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Camping Safety
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Togue (
Date:   12-29-06 11:11

Hello Experts:

I'm interested in camping at the Flamenco Beach Campground for a few weeks in March or April. As a single woman, I'm concerned about safety. Is this something I should be worried about? I've heard there's very little crime on Culebra, but would like to hear people's opinions.

Thank you
- Togue

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Re: Camping Safety
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Detlef (
Date:   12-29-06 13:05

Camping seems very safe.
-You should be careful not to leave valuables within plain site... camping security personel recommend to keep everything in your tent.
-You should also have a plan in case you get sick. A gentleman camping there (since September) came down with a serious case of diahrea (this happened just before Christmas). We happened to be camped next to him--he asked us to call 9-1-1 (he couldn't even walk due to severe cramping). we happened to have a cell phone that worked at the campgrous (Sprint). Had he not managed crawling to our tent, he may have been in serious trouble. Maybe drinking out of the water supply made him sick! Be careful what you drink and eat.
-I recommend introducing yourself to other people camping (especially those camping for the long-term. They can check on you and provide interesting conversation.
-The camping rangers may check on you--you should ask.
-Also consider bringing a cell phone. Consider the following list:
Cingular (works well)
Verizon (works well)
Verizon Pre-Paid (Not recommended, dealer said it won't work)
Sprint (works well)
Sprint Prepaid (Unknown)
T-Mobile (works well)
Trac-Fone Prepaid (Not recommended-poor service)

Anyone feel free to add advice or info on cell phone coverage!


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Re: Camping Safety
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: MJ (
Date:   12-30-06 07:06

As a single woman, I camped at Flamenco when I first got here. It influenced (strongly) my decision to live here. The camp guys kept an eye on me (and made me cafe con leche each morning too, I can't promise that though! I was the only person camping there most of the time). I felt totally safe and have heard the same from other women camping there.
Just a note: I seriously doubt it was the water that made the guy sick...unless he was drinking out of something strange. Food and water on Culebra are safe as anywhere else - meaning, you may get a bad something to eat sometime, but that can happen in NYC too.
All of the other suggestions are good ones to pay attention to! Have fun, it's an amazingly beautiful place to camp.

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