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Beach Access
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Maricarmen Guilloty (
Date:   12-19-06 19:54

For those who don`t know dont know:

Chamber of PR government (Camara de Representantes) ordered to the Comission of Natural Resources, Conservation and Environment to investigate the privatization of beach accesses in Culebra (specially access in Flamenco, Larga, Mosquito and Manzanillo beaches, Resolution 5963)...

On Dec 4 was the first hearing in the Capitol building,
- Marianne Lucking (Coralations),
- ex-major Ramon Feliciano
and me (Culebrenses for Free Access to All Beaches) went there to deposition. That was great, the Comission decided that in january the members of the come to Culebra to visit the closed access of the beaches and to celebrate a hearing where most members of the community can depose too.

So i`m gonna make a flyer of that, the website is great because the english speaking people in Culebra and can benefit for that, although in the future I will like to make the spainsh version

Also in January 22 2007 is trial of pan, the surfer (disturbance of the peace and theratening) in Fajardo at 9am , we are gonna have anoher protest in front of the court that day, I have to make a flyer of that too

In January 3 /2007 Pan also has a hearing in fajardo for the restriction order that Mr.Gonzalez has on him, for that we are not gonna do any protest but we want let people know whats gonna happen with that.

For the money thing, we need to collect it because we want to help Pan for all the money he paid in the first lawyer (the bad lawyer) and for the work time he has lost, me, as spokesperson of the group Culebrense for Free Access to All Beaches, need to collect money to help pay all the expenses that take to fight this cause, that include materials for promotions , work we has lost, food for the protests, flyers, etc, we need help because we have been using our time and money for this and we cant` do that >anymore! we need help! also is a way that people can feel the y do something abouit to help this make donations go to well, talk to you soon!

Beaches are ours, Access our right!

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Re: Beach Access
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Culebra Island Villas (
Date:   12-21-06 12:41

I was just thinking ...

If Victor Gonzalez is trying to pull the 'The area is ecologically sensitive'- card then he should donate the land to DNR.

Only if that happens or another (for him and his successors) legally binding document is signed that disallows any future, not so ecologically sensitive development (= resorts, splitting the land in small parcels and selling it off, ..) will I believe that argument. (which would make his land worthless)

And I do not think that any judge would believe it either.

visit us at

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Re: Beach Access
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michael (
Date:   12-29-06 08:27

Public Hearings regarding Free Access to All Beaches announced by ACDEC and the Municipal Government of Culebra

"The Culebra Conservation and Development Authority
Public Hearings

The Culebra Conservation and Development Authority and the Municipality of Culebra, together, will celebrate Public Hearings regarding free access to all beaches in Culebra, as Law 66 of June 22 of 1975, as attended, requires in its Article 6, paragraph No. 2 – Prohibitions: “No development will be approved that could interfere in any form with the public’s free access to the sea and the beaches and neither those developments that could result in the private or exclusive enjoyment, or both, of the sea and the beaches, in detriment or harm to the legitimate right of the People to freely enjoy the same.”

All those who wish to express themselves on how to implement this law, are invited to the Public Hearings to be celebrated the 17th of January of 2007, at 5:00 p.m. in the Center for Multiple Uses in Culebra, Puerto Rico .

A copy of Law 66 is available at the Culebra Conservation and Development Authority, located in the San Ildefonso Community. Its telephone numbers are 742-3880, 742-3525 and 742-0335.

Hon Abraham Peña Nieves
Board of Directors"

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