since we were staying at Mamacita's, it was an easy walk to our hotel. Yes, it took more time than flying, but we enjoyed the trip. The slow pace sort of helped us get into the island mood!

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