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traveling with babies
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Zsuzsa (
Date:   01-15-04 03:02

hi everyone,

we are going to puerto rico from march 5-15th with our 2 and a half year old son and 8 months old daughter. we were thinking about staying a week on culebra.
1. do you have any recommendations as far as places to stay and things to do? i am ow looking at either casa esperanza's estudio unit, or tamarindo estates.
2. which beaches are most baby friendly? (at tamarindo it looks rocky on the pictures) is there enough shade on the beach in general?
3. how bad is the mosquito problem in march? i don't care much for myself, but i cannot put a strong bug-repellent on the baby.

don't get me wrong, we are the rough and tough type, love nature and i'm not expecting the four seasons hotel type accomodations. i'm only trying to get a feel for what to expect and within all choices what would be the best. thanks for your help -- i really appreciate all your comments!


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Re: traveling with babies
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: (
Date:   01-15-04 09:29

Most baby friendly beach: Flamenco Beach by the old Navy shark pen (there are no sharks trapped there now, so don't be alarm :); it is on the east side of Flamenco beach (right hand side when looking at the beach straight ahead). The water there is shallow and not much surf action.

Mosquitos: depends on the season, time of the day (nats on the evenings) and wind; The maintenance crew of Flamenco usually fumigate the area since it is a tourist attraction; but you know how mother nature is. The main attraction of Culebra is its natural beauty and lack of development/ environment exploitation, so it is a two edge sword (pick one side). Visit the beach in the morning and leave before it gets too hot and sunny for the baby, so that you avoid the shade where the mosquitos like to reside. Also try to find a breezy spot, so it is hard for the mosquitos to fly. And, get in the water; those little buggers tend not to follow you on the water. You may also bring a small tent to place the baby in; the kind that folds and unfolds in no time. Or, bring a meshed fabric to act as a "window screen" and place it around the baby's carrier, etc. Get the picture? Also, think about the baby's exposure to the sun; it gets quite sunny on the beach.

For the 2-1/2 son, there is a new playground on the north side of town (one block south of the airport) that he will enjoy in the quiet evenings. The Chinese restaurant sells ice cream, and some of the stores sell games and coloring books (about Culebra) for the kids.

I hope this help. Enjoy Culebra!


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